2011 Ellie's World Blogs in Review

After 16 + years of writing blogs about what a recent client called "The Walking Wounded", I don't see anywhere else to go about healing one's issues as we officially enter 2012 - no more Issues with Tissues blogs. The purpose of self awareness was to gain understanding, perspective, and getting needed help. You would be amazed how many people are not aware of personality disorders like OCD, depression, etc. As a biogenetic experiment we have gained insights into the patterns of human behavior - most genetic - all influenced by social conditioning. It's not in me anymore to rehash about the bipolar human experience.

Many healers are burned out or have died. Others keep working as it makes them feel good to make a difference, or as income. I find it refreshing that most of what they thought was so important years ago, they now tell me is finished for them, and they are moving on.

Mental illness does not go away like a bad cold. It remains with the person forever with greater understanding and self control spiking up and down in one's life. The endless quest to heal and awaken will continue until the end of the cycles of time. Therefore each soul reaches zero point as their programming dictates - or in the final seconds.

There are those who love my healing blogs and focus on nothing more than that - even when the messages have been posted over and over again. I went to Oprah's website to see what's new. All I found is another link about "6 Steps to ... whatever." It's all being recycled as people awaken and realize issues. Your soul will guide you to these healers when you are ready to heal, not before, but do hurry now.

Ellie's World archives reflect 11 years of blogs, showing how far we have come in understanding our journey here and where it is all going.

What's Next ...

I know I am different than those in metaphysics who believe we are going to a higher frequency Earth where we all live in love and light and peace and happiness.

One final time ... this hologram bleeps out of existence as souls merge back into the collective unconsciousness.

Remember ... The Matrix, Inception, Total Recall (2012), endless other films, TV programs, books, video games, all portraying reality as a simulation. Next we have the Indigenous People throughout time who called this reality the Dream or Illusion. Some people get it and others will have to wait until the end as they are programmed to experience through their emotions. You can love and hate and experience it all ... but never lose sight of the fact that it is all virtual - projected illusion just as you are at this level of conscious awareness.

Relationships ... if most people are challenged in one way or another - it follows that relationships are as well. Though some people seek The One who makes them complete, most people are far more realistic in this timeline. There are endless reason why relationships begin and end, but most have karma to work out, then they move on ... lessons learned.

In former timelines people married and had children at a younger age, each century following the pattern at an older age, as life expectancy increased. With that, the need to marry and have a family became the goal after one has worked on themselves and found meaning in life. Some found it, many didn't. Fitting into outdated molds, doesn't work.

Then there's the gay world, wherein people came out and live in their truth, not one imposed by society. Being homosexual is genetic and can be traced to someone in the family. It's been part of the equation since the beginning of the program, though often concealed. Its the fear of telling the family and being rejected that seems to be the most difficult, but that's all changing. Once again it's about freedom and understanding.

We come to the wonderful world of science that has now proven my theory about reality as a consciousness hologram - time is an illusion. The merge of science and pseudoscience is the foundation of truth.

As to politics, economics, religion, social issues, the geophysical changes on the planet ... you know how I feel about all of that. The consciousness grids that supported these programs, are collapsing. End times create the need for freedom - revolution -> evolution and truth. That which does not work ... ends now.

Prophecies ... from the painted spirals on cave walls - to the ancient architectural landscape that covers the world linking us with alien creators and beyond - to modern day predictions, dreams, and other messages humanity receives ... it all converges now and culminates in whatever end time scenario you are programmed to experience.

Ancient Alien Theory - both the TV series and the concept has taught us that we were seeded by something other than by natural evolution. It is all part of a plan conceived by the collective unconscious -> alien beings -> the human biogenetic experiment.

2012 and beyond ... The Mayan Calendar prophecy may be true or not, but it reflects the upcoming closure of the hologram. We are being pulled into the event horizon and back to creation. This is what you came here to experience. It's not scary. Enjoy 2012.

Traditions of Science   Thunderbolts - December 28, 2011

Image on the left: traditional cosmology based on Icelandic mythology
Image on the right: scientific cosmology - a map of the visible universe

In my 2011 blog review, I talk about the merge of science and pseudoscience. Along the way ... science is also merging with mythology among other influences in our lives to create the bigger picture explaining how everything is linked.

Excerpts from the Thunderbolts' article: Science and folk tradition are supposed to be strictly separate domains of knowledge, but in practice they often shade into each other. The myth must be taken out of today's science in order to find the science in the myth. The intermixture of science and uncritical tradition is a stupefying, even lethal combination. Yet science's marked tendency to develop inviolable traditions and ultimately degenerate into an edifice of myth decorated with fripperies of elegant nomenclature or mathematics may well be rooted in an innate, evolutionary process.

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