There is a pyramid in frequency over the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

It is linked to the Nazca Lines creating a pattern of evolution in design.

The soul who creates through this pyramid goes by the frequency, Lubileah.

Her consciousness speaks to the people of Earth about a time long ago
when ancient travels from the stars descended to the surface creating
a landscape in which souls would descend from above to experience,
later to return to her consciousness, through Her temple.

It is within this pyramid that emotions are experienced
ranging form lowest frequency to those of pure light energy.

The nature of this pyramid is to keep emotions flowing
in that which you experience as formless waves of energy,
which shift within each soul from moment to moment.

And the souls shall know all ranges of these
emotions for they are in the matrix and they
have come to experience the gamut of them all.

And the souls will place in highest esteem
the frequency of Light which is creation
and contains all emotions in balance.

And they will connect it with that part of their
being that links to the Source of creation, the
heart, that which expresses what they shall
call 'Love' and keeps the soul eternal.

They shall strive for this place of higher emotion.
In so doing, they will experience great suffering,
which will help them bring forth higher understanding.

And the souls will feel torture and torment, and love
and compassion. And they will place all emotions into
words and deeds, and great dramas in which they did act.

And great works shall result in the expression of their
emotions, guided by the flow of the emotional matrix.

And they shall go to this emotional temple within their souls
to find answers to riddles of Creation. There they will find
their answers, not always as their senses have guided.

And each soul shall search until it is ready to enter this
pyramid. Once entered it will experience all emotions at
one time, with understanding far beyond the comprehension
of humanity. Each soul shall embrace all emotions within itself.

Come with me now to the Pyramid of Emotion.
Let not old fears blind your way.

Throw away all concepts of emotion
and see the truth in who you are.

I will teach you how to find peace
and the balance in your soul.