Preparing for My Trip to Southern California

November 24, 2012

As I'm leaving for California on Friday November 30, my house is starting to fill with things to take and memos about things to do. This trip is falling into place so smoothly, I know Z had a hand in its creation and await additional surprises.

Last week I went to look for my large suitcase in my 4 x 4 x 12 foot high storage area in the basement of my building. The porter, Manuel, offered to help in what would be a 10 minute project, if that. Just after we started, Manuel got a call from Sal the super, excusing himself for 5 minutes to help Sal.

In that time, I took a deep breath, looked at the content of the storage room, and knew what to had to do ... clean out everything. By the time manual returned things were everywhere and he said something in Spanish, that I think meant, "Oh my god", but as we both had time, and he knew I would tip him for his time, we proceeded to go through everything.

One of the things that went through my mind as we worked was ... what would have happened if floods from hurricane Sandy or another storm had surged through my basement ... everything would have been totaled.

Long story short ... I threw out almost everything. Several personal items such as my mother-in-law's 50 year old Mah Jongg set (did I really save that?) - photo albums, and other memorabilia, were placed in my car then given to my children on Thanksgiving.

You will not believe how much stuff one accumulates over 21 years ... or maybe you would. By the time I was finished, all that remained were two Samsonite 4-wheel suitcases - and several other items I still use.

The feeling with this ... I won't need these things in the time I have left here.

And now I am almost ready for my upcoming trip ... all things going very smoothly... :)

Adventures in the Grids

Sunday November 25, 2012

I asked Z about my trip and he showed me an image that looked like a balloon with air releasing from its opening at 7:00 ... blowing downward. I thought that was very strange even for Z, until I started preparing images for my workshop on Sunday, and found the image below - a black hole highlighted by its event horizon. This is how we return home - fade to black - eye of the galaxy. If you recall my blogs from October 2011, I found myself sitting on the event horizon of a black hole and have remained there ever since. As I currently read the codes, something is happening that changes reality forever.

Just before leaving on my trip, I saw the event horizon pull me back into the void.

Ellie's Adventures in Southern California December 1-7, 2012