Projected Illusion and the 4400

Somewhere in the realms of a good sci-fi script, one finds hidden truths brought forth by the creators as metaphors of the true reality. The answers are encoded in the minds of the science fiction writers, much as you seek them from channelers, spirit guides, angels, prophets, psychics and others your revere. It is all channeled illusion created by one mind through which you are the experiencer.

4400, 440, Harmonics, 1/1 ratio, Fibonacci and the Golden Number, calculated frequency. All is created by tones and will end with a soul note. All is calculated by the patterns of Sacred Geometry

Sunday night I watched the TV series The 4400. In this episode, "Life Interrupted", Tom Baldwin, a lonely divorcee, is transported into a virtual reality created by the aliens, which has been taken from the mind of a woman named Alana who is one of the 4400 alien abductees. Alana has lost a child and is alone, especially after coming back from the abduction experience, years later. The feeling of loneliness, often abandonment, is a driving force for many in the human experiment.

Alana is brought into this virtual reality alien contrived experiment, like Tom, maintaining her identity as one of the 4400, wondering what has happened and how she and Tom got there, as they venture together for answers and a way out. The desire to leave fades as they fall in love, marry, and have all of their dreams fulfilled. It is everybody's fantasy come true. The objective of the experiment: Unconditional Love. Perhaps, that is why most of us seek love as a frequency to see beyond the illusion.

The Watchers of the Program

Our reality also has watchers!

There is a 'door' that appears to Tom when he enters the VR program
through which he must pass to return to his true reality.
[Holodeck type experience].

The 'door' reappears after a period of time that Tom believes is 8 years. Later he is told that only seconds have passed.

The illusion is held in place by the consciousness of one of the aliens who appears in the form of Alana, all of which is explained to Tom after returns through the 'door.' The feeling of not really belonging in the experiment, and knowing that it will end, is instilled in each of us.

As in the TV mini-series A HREF="">Taken, when nine year old Allie deceives her US military captors by creating the illusion that she has be taken on a UFO, we learn that projected illusion can be sustained just so long by its consciousness creator, and then is gone. Poof! Magic trick, Illusion is over! FYI, the actor who plays Tom Baldwin, Joel Gretsch, was in charge of the military in the mini-series "Taken". Ah film imitates life as the many roles we play overlap.

Now if we could just get outside the main frame, outside the box, of this experiment within experiment within experiment, the truth would be known. And yet we are already there.

In our consciousness programming you should understand the nature of our VR experience by now and that it is almost over. Can you feel it? Can you see the 'door'? But is what you see about doors within doors, or the final door? What does reality mean to you?

After Tom learns the truth about the experiment in emotions, he is sent back to his reality, as is Alana, where they meet outside his office. (Again actor Joel Gretsch plays a government agent, but this time around he is a good guy.)

Have Tom and Alana's feelings carried over into this experience? It would appear so as they meet again in soul recognition. (This not unlike meeting someone and feeling 'love at first sight' and instant soul recognition.) Tom and Alana have memories of the virtual experience, and both will now explore the nature of their feelings in this reality.

Was the experiment negative or positive? It depends on your point of view. To find love when one is alone and lonely, is wonderful, but to be manipulated, goes against everything that is part of the human equation.

We know little about the projected illusions of consciousness in our reality, but just being aware that reality is an illusion, is a start.


If you were writing a one paragraph synopsis of your life in the experiment, what would it say? Try it and see what happens.