Past Life Workshop July 23, 2006

Shamanic Magic, Iroquois Confederation and the US Constitution

Shamanic Magic

Sunday's Past Life Regression workshop including students studying and teaching martial arts and yoga. The energies were high; the information enlightening and transformational.

My favorite part of past life regressions with large groups, is when 2 people in the room have connecting past lives that are later revealed, when they discuss what they experienced. Usually I am not involved in the related adventures, but Sunday was different.

The first regression was to a Native American past life ... which began with gentle flute music. From there I was guided by the spirits of the Native Americans who filled the room. Very powerful entities.

As I led the regression, I saw, and described to the class, a sand painting, a colorful and detailed mandala, which turned into a wheel (karmic) that became a clock, which began to spiral upward. As it did, students became one with the grains of sand, blowing in the wind, spiraling backwards through time where they were to find:

I immediately was taken to an area presently called the St Lawrence Seaway. I heard its name several times in my mind so I wouldn't forget it. Though I had heard of it before, I didn't know exactly where it was, and I have never visited there in this lifetime. Later I discovered that this area was called the "Garden of the Great Spirit" by the natives who lived there long ago. Maps of the area

I saw myself as an Iroquois Indian, male, 30's, married with a baby (saw my wife carrying a papoose). I was a hunter and trapper living in the 1600's. I had an accident and my left hand was severed at the wrist. Later I met a shaman. It was night as we sat by a fire. He threw something into the fire and I saw a bright flash of white light move towards the sky. It morphed into the universe. He called me the Great White Teacher. Another spark of light touched my wrist and my hand was healed.

At the same time ... another student, Marshall, from Boston, saw himself as a shaman named Oadtl, who Marshall described much like the shaman who healed my hand. Marshall recounted his past life in which Oadtl healed a woman's left hand by placing a crystal in it. He drew the image for the class before I told them about my regression. Oadtl had magical powers. Very cool.

During the workshop I was guided to give Marshall a small clear quartz crystal wand. When the workshop was over, he felt guided to give me a crystal in exchange. It was a black hematite Indian arrowhead. Later I realized the symbology, the magician and the indian.

The archetypes received in other past life regressions, meditations, and the art work created by students to understand their lessons and destinies, all reflected the same theme ... we are close to zero point.

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