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Monday, 9/10/07, I spent time with my friend Jane, who lost her brother-in-law (her sister's husband) on 9/11. I read her sister not long after that, in the years when many came to see to talk to those they lost on 9/11 ... and my house often smelled of smoke. Shortly after her husband died, a street was named in his honor in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where the family lives. Jane's sister, who is in her 50's, has moved on in many ways, with her two grown children at her side, but always that emptiness is there.

I will never forget seeing the second plane hit Tower 2. It was surreal. As with most, there is a detachment from the physical grid, as the soul braces for what comes next. The projections of the physical experience to be incorporated alongside the emotional, mental and spiritual counterparts of our bodies. It is the fear, the unknown of what comes next, etc. that encapsulates the experience in that moment. Observe your behavior from outside the box!

Loss and grief are part of the experience brought forth by the tragedies the program perpetuates. When they occur, the soul either becomes stronger or crashes depending on the emotional state of the people whose lives are touched. For many it is a crutch (excuse) not to move forward.

Human consciousness is so depleted, most people would prefer to stay at home doing creative tasks, or meditating, rather than producing in the work force. Perhaps that is all they can do, or are meant to do to help them evolve. Perhaps that is part of the closing of the program, so souls can open the creative (right) hemisphere of the brain to remember that we exist in a hologram. As the illusion comes to a climax, our intuition tells us that time is close at hand. Creative work reflects archetypes to that end. And so we move on ... here today, gone tomorrow, the sixth anniversary of 9/11, the day that changed the face of reality forever, timed as we entered the twenty-first century.

On 9/11/07 -- 1,807,713 people came to Crystalinks in search of ... the Maya, 9/11, Nostradamus, and Ellie's World. Deep within, we sense changes that will recreate the human experience.

In 2007, 9/11 fell on a Tuesday, as it did on 9/11/01.

Twin beams of light illuminate the Manhattan skyline during the
sixth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

The "Tribute in Lights" is a temporary art installation made up of 88 searchlights placed
near Ground Zero that project the massive beams, symbolizing the collapsed towers.

September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks Wikipedia

September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks
Crystalinks - Images, First Hand Accounts, Prophecy, More

Friends in media spent time with Oprah on Monday as she visited the Big Apple to kick off her 22 season, and produced a show in the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden. That's where I sponsored Colin Andrews (crop circles) 12 years ago, (1995>, three months after Crystalinks debuted. Tuesday's Oprah show, was called "Six Years Later: The Children of September 11."

In the four and a half years the war in Iraq has perpetuated, are we really winning? Should we be involved in a civil war? Are we winning the war on terrorism? Do you think NYC will be hit again? Do you really believe consciousness is evolving to create a physical hologram where souls can experience in love and light alone while in physical reality? Is the cycle of physical experience about self-destruction and rebirth (ouroboros, phoenix) as light and consciousness is our true essence?

Stellar Ouroboros

9/11/07 -- Thunderbolts Picture of the Day

Freedom rises from the ashes -- Statue of Liberty (SOL, Sun)

the source, the ribbons and the fibons.

The Bennu, the Stork

It all goes back to the Middle East, Thoth and Eye Symbology

It's all about remembering. Tuesday many people remembered and mourned those lost on 9/11/01 and perhaps for others. At Ground Zero, it began at 8:00 AM. The sky was overcast adding to the solemn moment of silence where a tone is sounded and reality begins.

Sound the Call - September 12-13, 2007

Rosh Hashanah
Tones, Shofar, Aries, Ram, Resurrection, Ascension

Z as Thoth (thought, consciousness) creates a virtual program and it all begins ...

The Book of Thoth

Man and Woman Always Seeking Perfection Through Reunion
Reverse Polarities - Optical Illusions

Rotate Images 90¼

Above and below merge to form the hourglass of time

The X Box


Third Dimension Folding In

September 13 - October 12, 2007


Masonic Connections
A Reminder to Remember
The Implosion of Consciousness
9/11 - (9) End Code for our (11) DNA Program is Ignited.

