July 20, 2021- Adventures in Space - Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos launches to space aboard New Shepard rocket ship

New Shepard rocket ship is named for former astronaut Alan Shepherd one of the original NASA Mercury Seven astronauts, who ascended to space in 1961 on a suborbital trajectory similar to that planned for New Shepard.

The name Blue Origin connects for me as blue is my color and origin says "from the beginning". The owner of the company is Jeff Bezos - which - when I looked his name this morning looked like B-EZ-Os.

I'm sure there's more than one UFO aficionado who would like to see a UFO encounter of the close kind today. If Earth is indeed monitored by the ships portrayed in the videos by US military then it would be great to have proof of whatever. A friend laughingly suggested Bezos could get abducted by aliens. No ... that part of the storyline ended years ago.

If you're a person whose visions reflect your own anxieties then you might have foreseen challenges to the mission but they didn't happen.

Many believe that space tourism marks a New Age in space travel yet in my mind it's a memory from some distant past before we moved through space-time using what one might call a Portal. To me today's rocketry is antiquated technology. If they ever found the UFOs buried under Antarctica they would be outdated debris from a time long ago in another subroutine of the simulation.

On this day - the 52 anniversary of the first lunar landing by humans - it was up up and away for Jeff Bezos and his fellow space travelers including his brother, Mark, and the old oldest (Mary Wallace "Wally" Funk, 82) and youngest (Oliver Daemen, 18) people to go into space. Imagine how popular Oliver will be when he heads to college this fall. Wally is only 4 years older than me yet passed the tests for the space mission later saying she did better than the men. You can't keep us old birds down. We love to fly!

Hubble Space Telescope fixed after month of no science

Messages in the Photos

"Signals From Space"

"The End Comes Out of the Blue"

"When Lightning Strikes"

"Reflection in Time at the End of the Day - Fade to Black"

Sunday July 18, 2021

When I posted the four pics above - closure of the Simulation became clearer to me. It started with the first picture that looks like there's a satellite dish connecting with something on a UFO or in space.

It moved to the picture with the blue light meaning 'coming out of the blue' and the water.

Then it moved to the massive lightning strikes over the bridge which I remembered was part of closure last time around. Even more profound are the two ships sailing below destined to meet under the bridge like parallel lines - only the blue line is out of sequence.

Finally as I walked back into my living room something made me pause to take a pic as a reflection of a woman who has experienced here and now returns - 'fade to black' set against mirrors and windows of time - the clock on the wall with my reflection within. I was actually capturing my shadow on the left and didn't realize how perfectly centered I was in the clock until I downloaded the picture.

I named the painting on the wall after my friend Shirley because that's how she sketches women. When I went to check my cell phone Shirley had left me voicemail saying something made her think of me.

Jeff Bezos (B-EZ-Os) and three crew members launched into space today. I wrote on my blog ... Another emotional step as the aging human experiment slowly returns to its roots in space.

Upon return, as I watched them get out of the spaceship, it was almost a feeling of melancholy because I remembered other endings. I hope it's quick and painless but that's not the algorithm.

Ellie and the Blue Photos