Workshop, Archetypes for Healing and Transformation

May 22, 2005

I awoke with the strangest dream this morning. I was teaching my class on this day when suddenly I looked up and saw my nine-foot the pyramid set up across the room. Shocked, I said nothing yet wondered how that had happened.

I looked up again and the poles of the pyramid had turned into platonic solid shape. This happened yet again confusing me.

I went to the emotional archetype for 'control' and angrily asked the class who had set up my pyramid and what was going on? Everyone sat silently staring at me.

Suddenly the room grew larger on all 4 sides.

I noticed that now there were many male college-age students in the class sitting there attentively looking at me.

"You are not all registered for this class!" I shouted, and went to get my class list only to discover that the class was not taking place in my home but in the large catering hall at the lower level of this building.

"You teach on this level!" a male voice said. "Today you will take your students higher!"

I woke up and looked at my alarm clock. It read: 5:22.

May 22 is a power day, 22 is a power number ... May 22 = 5+4=9, closure

I went into the dining room, moved the table to one side and set up the pyramid, guided to put the crystal capstone in place. Something about that seemed right.

My attention was instantly riveted to the sliding glass doors which face the park and the Verrazano Bridge.

I glanced up as 3 fast flying white doves came at me, one straight ahead, one flying to my right and the other to my left. Whoa!

I turned towards the kitchen as something smelled sweet as if cotton candy, but there was no source for the fragrance which smelled like cotton candy.

I prepared the final things for the class, as guided, then stood in the pyramid gazing out at the Atlantic Ocean as the large ocean liners passed under the bridge on their return to NY harbor.

This time the fragrance of roses filled the room. Spirit had crossed over the bridges of space and time to welcome the students who would come to the class on this day.

Life can't get better than this.

At the Center of the Collective Unconsciousness

In the mind / realms of the collective unconsciousness
all things will one day flow together
spiraling up as if a giant whirlpool of creative imagination.

Carl Jung Channeled Philemon.

Zarathustra, Zoroaster, Z

While preparing for Sunday's workshop on Archetypes, I came across a fascinating discovery. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, who coined these commonly used terms today, 'Archetypes', 'Collective Unconscious' and Synchronicity, was indeed an alchemist whose messages often came through automatic writing. Jung was, in truth, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, acting as a vehicle / insert to bring human consciousness to the next level of awareness. It was Jung who concluded that reality is a hologram, which coincides with my conclusions. When you read the file about Carl Jung, you will see how it is all connected, Jung, Nietzsche, Zarathustra, Jesus, Gnosticism, Pistus Sophia, and on and on we go again .... always back to alchemy and Z. In a sense, Jung was the father of the New Age, giving a theoretical framework for channeling and other esoteric practices.

Sunday's workshop covered many aspects of archetypical signatures from, emotional archetypes, such as those mentioned by teacher, and author Caroline Myss, to symbolic archetypes created as a languages that reaches beyond the human perception and into creation. Moving into transcendental archetypes, students defined their personal archetypes and explored those of others in the class as well as the universe.

During the workshop, each study drew an archetype of their personal signature. My signature looked like small magnets in strange undefined shapes that could be moved but always attracted each other back together. The image looked much like something I could not initially place, as if a lost identity. And then I remembered where I had seen similar images, M. C. Escher art and the patterns of Sacred Geometry. As the patterns spiraled higher, they became archetypes of light, independent of each other. I told the class that the term Tessellation had been in my mind for days. I could not shake the word until I read remembered Escher.