From the Fertile Mind of Arthur C. Clarke

ABC News - September 7, 2007 -- Stanley Kubrick's science-fiction epic "2001: A Space Odyssey" may seem a touch quaint in 2007, but when it came out in 1968 it was hailed as visionary. It depicted astronauts going on a mission to Jupiter, in search of the first signs of intelligent life beyond the earth.

In the book version, though, Kubrick's co-author, Arthur C. Clarke, had the astronauts going to Saturn--specifically to its moon Japetus, which, as Clarke wrote, is six times brighter on one side than the other. He imagined a large, white, eye-shaped oval on the bright side, with one of those mysterious black monoliths in the center.

Japetus is usually given the Greek-derived spelling Iapetus (pronounced "Eye-APP-ah-tuss"). A few years behind schedule, NASA's Cassini probe should come within about a thousand miles of its surface on Monday morning, U.S. time. It is only a mite less mysterious than when Clarke wrote about it. Scientists now think the more intriguing side is the dark one, which may, over the eons, have swept up debris from among Saturn's 46 other known moons. The bright side may be ice. Iapetus is a tiny world, less than 900 miles in diameter, but it may have some of the tallest mountains in the solar system--three times as high as Mt. Everest. A cold, dark, hostile place, is there a monolith on its bright side?

Sometimes It's All Black and White ...

Iapetus in Black and White

NASA - September 14, 2007

Saturn's Moon Iapetus Is The Yin-yang Of The Solar System
Science Daily - September 18, 2007


'2001: A Space Odyssey', 'Thus Spake Zarathustra'

Monolith with All Seeing Eye

Iris Isis ... Is it About Creation?

What are the odds that in recent weeks I read four people who have two different color eyes - one brown, one blue - in each case the left eye (goes to right brain creative skills) being blue? Do you have two different color eyes? Are your eyes changing color? Eye Color and Heterochromia

Reuters - September 6, 2007

Metaphors: dual iris colors - the rapid eye movement from brown to blue - one hemisphere to another - consciousness moving into creativity and intuition. Cat symbology takes us to Egypt and Isis - Is is - to be or not to be - to exist or to exit? The bees are dying from a virus. Computers have viruses. We exist in a computer generated reality. You are a virtual project (projection) in a hologram.

Is your vision 20/20 or 10/10 (computer binary code) or 20/12? What do you see?

Fibonacci Coding - In mathematics, Fibonacci coding is a universal code which encodes positive integers into binary code words. All tokens end with "11" and have no "11" before the end.

Binary Numeral System -- ancient Indian mathematician Pingala presented the first known description of a binary numeral system around 800 BC written in Hindu numerals. The numeration system was based on the Eye of Horus Old Kingdom numeration system.

Eye of Horus

36 Around 1

Great Pyramid

Banner From Crystalinks' Newsletter - 9/11/07

Today I was part of the book launch of Sylvia Browne's new book,
Secret Societies and How They Affect Our Daily Lives

Secret Societies are part of the human equation having gone by many names and varying agendas. They allow us to question and quest for the ultimate truth, information that lies dormant in our DNA and surfaces now. This weeks speaks to us of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01 linked to the Middle East and the original insert. Dating back to the ancient mystery school teachings, we find several factions in play, the ultimate unraveling of the truth, through the quintessential facets of the awakening process in our timeline.

Always there were hidden truths created by an alleged sacred bloodline, not to mention those who protected the secrets as the information moved from the Middle East to the European Continent, to the Americas, eventually becoming a global conspiracy. The truth is out there.

The ultimate conspiracy, that has long been known by the indigenous people of the world, and now realized by human consciousness, is that reality is a hologram, a dream, an illusion, that had a beginning and has an end, which is close at hand. Physical reality was created as an experiment to experience emotion through the synchronistic movements of linear time. It is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. That is The Secret. When you clear your way, you manifest harmoniously with your soul's purpose.

