Women - November 2013

The role of women has changed through time. Today, women wear many hats while trying to figure out their purpose in life. Like men, women meet with endless challenges, seeking ways to overcome their issues and express their emotions. It's all just a journey in time.

Past Life as a Woman

Let's travel back in time to see your soul experiencing as a woman in another lifetime. You can be a man or a woman today - but you played many roles before you got here - some fascinating - others mundane.

Here we go ...

When you have quiet time ...

Open your mind to whatever will be shown. Allow your consciousness to know the purpose of this journey - your soul's experience as a one or more women.

Relax as you would for meditation - with or without music.

See yourself walking down a tunnel with a light at the far end.

Along the way are doorways on both sides that open to other realities in which you are/were experiencing.

The further down the tunnel you go - the further back in time your consciousness will take you. You can also enter the light to see your true beginnings.

As you enter each reality - there will be a mirror on your right. Pause and look at your reflection ... before moving forward to explore the life and times of that aspect of your soul's journey.

Take your time.

When you return to this timeline ... quickly write down ... or record ... your memories of the experience.


In the News ...

More Women Give Hunting a Shot   National Geographic - November 4, 2013
In recent years, American women are spending more time in tree stands and deer blinds - and putting fresh meat on the table. Although men still account for the majority of the 13.7 million U.S. hunters, the number of women actively hunting is on the rise.

Army to Dedicate First Women in Combat Statue   Military.com - November 4, 2013
For the first time, the Army will dedicate a life-size statue of a female soldier carrying a weapon and wearing body armor that honors the contributions of female soldiers over the past two decades.

Hot Mommas Project offers success stories for women balancing careers, lives   Buffalo News - November 5, 2013
As the guests filed into Kathy Korman Frey's home in the District of Columbia for the first Hot Mommas Project "Super Bowl of Mentors" global watch party, she handed each a blue notecard and asked them to rate - on a scale of 1 to 10 - how confident they were feeling. They had come to hear stories about women around the world who, much like themselves, are striving to meet career goals and live full lives outside work. Frey, a George Washington University business professor and Harvard Business School MBA, had gathered the case studies as part of the Hot Mommas Project.

It's not all about hard hats, honest: life as a female engineer   Telegraph.co.uk - November 4, 2013
There were just three of us in my university class: three women out of about 200 students working towards a degree in engineering. As an electrical engineer - and a female one at that - I've got used to being outnumbered. A study last year suggested that the number of women in UK engineering jobs stood at just 6 per cent. Whether it's at university or in the workplace, us female engineers tend to be in the minority.

4 Great Tips For Finding Funding For Your Startup   Forbes - November 1, 2013
Entrepreneurs are full of great ideas and powerful ways to implement them, but like anything in life, starting a new business requires a hefty stack of cold, hard cash. At one time, gathering this cash required hours of traipsing business plans to one investor after another, hoping one would be interested enough to invest. This approach often took years and yielded disappointing results.

The Perils of Working While Pregnant   Blogher - November 4, 2013
Peggy Young (no relation) had been a UPS employee for about a decade when she got pregnant. Like most of us, she assumed there'd be no problem at work. Her pregnancy was in no way unusual. Everybody knew you couldn't discriminate against pregnant workers. We had the protection of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which had been the law in the US for 35 years. It was the 21st century, for crying out loud. Surely we'd evolved. Right? WRONG!

Don't tell Muslim women what to wear   CNN - November 4, 2013
When a police officer demanded that she cover her hair, Amira Osman Hamed simply refused. "I'm Muslim, and I'm not going to cover my head," she declared. For that, the 35-year-old Sudanese engineer was arrested last August and charged with "indecent dress." Now Hamed faces a possible sentence of 40 lashes if a court convicts her when she faces the judge on Monday. Still, she refuses to wear a headscarf.

College-age women often unaware of breast cancer risk   USA Today - November 5, 2013
Sarah Hamby found a lump in her breast as a sophomore in high school. By the time she reached her freshman year of college at Murray State University in Murray, Ky., she felt her second. Hamby went to her doctor for a checkup and asked about the small lumps in her breasts. The doctor felt five of them.

Why Do Women Get Cellulite?   CBS - November 5, 2013
Every year, people spend billions of dollars trying to get rid of cellulite, a condition that occurs in 70-90 percent of women. Men get it too, but it's very rare. So, that had us wondering: Why do women get cellulite? The answer is ...