The First Week of 2011 in Review

Earlier in the week I wrote about the crazy people getting crazier in 2011. The week ended with the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords. Gabrielle Dee "Gabby" Giffords (born June 8, 1970) is a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Arizona's 8th congressional district since 2007. The district encompasses the southeastern part of the state. On January 8, 2011, Giffords was one of several people shot at a Safeway supermarket near Tucson, Arizona where she was meeting publicly with constituents.

When I was in High School my best friend was Sherry. We did all the silly things best friends do together, remaining close friends throughout our lives. Sherry retired as a medical researcher at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn when she turned 62. She and her husband now spend summers at home in NJ and winters in their home in Tucson. Her son Alan and his family live in Tucson so it worked out well. Yesterday after the shooting Sherry wrote ...

Many global events will be interpreted as End Times as all of the prophecies, told and untold, are merging. Always go but what you feel in your soul. I can't tell you not to be fearful, as these are scary times ... moreso in certain regions of the world than others. If you understand reality, then you know it is all illusion in time and consciousness at this level of awareness ... once understood the fear leaves. Isn't that what metaphysics and healing have been about for the past decades?

All Programs are created out of chaos and close much the same way - as all is about experiencing emotions and a grand finale. Anyone who reads this blog knows reality is a consciousness hologram and is returning from physical to light as it was written in the beginning. It's all part of the cycles of living in Time.

We have all lived and died many times, but now the biogenetic experiments are over - just as I knew in 2007 that the alien gray biogenetic experiments were over - and they were. Some abductees still report contact with aliens about closure, but not about experimentation.

Speaking of aliens ... the next level of our program takes us to Ancient Alien Theory ... we are their biogenetic creations that get wiped out and rebooted at higher and higher levels of consciousness for experience.

At the source of it all ... there exists the true consciousness that creates programs on all levels of awareness. It is about to shut the whole system down in a manner of 2011 speaking. When that happens ... it all 'hits the fan'. You are DNA coded with that information so you will know.

The source is of everything originates from the water ... the rivers and flow of collective unconsciousness ... the place where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers once met ... the metaphoric Garden of Eden in the Middle East (Zero Point of the Hourglass or Our Class).

Flooding and severe weather patterns are accelerating across the planet, highlighted this week in Australia [See Photos] If one could imagine that our reality is about to be wiped out by floods of biblical proportion - Flood Stories - they need only look around at the weather patterns and the potential for tsunami activity.

Powerful Earthquakes continued this week highlighted in Argentina (7.1) and Chile (7.0) - among other regions not reported as they were not above 7.0. New fault lines are found everywhere with seismic activity on the increase exponentially and in more populated areas.

Everyone is talking about the massive global bird and fish die-offs caused by trauma. Countries include the US (birds and fish), Sweden (birds), Brazil (fish), England fish), and New Zealand (fish). I believe there is a scientific explanation for all of these phenomena, but as they are happening together and we know end times are here, we link the two. Speculations as to the causes ... weather, sounds, biochemicals, planetary magnetics, UFOs, a combinations of factors, other.

Magnetosphere - Earth's Magnetic Field -- Hapgood's Theory of Crustal Displacement -- Pole Shift Hypothesis link to this story...

They're getting the message ... It's all a program, a plan, a consciousness hologram created by Sacred Geometry ... Amen!

Prophecy in the News

I know many people who agree with this window as it is so close to 11/11/11.

This is year human consciousness takes souls into the grids for prophetic dreams, paranormal experiences, and more. This is why your soul is here. Answers have to be given in less than two years.

Wait for them.

[20 to 12 -- 2012]

Reality is always about Destruction by Flooding followed by Rebirth

Brought to you by Myth, Math, Metaphor, and Magic - Cycle 936

Winter Hexagon
  NASA - January 3, 2011



In Egyptian mythology, Sopdet was the deification of Sothis, a star considered by almost all egyptologists to be Sirius. The name Sopdet means She who Is or Isis which means Is-Is or Creation in Egyptian, a reference to the brightness of Sirius, which is the brightest star in the night sky. In art she is depicted as a woman with a five-pointed star upon her head. She is also linked with the annual flooding of the Nile (fertility) on the Egyptian New Year in July.

