9/11: Five Years Later

9:11 AM

It's 9/11 in the Big Apple on a clear, cool, sunny day, reminiscent of the weather and energies on the day of the attacks on the World Trade Center, 5 years ago.

My TV is playing nearby, just as it did 5 years ago. Memorial services are taking places here and around the world in moments of silence for those who died. Reporters from various TV stations cover the story today, and remember those in their industry who reported the news from Ground Zero 5 years ago.

I still remember standing on my terrace and watching the second plane hit Tower 2. It was more like watching a movie than a real time event. I have always believed that cooler temperatures saved hundreds of lives.

Everyone has their story to tell, their memories to face, even if they have left the city or just watch from another part of the world.

The attacks on the World Trade Center were an insert that would move humanity into the final stages of our biogenetic experiment and into the light of understanding.

I have not been visited by the spirits of 9/11, or their families, that often as time goes by, the healing process on all levels taking hold. What is interesting are the messages I have received for weeks, from other spirits who have also come here now to watch the events of this day. It is as if a doorway has opened, which is normal at this time of the year, and is linked with the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

I was once taught that after 5 years spirits move on. As they do not exist in linear time this is not true. They go as guided and return in much the same manner. Most want to leave quickly now, the reason being the evolution of consciousness and their desire to understand it from a higher level. Many want to learn what to do at the end of time to guide their loved ones at this level. Reunion is inevitable.

Since 9/11 many people, who live and work in the city, have created contingency plans should something happen again. These plans should be part of our lives in case of any emergency, not just terrorist attack. I also believe that children should have cell phones, at least from Middle School and up.

Many people began preparations and relocations, at the end of the 1990's when they felt the year 2000 linked to prophecies of end times and a world set on fire in the aftermath. Perhaps they felt threatened by the energies experienced, messages received psychically, an event that would arrive at the turn of the century, 9/11/01, and continue as we move toward (ground) zero point. It all seems part of a plan linked to remembering and awakening, as souls struggle to find their place within it.

The wound experienced on 9/11 in NYC, will again be felt on this day. We are very resilient and have made a great come back, rebuilding on many levels. I read people who are part of the rebuilding at Ground Zero, who still feel the energies and echoes of 9/11, especially in 'the pit', as they remain forever in that space-time grid. Though reconstruction efforts are like putting a giant puzzle back together, they are slowly coming together.

The city learned a lot about its security, shortcomings, and people on that day, making us stronger and more united as the years pass.

The main factor for Americans on 9/11 was an 'innocence lost', as we were attacked on our own soil, something many of us did not expect to experience in their lifetime.

We were a nation united on 9/11, then a nation divided by the war in Iraq and a president whose actions never make sense.

The game board of planet Earth is not safe anywhere, NYC still remaining a prime target. Yet, I do not see another attack here.

There are the illnesses that began with the toxins that enveloped Ground Zero on 9/11 and its aftermath, many stories about that are in the news.

Many Americans feel safer than they did after 9/11, but we are not safe, and will never will be. Are there any major cities in the world that are completely safe? It's doubtful. It would be interesting to known what goes on behind the scenes in terms of terrorism, but we never will. Terrorism continues to spread as the 21st century continues. It creates fear factor and preparation to release quickly from the physical grid, if needed.

Fear brings detachment. Healing and awareness bring detachment. Dying brings detachments. At some point we detach.

There's not much going on in my area today, but lots of ceremonies in and around the city. There is a strange silence in the energies of the city, nothing ominous, just a reflection in time of an event that will forever be part of the psyche of the American program.

It's another day in the world as we each go about our daily lives, some in survival modes, others waiting for 'the other shoe to drop', each doing the best they can to get through yet another day.

Many people have a bad feeling about 2007. I know it will not be easy and there will be great loss around the world.

My happiness is, and always has been, gratitude for the things I have been given in the dramas of our reality, and a knowing that I will complete my mission here. The review of my early files of 2000 was a trip down memory lane and added to my conclusions. I have never kept a journal but the few messages I have been guided to keep through the years have always brought insight. Things that one cannot relate to when they occur, will always have greater meaning as time goes by.

There is something about the window that opened on the lunar eclipse 7 September and goes to the solar eclipse on 22 September that is very important for those working with the closure of the program. It is about the geometric design of the game. Having concert pianist and composer Stuart Mitchell as part of the September 22 teleconference class about Harmonic Codes, Roslyn Chapel, Scared Geometry, Encoded Ancient Architecture, and more ... seems so important to that end.

5 years later ... I am here once again looking out over the water that is just around the bend from Ground Zero, on the 5th anniversary of 9/11 writing my column. I am grateful to be sitting here, on this gorgeous day in NYC, in the pulse of the program, sharing my thoughts with you.

Several hours later ...

Email update from Marshall in Mass.

Thanks Marshall ... Further synchronicities ...

You know I'm into Nietzsche, which goes to Z and Thus Spoke Zarathustra, which goes to my 2001 file about Zarathrustra who spoke, then to the events of 9/11, then the monoliths and towers, a new creation and so on...

Musical composer takes us to Stuart Mitchell (see below) who will join both workshops next weekend with sacred harmonics and geometry, for those on that wavelength. Stuart's birthday is December 21 (see above) which takes us to the end of time linked to the Mayan Calendar: Code Date: December 21, 2012 and Z as QuetZalcoatl.

Ya gotta love it when a plan comes together and the messengers show up!

FYI ... Numerology ... 9 = endings

Noon in Manhattan

My friend Ron works near Ground Zero and attended the memorial services

taking a few pictures with his cell phone.

Ron called as he stood in front of Trinity church remembering 9/11 and the impact it had on the people of the world. Today was a day of remembrance ... reflection on what has happened in the past 5 years.

8:30 PM

His long work day over, Ron got into his car in the parking garage of his building. The traffic was at a stand still, as he discovered the roof of the building was the place the "Tribute in Light" was being beamed straight through the clouds and into space, like an endless eternity. When you watch from below, in the center of the lights, its like watching train tracks going off into infinity or a horizon.

Ron and I talked as his car inched its way into the street, crowds of people still mulling around, many consoling each other.

As we talked about Marshall's dream, Ron laughed. It seems that yesterday he had downloaded an ebook by Aleister Crowley. The synchronicities are accelerating as we move from Ground Zero to Zero Point, sometimes stuck in traffic, but finally finding our way home on the freeway. (Train tracks represent DNA.)

Ron took two photos at a Christmas Party, December 2000.

Windows On The World North Tower

Though the gold lights are part of the developing process, Ron wrote...
"Could the lights be spirits trying to warn of the building's impending doom?"

9/11 Revisited

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Timeline: Beyond Real/Reel Time

Cast: History teacher and her students

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