Ellie's 12/12/12 Adventures

Tuesday afternoon the energies of 12/12/12 hit me like a ton of bricks when I was out shopping. I returned home a short time later as I had a 1:00 PM client and noted it was 12:22. Later I realized that somewhere in the world it "was" 12:12am on 12/12/12 and I was feeling the power of that connection. Friends on my frequency had the same experience. When I see myself on the event horizon of the black hole, it looks like I am spiraling into it. All I wanted to do was sleep - though I wasn't sick, jet lagged, and slept 10 consecutive hours the night before.

Wednesday morning

I woke up at 5:07 AM and immediately thought of my friend Sherif currently in Cairo. After doing the math I realized it was almost 12:12 PM in Cairo and he was connecting, which he later confirmed. Z told me that 5:07=12 - another 12 reminder. It was time to look up the interesting references to number 12 linked to creation - 12 around 1.

Z told me to search Dodecahedron - one of those silly words I learned long ago in geometry class, that would echo in my mind through the years - more as "dodeca". Next Z showed me the sacred geometry image below. He then guided me to a drawing that hangs on the wall as you enter my apartment. It was made by an artist friend named Ken in the 1980's - no doubt guided by Z. When Ken presented it to me as a gift he said, "This is how I see your essence and who you are." And so the logo for my business card was created and never changed.

The Masonic Program Coming Full Circle 12/12/12

You are moving into the capstone or consciousness

Mayan Energies on 12/12/12 - Our Lady Of Guadalupe Day

Quetzalcoatl as Our Lady Of Guadalupe who was Mother Mary, etc.

The energies of 12/12/12 were very powerful all day and seem to be building towards a greater designation. George got here around 10am and we proceeded to merge into the grids. From that time on he experienced waves of energies at 15 minutes past every hour as the 12:12 window moved from time zone to time zone. He didn't have to look at the clock - he just said, "Here we go again."

Something guided us to drive to the pier near my home on Shore Road and 65th Street here in Brooklyn, where we looked out at the Statue of Liberty, and talked about other the piers I visited in California last week as well as the pier in Coney Island. The only image Z showed us was a simple circle, signifying completion.

Back home ... Sherif called at the appointed time. He reported that the energies at Giza are like nothing he's ever experienced, especially as he grew up there. Over the past few days, many tourists have arrived, most planning to stay through 12/22/12.

He reminded me of the powerful energies on the day we met, exactly 12 years ago in Cairo on 12/12/2000, and how we discussed a special reunion on 12/12/12 at 12:12. This was a connection of two souls who came into a program to play, and stayed until the end.

Z next connected through Sherif taking him, George and I on a journey into beyond the grids and into the void. We were home. Again I was so far removed from this reality, I could hear Sherif but not what he was saying. Without a doubt, Egypt is a doorway.

We saw the entire hologram as a giant circular projection screen in which all of the programs coexisted, now merged and complete, spiraling upward, reminding me of my UFO experience in 1954 ... And then there was nothing as the stories and myths that ever existed, simply spiraled out of existence. That is what is next.

So what I am to conclude? All of the above ... and the below ... were part of a simulation in which aspects of my soul have participated. Physical realty can forever occupy one's "time" with endless experiences and synchronicities, but this feels like waking up from a dream. Will we continue into 2013 and if so how far? That remains to be seen as I still can't see beyond 2012. I remain submerged in the black void from which I came, as the cycles of time complete. This is your experience as well as mine. Draw your own conclusions and see what happens.

Dee in Egypt December 2012

Dee and her group are among the tourists Sherif told me about, visiting Egypt now for the 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 events, among other activities. On Wednesday 12/12/12 Dee wrote: Greetings from Aswan. Everything is incredible ... manifestation is instant ... the shifts are non-stop ... feeling very blessed.

Thursday Dee sent these photos

Danijella gifted me with the crystal ball the moment we arrived at Giza. I turned around through the window of our car, and there was the Great Pyramid. I took the photo with my phone in one hand and the crystal ball in the other. I almost fell out of my seat when I looked at the photo! As Above So below. Oh Egypt, you are non stop magic!

I seem to meet the same children every time I visit Egypt ... amazing!
I have watched them grow and they are as sweet as ever.
They work every day at the Sphinx ... very special children indeed.

December 13-14, 2012

Geminids Peak

  Geminids Google Videos

In ancient times and prophecies, the Geminid meteor showers,
arriving close to Christmas, were revered by some people as
harbingers of peace and a prophecy of rebirth for humanity.

December 13, 2012 - New Moon 21° Sagittarius

Sagittarius is in the heart of the Galactic Center.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter who was Zeus.

Ellie's Adventures in Southern California December 1-7, 2012

December 14, 1503 - July 2, 1566

Nostradamus Crystalinks

Nostradamus Wikipedia

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Nostradamus is best known for his Quatrains.

The wheel of karma will synchronize to eight
As the hourglass ascends from time.

The snake, the lion, and the king will cease to exist
Extinguished into the darkness, the souls into light.

Nostradamus Quotes 1

Nostradamus Quotes 2

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