Wonderland and Magic

When did you / Alice enter the game? Are you sure?

Computer ... The looking glass ... Reflections in TIME.

Is the Earth about to go down 'the rabbit hole?' Tick Tock!

Are we trapped in the box like Alice

about to step out through the looking glass (consciousness)?

Like Alice, do you discover it's all a dream/game,

the Earth being the game board? Checkmate!
T-Time, Balance

Did Alice meet/beat the Trickster in TIME?

Was the Cheshire Cat the Trickster?

Have you found your key?

Are you a reflection of a greater aspect of yourself, above
shrinking as you descended in consciousness?

Are most people as mad as the Hatter (Consciousness)?


Time is almost up!

As Alice and the aboriginals discovered ...
Life is but a Dream ... Sha boom ... (Harp tones)
Life is but a dream: it's what you make it ....

Listen for the wake up tones...

Alice in Wonderland

Down The Rabbit Hole

Ellie and Pat ...

Speaking of tones, Thursday night Pat and I had dinner here. Two weeks ago, Pat and her family, lost their beloved little white dog, Winston, who died Friday 07/07 on his 17th birthday. Winston has visited the family and has no problem making himself known. Last night, as we sat at the table eating, I suddenly saw Winston moving beneath the table. Pat and I felt him brush past our legs (we were wearing shorts). I knew Winston in the years Pat and I have been friends, and his presence brought tears to my eyes. Pat said that Winston liked to sit under the table when they ate, as most dogs do. He was a loveable little dog.

After dinner I cleared the (black top) table. As I walked back past the table, to turn off the light, the freshly washed table had a clear palm print on it which caught my eye. Pat and I placed our hands just above the palm print, noting that it was much smaller and could not have come from either of us.

Then we heard, and saw, Winston playing with a little girl. We could hear her giggling as they ran around my house (circle: kitchen, hallway, living room).

I told Pat that I clearly heard her tell me that her name was Sarah ... but was she Sarah from my book, who we first meet as a little girl?

Alice chased the hare. Sarah was chasing Winston. Winston also takes us to Churchill, church (religion) and hill (apex, top, WW II NaZi program)

In the lights of the bridge and my 3 domed (pink fluorescent lights) wall units, Pat and I sat on the couches across from each other.

Again we experienced Winston and the little girl.

I challenged Sarah by asking, "If you are Sarah from my story, then play the music box?" You had to see the look on Pat's face when the tinkling sounds of a music box began to physically play in the room. Pat ran to the window to see if the noise originated from outside ... It did not. I have heard this sound many times since 1989 when I wrote the first draft of Sarah and Alexander. Sometimes I hear it while reading clients. To me it signifies the harmonics of creation.

A short time later the sky filled with lightning, the kind many of us have become accustomed to with current summer storms. Special effects abound.

My couches have a peacock design. I have often thought about changing them but was always been guided not to. The peacock means something, beyond the eye and bird (ascension) motifs and symbology. Friday, as I prepared Ezine, updating the photo from Yahoo, there was a peacock image. Unlike my couch whose peacocks are in Earth tones, this one has the colors of alchemy. And the (heart)beat goes on ....