The New Face of Fitness is Getting Older

CNN Health - September 11, 2007

Sixty used to be old, or at least it seemed to be. In the '80s, seniors had TV role models like the Golden Girls, Matlock and "Murder She Wrote's" mystery-writing sleuth, Jessica Fletcher. Now baby boomers can look to Goldie Hawn, Diane Sawyer and Harrison Ford for inspiration as they near retirement age. Today's seniors also have a much different view of fitness than their parents, said Colin Milner, CEO of the International Council on Active Aging. "Exercise was actually a bad word," Milner said. "The term exercise meant hard work. It was what you did in the military or body builders did at Muscle Beach and women were told that if they did it they weren't womanly or it would hurt their reproductive organs." Milner said baby boomers helped spark the modern fitness movement.

The way you look is a state of mind. All is consciousness.

On 9/11/07 my friend Esther, 50, and I took some fun photos in my home.

Ellie today ...

I lost a lot of weight this year! Down to 140 pounds ... goal weight 120. For some people 140 is okay - for me it is still too fat and not where I have been most of my life. That belly has to go! I believe in keeping things as simple as possible in 3D. Therefore dieting can become a 'no brainer' which can easily be adjusted and followed. Never let your emotions rule, as they can get out of control.

About Ellie: I'm 5'6" tall, have no medical problems, not on any meds, no cosmetic work, and will be 65 on 2/17/08! I love being an Aquarian. I don't wear glasses which is amazing after 12 years at the computer. My blood pressure has always been 100 over 62. I get lots of quality sleep. My norm is 9 hours ... the other side is far more adventurous anyway. Never was involved with drugs or drinking. Never drawn to them nor were the friends I hung out with, not to mention I always need a clear connection to Z.

As with all diets, the foods that work best for me, may not be right for you. If you have allergies, or are on certain medications, you might want to consult a doctor first. Actually a nutritionist is and excellent way to go.

People have asked what I eat and don't eat. It's all about finding out what works for your body, adjusting your head space and off you go. For me to lose weight ... all I had to do was give up sugar because I eat the same healthy foods day after day. My friend Dianne, another Aquarian, and I always say that if there was a pill to replace food, shopping and cooking, it would make life so easy. I only drink bottled water and grapefruit juice, hate hot drinks. My body loves protein and vegetables. I was never drawn to carbs, dairy products, and fried greasy foods. I always keep things simple. Breakfast: 1/2 slice of cheese with a cup of grapefruit juice. Lunch and on through the day ... chicken (that I prepare in the late morning) with cooked vegetables. Del Monte is the best and easiest, for those of us who hate to cook. I chose a veggie, I love them all, flip the top of the can open and I'm good to go. I never eat late, unless out with friends. Dinner consists of salad sometimes mixed with left over chicken diced it. The only vitamins I take are 1000 mg Time Released Vitamin C. Time Released is very important. Hate health foods and macrobiotic anything, upsets my stomach.

I know my diet is not realistic for most people, but it is what I love best. You have to find what works for you, and try to eat tiny portions through the day, so your body burns what you eat. Do I miss the sugar cookies? I do, but not good for me at my age. When I get to goal weight, will eat them in moderation. I went online and looked up the best weight for someone my age and height -- 140 pounds. So now I am back to a healthy norm, but still not back to Ellie ... soon. Will keep you posted. You can diet with me till the end of the year when I reach my goal. When trying to determine where I wanted my goal weight to be, I was suddenly flooded with women clients of different ages who were all 5'6" tall. The clients who had the bodies I want, were all 120-125 pounds and couldn't image being heavier. Took me back a few years when 130 pounds was over the top.

