Coronavirus: Should You Worry?

Saturday March 14, 2020

Many of the things I blogged about over the past 25 years are now becoming mainstream ideas. Here's an example. Coronavirus is scary and causing people to worry more than they need to if they take precautions. Worry suppresses their immune system and therefore makes them more vulnerable to getting what they are worried about - in this case the coronavirus. They lose sleep. They are stressed and will become more agitated and likely to get sick.

Okay ... you know that pattern. You may or may not have ventured through healing modalities over the decades which all say the same thing because everything is recycled and based on the same algorithmic design. Got it ... "Try not to worry... because it makes everything worse." Further if you were a "modalities" person you will rush to your favorite healer or self-help system and try to prevent coronavirus or heal it. Just remember everything you do is programmed so if you're meant to get sick you will - if you meant to heal you will - just relax and stop worrying.

How many times have I blogged over the past 25 years that it's the "not knowing" in any situation that leads to FEAR and often panic. It's about loss of control. In the bigger picture of reality - souls are having a human experience we know little or nothing about - now more than ever seeking meaning to age old questions ... Who are we? Why are we here? Where we going?

If you're lucky enough to be programmed to understand that we are all projected illusion in a simulation that is about to be deleted - then you're cool with everything else.

When I blog about the simulation it's not to scare people - it's to wake readers up and remember.

Another theory I blogged about that is finally sifting into mainstream consciousness - is that physical reality is set in linear time to experience emotions. As a race we are ruled by emotions especially now as the simulation comes to a close. We observe every experience - first emotionally - then mentally as we process what to do. This can happen instantaneously or in a matter of moments. The more balanced your emotions are the faster you will process what to do - otherwise you will become a procrastinator and may never make the correct decision or keep asking others to make decisions for you.

Little has changed in my life since the coronavirus fear took hold of reality for this chapter. As a precaution I'm only doing phone readings rather than have people come here. As a senior living alone prior to - and over the winter months - I am always fully stocked with necessities and a few goodies should weather confine me to home. I am very grateful that the word "confinement" rarely affects me as I sit here and look out over the city, the Atlantic, the bridge, and reality - below.

I have always been a planner and a believer in preparedness. If you live in an area affected by natural disasters and climate change - which is just about everywhere - always have cash, a full tank of gas, a go-bag, and whatever you will need if you have to leave quickly. The cash is important because if the power grid goes down your credit cards will be useless.

Earthquakes are going to take us out at the end as we return to the metaphoric "collective sea of consciousness". This experience emerged from chaos - the darkness of the void - dark energy - dark matter - black hole theory - therefore it concludes by Fading Back to Black.

Did you ever stop to consider that reality as we know it stops and starts though sadly we are not programmed to see it. Some people tell me they are aware of time re-sequencing - perhaps with deja vu moments - but not with full understanding. I know some of you are thinking, "I've done certain hallucinogens that allowed me to see this." This is not something I would ever recommend to anyone because the human brain is too fragile and down the line there will be collateral damage. Actually what you saw is only a small fraction of the true picture of how time works.

I'm really not seeing an apocalyptic ending as many people do at closure. But there are all the buildup events that change the face of reality as we move closer. Take care of yourself in anyway you're program to. Don't worry about Trump returning to office because if he's programmed to he will and that will be that. Don't worry about things over which you have no control - just make some personal decisions that keep your life as balanced as it can be. If you rely on a caretaker for money or services - think about your life should something happened to them and you have to re-adjust.

Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19 is not here to take us out though there will be collateral damage. It has not peaked in the United States as people take measures to contain the spread. If anything this country winds up a hell of a lot cleaner than it has been in a long time. People stuck at home will have time to think about a lot of things which generally happens in the spring anyway. Just don't overthink.

Should you worry or be anxious and filled with fear? If that is your programming that is how you will live out whatever time remains. Aways follow earthquake activity as your guide.