Tibet.mp3 12 Pyramids of Thoth - 6

It was here in the area of Tibet that a Pyramid was placed in frequency.

Those who followed named it the place of Shambhala.

The soul who oversees this pyramid goes by the frequency signature, Tsu Li.

This is the creational pyramid which connects

us with our spiritual wisdom and knowledge.

It is within this pyramid that spiritual teachings are created,

based on the needs of each culture as it evolves.

And it was my job, as scribe, to see to it that these teachings

were recorded through oral traditions, in sacred texts and scrolls,

within the energies of crystalline bodies, in stone formations,

in hieroglyphs and pictographs,

in channeled manuscripts and other art forms.

It is in this pyramid that the entities known as spiritual masters and teachers,

angels, gods and goddesses, and spiritual guides, originated.

Many souls will have memories of 'arriving' on planet Earth,

through this pyramid, then taking the form of Tibetan monks.

It is written that these teachers have secret

scrolls hidden away since the dawn on mankind.

These teaching can be found within the matrix of

this pyramid given in keys at the end of this cycle.

Enter now this pyramid where these scrolls await you.

Join with the energies of the three creators of this matrix.

Read their words. Heed their messages. Then you will know.