Eating Out: Bay Ridge, is much like Manhattan, restaurants everywhere. Eating out ruins most diets, so do be careful. I keep it simple. My favorite meal is Chicken Caesar without the dressing, or grilled salmon with a vegetable. No diet soda. Love salt on my food, but don't overdue it. The only Chinese foods I like are way too fattening, like Sesame Chicken, so I don't eat them. Japanese food offers sashimi, another favorite, eaten on occasion. Italian food has many great choices, so watch the calories. Don't really like pasta, with the exception of manicotti. Wine? On occasion, if anything prefer champagne (it's sweet). Nothing during the diet.

Exercise: Why do people feel there has to be pain and suffering to accomplish goals ... along the way causing destruction to self on other levels? Ellie and Exercise: I run around a lot, but too lazy to exercise. To maintain the tight body, one must keep exercising or it turns to flab. I know about exercise being healthy, when done the right way, in moderation, for each person. It makes most people feel better. Clients who exercise too much have all sorts of health issues and emotional problems they want to vent that way. Exercise goes to age, and other factors. People who I know who run every day, eventually have problems with knees and related. Athletes develop physical problems. When I see people on that TV reality show, "The Biggest Loser", they are killing themselves. It's stupid and could cause permanent damage. If they stop eating and did some mild exercise, the pounds would flow off. A client who is a dietician told me that weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% proper eating. Know your body. Don't abuse it.

Things to avoid at all costs: drama and dysfunctional people, places, and things. They are bad influences on you at all levels. I don't need a self help book to know these people will destroy you. Dump them along with the calories. They frustrate you causing a change in body chemistry which makes you eat. You must be in control of your emotions and reality to succeed at dieting, getting healthy and just about anything else. I don't read self-help books, as they are all common sense, much like the blogs I write. It's all so simple and can be done on your own once you shift your grid, make a plan and move forward. When you eat something, tap into your physical body and ask if this is what it wants and needs or is the emotional body seeking gratification based on patterns? The soap opera autobiographies that people write will always fare well to those with similar issues, but do they change your grid? You have to view yourself from outside the box, and do the best you can to fix your physical body. When you look good, you feel good, and you succeed by attracting success. When you're finished working on yourself, go out and play...

Ellie with Esther's blond wig and an amazing perfectly placed orb ... an obvious Z set up!

FYI - I have never colored my hair.

The single oversized orb looks like the hemispheres of the brain. Barbara, a critical care nurse, says it reminds her of a CT head Scan. The orb also looks like a labyrinth on a screen (projected illusion through consciousness). How about Fibonacci spirals - the movement of consciousness above and below? Concentric circles archetype? The top and right side of the orb have a blue aura. The bottom and left side look lavender on my screen. Pat says the orb details are reminiscent of the Mayan Calendar. (2012) Christina says the orb reminds her of something Asian, the I Ching. Orbs are dust on the camera lens or in the air, but the way they manifest, and their location in a photo, often goes beyond the physical for the person. When we look at photo scrying, it's all up for interpretation.

Earth Changes - 9/12/07

Earth Changes mirror the evolution of the program and consciousness.

September 12, 2007 and on ... Sumatra Earthquakes and Tsunami

Low solar activity 9/11/07 and on .... NOAA

Banana Umbilical and Bloodlines

Thursday 9/13/07

In the energies of the Jewish New Year and Ramada, George, Pat and I got together for dinner and wherever the energies took us. These are powerful energies, combined with those of 9/11 to create a new picture of reality. George is an astrologer who did our charts after which I read everyone as we all felt the energies building. Oddly there was this strong smell of bananas which made no sense to us as it lingered on. I did not have bananas in my home, and as scents go, this was a first for all of us, yet we knew there was a method to the madness.

Guided to relax on the couch, in the energies Verrazano Bridge, we first found ourselves in a lab - a Nazi lab we surmised but what we encountered. There is always the shift in consciousness back to the Nazi Program insert and its correlation to current events. Yet this was old, and we had been here before, noises, fragrances and all.

