Common Themes in 2005 :: [in the box]

  • Another year is coming to an end, and with that, the end of the first half of this decade. Below are some of the more popular themes reflecting human evolution in its final stages. We've come a long way baby, especially since 2000, creation, aliens, conspiracies, locked into healing and becoming healers, escalating Earth changes, major grid inserts, prophecies coming true, paranormal exploration and its tools, and now into pure consciousness. It's the only place left to go.

  • Power Simple :: In mathematics, 'power' is an operation of numbers. This is also known as 'exponentiation', repeated multiplication. The Chinese call it chi. The Japanese call it kiai. The frequency of our reality is increasing exponentially. The magnetics are decreasing to ZPE. ZPE, Zero Point Energy
  • The magnetic poles are shifting again. Inner balance, the polarity of the program and consciousness are 'shifting', returning to ZPE. That is what is returning, not a god figure.

  • I am in the process of reviewing Crystalinks' files in 2005 which has reinforced my knowing that reality is a bio-genetic experiment [bringing to mind creational gods and goddesses, alien grays, and Nazi programs] as patterns that recreate in cycles or time, are bi-polar in nature [electromagnetic energies] and are coming to closure in the 'end times' as predicted by the prophets in all of the ancient civilizations. It all goes to the masonic [mother sound] program.

  • When I started Crystalinks I recognized that images trigger the unconsciousness, an image is worth 1,000 words. Long time readers of the column may remember that ever day I used to post a new 'trigger image' with related meditation or visualization. Image files create visuals for the reader, tapping into the collective unconsciousness as universal archeytypes, recognized on a subconscious level and activating DNA codes.

  • Many people tell me, "I know am not coming back after this lifetime." This references their inner knowing that the loops of time will be broken as the program closes.

  • Most people want to know "Why am I here? What is my mission? How can I gain greater understanding of what is going on, personally and universally?" Find a way to create balance in your life, if possible, as this raises your frequency enough to view reality from 'outside the box', Xbox 360. Read as much as you can about reality. Observe the physical messages the program is bringing, Earth changes, their metaphoric and intrinsic content. Don't worry about dates, timing, and the 'shut down'. The program is on its own timetable and will end as it is preprogrammed at ZPE, zero point experiment. Put the pieces of the puzzle together, not just as words you read, but with greater understanding on all levels of your being. You can read that this is virtual reality, but to fully understand all of the components of the equation, must come from your soul.

  • Everything we experience has always 'been there' and is nothing more than recycled patterns in different harmonic grids. We are simply becoming more aware of their existence and the patterns they follow, war, politics, religious paradigms, weather and Earth changes, economics, health, the emotional grid, science and technology, personal evolution and spirituality, pain and suffering in duality. No one can 'beat the program' and 'make it all better.' History has showed us that over and over again. Don't go crazy trying to save the planet. Talk about outmoded thinking ... which will lead you to burn-out. All you can do is come into understanding about the nature of creation and reality, keep yourself in balance, and wait for zero point. If you have an end-time theory, it's probably not right. Don't let it drive you crazy. I find it hard to believe that half way through this decade, people are still dwelling in their theories, obsessed as others were in the 1990's, and still wanting someone to listen and believe in what they have deduced. In 2006, let it all go! Have fun. That is the greatest healer!

  • There are gods and gods to give us hope. We need hope but it is a tricky business and often very deceptive as people believe god or spirit has spoke to them and guided something they must do, only to find out things didn't work out as was 'told'. We are encoded to believe in 'that which is above', in higher frequency, that returns or returns us to its source. Awareness goes to following and understanding the patterns, cycles, geometry, of this reality insert, and what is happening in the alchemy of time and consciousness.

  • Psychotic people using metaphysical jargon to explain their hallucinations and breakdowns, much of it having to do with placing their consciousness into parallel running grid programs and trying to incorporate them into this one. Most do not believe in medication, or there is no medication available.

  • Seeking self-help and moving into self-awareness, healing the pain, understanding one's shortcomings, then going on to help others

  • Increased feelings that something very old and stale is ending and something new and filled with light is taking hold for the souls caught up in the human experiment

  • New ways of coping with old themes

  • Increase in serious illnesses

  • Souls suddenly 'leaving' with no visible explanation

  • Escalating Earth changes which stir the soul

  • Time is speeding up, it is all relative and yet does not exist

  • Viewing the world, and the people we once looked up to, differently, detaching

  • A need to go 'home', back to one's roots

  • Moving, movement, rapid changes

  • Increase in sightings and visitations, spirits, UFO's etc.

  • Job don't last forever, many people losing jobs and businesses as the work place evolves

  • Relationships don't last forever

  • Friendships don't last forever

  • The people we love don't last forever

  • Nothing lasts forever in the alchemy of time and consciousness