International Women's Day 2005

To the women of the planet, who bring us strength, compassion,
love, creativity, healing, and higher light, I salute you on this day.

Our reality has remained male dominated, in a manner of speaking, as souls played out lower emotional grid experiences, fear, hate, anger, panic, repression, depression, lack of respect and self-respect, jealousy ... all lower chakra emotions, etc.

The plight of the feminine wing of this polarity has remained trapped in the Dark Ages since consciousness spiraled into lower frequency, the cave of the mind, the caveman mentality. Beauty and the beast co-exist in each of us. "Ug!" Ugly vs. Beauty!

Steve, Ellie and the Cave, Coming Full Circle

The return to the 'feminine' grids of higher light is to manifest through the evolution of consciousness, letting go of emotion.

Humanity is becoming aware ... learning about its short-comings and failures ... as a group and on a personal level.

In the end, those souls who survive, will honor and respect both male and female, thus bringing them into balance. It is the only way to go ... the old yin/yang in the blue, electricity, electromagnetic energies.

By recognizing mental illness, especially in relationships that are 'mother based' in conflict, often helps explain how we behave toward women.

Remember that there are women who abuse women, who are not gay.

All dysfunctional souls can and will abuse others, it is in their nature.

Do we really need a special day to honor women, or other minorities? It appears that we do. It's amazing how primitive we are! "Ug!"

Women's Studies

There is a women who feels guided by a destiny set in place by her ancient ancestors.
Experience with Sarah Manning as she unlocks the mysteries of the bloodline!

Sarah and Alexander, The Alchemy of Time

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