That quickly revisited, it seemed to open a portal ... and at that moment the energies shifted. The clock in room made noises, allowing us to know, we had shifted our consciousness to a place behind linear time. The image of the orb near my face (see below) came to mind ... spiraling through a stargate, if you will, until we stopped, returning to the place the program originated (the first insert).

There was sense of familiarity for us, this is where we belong and who we are, having come into this program to shut it down. We were shown where it went wrong ... thus creating endless loops as those who are creators tried to figure out how to fix it. A decision is made ... some programs are beyond repair. There could be no doubt, this program will be terminated, the process began, rebirth.

Again the smell of bananas permeated the room. My mind went to this archived file ...

Banana Umbilical
and related, which brings us to Egyptian
connections and links to "Sarah and Alexander". It is about rebirth.

"Flying Bananas"

takes us as far back as the Nazi Program timeline which goes to the Beginning ... Egypt

  • GWR Railcar nicknamed the "flying banana" - 1933
  • HRP-1helicopter nicknamed the "flying banana" - 1944 (Image top of page)
  • Predecessor of the Piasecki "flying-banana" 1926
  • Canadians to Launch Banana into Space Javno Lifestyles - September 14, 2007
  • ItÕs a bird, itÕs a plane, itÕs a piece of geostationary fruit Earth Sky Blogs
  • UK: 1998 Mini El - "The Flying Banana" Cool Little Car

    After my friends went home, I received a call from Ron who is out in San Francisco this week for a business conference. We discussed my time with Pat and George after which he related his strange adventures of the day. His maternal grandmother, Anna, the Scottish side of Ron's bloodline, had been in his mind all day. He couldn't shake her. Anna and her family had lived in San Francisco when her two daughters were growing up. I could 'see' them as cute little girls, describing them perfectly with their little blond curls, as Anna brought imagery and messages. Thursday evening Ron visited a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit in San Francisco ... the messages clear ... bloodlines. As always, Ron's experiences linked with mine, setting the stage for us to figure out what they are. Ron further mentioned that he heard on Thursday's news that the #1 selling products at Walmart are bananas.

    Earlier in the afternoon I had reordered "Sarah and Alexander" adding the words "2012" to the cover knowing it changed the energies of the book, just as it had done with the screenplay, plummeting it to its destiny.

    At 10:00 I got into bed and relaxed watching TV which generally puts me to sleep. The news was about a speech Bush had made earlier in the evening, with commentary that no one wants to admit that the war in Iraq was a mistake for the US, but it needs to find resolution. Somehow this mirrored what I had seen earlier with George and Pat. The lesson is -- we experience, mistakes are made as we grow. They are corrected then let go to terminate an experience.

    Suddenly the phone rang. I said, "Hello." The voice at the other end said, "Hello." It was Ron. What was most puzzling was that he had not called me back, as he was talking to his mother in Atlanta, about her mother Anna. Quickly we realized that Anna had set up the call ... communications within the bloodline. Ron went back to talking to his mother and I went out with Z.

    Friday 9/14/07

    After posting the blog above on Friday morning, I went to the store to get fresh flowers and a few groceries. Behind me online on line was a young women dressed in Middle Eastern attire - long dress and head scarf. She smiled at me as she put her items on the counter - three bunches of bananas. Very cool!

    Death Of Worker On Verrazano Bridge

    In recent weeks, I've watched the workers on the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano Bridge as they climb the cables and arches, to make repairs, and wonder how they do it. Friday, helicopters and ambulances could be heard in the area as roadways and the bridges were shut down. Several hours later, while trying to drive home, the access to my house on 101st Street was closed, though I came around and sneak down a one-way street to get into the garage. Fort Hamilton Parkway runs parallel to 4th Avenue where I live. The accident happened just a few blocks away.

    Worker falls to death from Verrazano Bridge

    Newsday.com - September 14, 2007