The Wedding/Party Planner

A Wedding Planner can make, or break a wedding. They can take a small amount of money and turn the event into something spectacular.

Most people get married at some point in their lives. Some people marry several times... I guess until they get it right!

Wedding ceremonies can be very simple or extremely elaborate. Couples can elope or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for their wedding. Some couples fly their wedding guests to far away and exotic places. Some people rent a ship and have a cruise for the ceremony and party. Others go the sense of their country of origin ... for the wedding. Other couples have two weddings in two different places, especially if the couple are from two different cultural backgrounds. Anything goes.... hence we sometimes need a wedding planner to help couples survive the ordeal.

A good Wedding Planner should be able to create a wedding where the energies flow, the right feng shui. Feng shui goes beyond home decor. It is the flow of energies in all that you do. It creates balance.

When working with a Wedding Planner, hopefully all goes well after months...days..and hours of planning and hard work. This is not an easy glamorous job! When the parents of the bride or groom are divorced, Oy vey! Lots of issues!

Naturally it is best to get the wedding planner through recommendation. Look at photos of their past jobs and you will know intuitively if that person can create what you want.

The wrong Wedding Planner can result in a disaster. Good planning involves ... a timetable, expense account, trousseau, rings and other jewelry, registry, shower and batchelor/batchelorette parties, food, liquor, flowers, photographer, videography, hair, make-up, clothing, transportation, places for people who live out-of-town to stay, the decor, decorations, bridal party and their gifts, rehearsal dinner, rehearsals, seating, honeymoon arrangements, and more.

Like the Personal Shopper, the Wedding Planner should be experienced, creative, know what the theme of the party should be and the best way to put it together. They should have connections to the best of everything, at the most reasonable prices. A good Wedding Planner can create a memorable affaire that will go-off like clock-work.

The fees for the above services vary and are often negotiable. Don't forget to write a contract! If 2004 is your Big Year, I hope whoever plans the event, creates something positive and memorable.