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Mystic Baba Vanga

I don't agree with mystic Baba Vanga, mentioned in the articles below, that have drawn much attention now, but its fun to read what she predicted as generalizations. 9/11 was a new insert in the grids so it appears in many predictions based on interpretation. It brought us closer to the end which is what most psychics, seers, and humans look for. It's in our programming (DNA) to anticipate the end and what will happen ... from doomsday events, to the return of mythological gods, to ascension of the human soul, to Fade to Black, to whatever you are programmed to see at the End of Time.

Bulgaria's Baba Vanga's 2018 Predictions: Why we Love Prophecies and Doomsday Stories   Newsweek - December 25, 2017
Part of the interest may lie in how open to interpretation some predictions are. Tabloids are reporting, for example, that she predicted Brexit. What she said, apparently among many other things, is that Europe as we know it would cease to exist. That idea is generalizable enough and can be interpreted, in hindsight, to be correct. In 2012, some people believed that a Mayan prophecy predicted the end of the world would come about in December of that year. But as NASA writes, the idea that this prediction had any roots to the Mayan calendar is completely incorrect: Just as the calendar you have on your kitchen wall does not cease to exist after December 31, the Mayan calendar does not cease to exist on December 21, 2012. The same article also makes it very clear that when it comes to Nibiru, another favorite of conspiracy theorists and tabloids, there is no real danger of a wayward planet headed for Earth and bringing about the end of the world. Yet, stories of prediction, especially those that predict the world's end, seem to have a powerful attraction no matter their relationship to evidence or fact.

Baba Vanga Blind female mystic who predicted 9/11, Brexit and the rise of ISIS has two major predictions for 2018   News.au.com - December 25, 2017
For 2018, she foresaw two world-changing events - China will become the world's next super power taking over from the US and 'a new form of energy' will be discovered on Venus.

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