Charlie Sheen - Dealing With HIV

We exist in a world gone crazy ... Charlie Sheen one aspect of that archetype.

Tuesday November 17, 2015

The Today Show featured Charlie Sheen admitting to Matt Lauer that he has been HIV positive for 4 years. Let's start with the fact that Charlie is addicted to sex and substances.

Charlie said he made the announcement today to stop a smear campaign and extortion efforts upwards of $10 million, many of which were settlements to various parters through the years. Charlie said he doesn't know how he contracted the disease but said it was not through drugs. He allegedly has told all of his sexual partners the truth over the past 4 years and has used condoms - with the exception of two people which seems unlikely. Further, the type of condoms used often do not prevent STDs.

As Charlie has done so much drinking and drugging one can only assume he speaks his truth as he sees/remembers it, but he could easily be wrong as women come forward with their versions of the story. Also remember Charlie is a great actor and that the mentally ill are often the best liars as they believe their lies.

Charlie's doctor was on the show discussing the disease and how HIV patients can live long, normal, and productive lives. His doctor said that at the moment Charlie has an undetectable level of the virus in his blood. He does not have AIDS. Every day he takes four pills known as the "triple cocktail". He gave up drugs but still drinks as he suffers from depression - those around him hoping he will not become impaired to the point where he will forget to take his meds. Charlie added that - with the exception of two people in the past 4 years he has never missed his meds.

Charlie plans to continue with his career - many TV and film projects in the making. He realizes there'll be repercussions from today's revelation. He does not plan to be the spokesperson for HIV but hopes to be part of finding a cure. The topic of HIV will remain in the media for now as others tell their stories and we learn more about the disease in 2016.

There is something about Charlie that makes us want to see him recover and be happy though my experience with the mentally ill has shown me that what we call "normal life" is boring to those programmed for drama. Charlie turned 50 on September 3, 2015. Hopefully his programming will create change as he moves forward - making peace with himself, those who love him, and his fans of which I am one. Good luck Charlie.

Charlie Sheen