Sopdet is Isis. Sirius is Isis. Orion is Osiris. It is all [MYTH].

Sopdet (Sepdet, Sothis) personified the 'dog star' Sirius. This star was the most important of the stars to the ancient Egyptians, and the heliacal rising of this star came at the time of inundation and the start of the Egyptian New Year. As a goddess of the inundation, she was a goddess of fertility.

creates the Geometry [MATH]

She is the feminine aspect of Thoth who creates consciousness holograms.


Sopdet was represented as a woman with a star on top of her headdress, or as a seated cow (Hathor) with a plant (tree of life) between her horns (just as Seshat's hieroglyph might have been a flower or a star) as depicted on an ivory tablet of King Djer. The plant may have been symbolic of the year, and thus linking her to the yearly rising of Sirius and the New Year. She was very occasionally depicted as a large dog, or in Roman times, as the goddess Isis-Sopdet, she was shown riding side-saddle on a large dog.

Sirius was both the most important star of ancient Egyptian astronomy, and one of the Decans (star groups into which the night sky was divided, with each group appearing for ten days annually). The heliacal rising (the first night that Sirius is seen, just before dawn) was noticed every year during July, and the Egyptians used this to mark the start of the New Year - 'The Opening of the Year'. It was celebrated with a festival known as 'The Coming of Sopdet'. The time period between Sothic risings is called the Sothic Cycle and it is one of the tools Egyptologists use to create a chronology of Egyptian history.

As early as the 1st Dynasty, Sopdet was known as 'the bringer of the new year and the Nile flood'. When Sirius appeared in the sky each year, the Nile generally started to flood and bring fertility to the land. The ancient Egyptians connected the two events, and so Sopdet took on the aspects of a goddess of not only the star and of the inundation, but of the fertility that came to the land of Egypt with the flood. The flood and the rising of Sirius also marked the ancient Egyptian New Year, and so she also was thought of as a goddess of the New Year.

Sirius travels the sky just ahead of the large constellation of Orion. (His belt of three stars serves as an easy pointer towards Sirius, the unmistakable bright star that is one of the few visible even in city lights' glare). Orion was identified with the dying-and-resurrected god Osiris, in Egyptian mythology, who was one of the most well-known gods of the pantheon. His wife and sister Isis was Lady of [MAGIC] (Black Isis), who brought her husband back to life, and the bright star his constellation followed naturally came to be associated with her.

Sopdet had another link with water. In the Book of the Dead Sopdet cleansed the pharaoh after death then guided him into the sky to join the gods ... taking him to the Field of Reeds, a paradise-likeness of the real world. There he would become immortal. Cleansing by water is an Initiation.

Today many people in metaphysics believe they will leave here and go to - or return to another dimension or reality like the Field of Reeds, where they will live happily ever after in their current human form. The pharaoh did not believe that. He believed he would become a star, not maintain his physical identity. This means a return to light and consciousness. Nothing from here leaves except knowledge, your journey. The rest ... You can't take it with you.

We are projected illusion in the Collective Unconsciousness that creates everything.

[Note the 5-pointed star on my shirt]


You have many back-stories as your soul is a free spirit and traveler in time. To move forward in 2011, let's look at the back-story of your life not just in this lifetime, but in others.

As time permits ... with or without music ... prepare as you would for meditation.

... Envision a calendar with today's date. Watch as the illusions of time move ... Stop over and over as your consciousness explores your back-stories ... or those of others ... until complete.

You are preparing to return to the collective unconsciousness (creation) with whatever knowledge you will take as a result of your experiences in this and other biogenetic experiments. Wait for it.