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Is reality an illusion? Scientist says we may be living in a computer simulation controlled by an evil genius   Daily Mail - August 4, 2016
Consider this: right now, you are not where you think you are. In fact, you happen to be the subject of a science experiment being conducted by an evil genius. Your brain has been expertly removed from your body and is being kept alive in a vat of nutrients that sits on a laboratory bench. The nerve endings of your brain are connected to a supercomputer that feeds you all the sensations of everyday life. This is why you think you're living a completely normal life. Do you still exist? Are you still even 'you'? And is the world as you know it a figment of your imagination or an illusion constructed by this evil scientist? Sounds like a nightmare scenario. But can you say with absolute certainty that it's not true?

Remember ... Wake up ...


Sometimes truth is stranger than "science" fiction

In my wake-up dream I was on a UFO. Hillary and Trump had been beamed up. We were all seated at a shiny round black table in what felt like home - or a familiar work space. I could sense that a holographic consciousness creates this space for me as needed ... and that it may not exist anywhere. I wasn't Ellie but they saw me as her.

Here we go ... Trump unusually quiet ... both seemingly unafraid and eager to start. I explained the rules. Conversation would be limited to answering my questions only. One by one we discussed the topics of the day .... as unbeknownst to them the world below watched on their devices and learned the truth. I woke up after a "time" not remembering exact details. Did this really happen somewhere out there? Not sure ... but I wish it would happen here as things grow worse day by day ...

In retrospect about the Q & A... Trump had nothing to offer but Hillary was forced to tell the truth about conspiracies .. thus the people of planet Earth were enlightened and prepared for what was to come.

As I blogged this post I had a strong sense of my friend George being there ... meaning being part of this grid experience along with me. As soon as I posted ... Intuitively George felt the needed to read my blog. He call me as soon as he finished reading it to tell me that he had somewhat of an overlapping dream in which he was in the same place/grid and was helping people trying to fix what I guess could be translated as the hologram at this level. Try as they may they could not fix it. As George is a lucid dreamer - now more than ever - this definitely happen somewhere.

August 5-21, 2016

2016 Summer Olympics   Wikipedia

2016 Summer

We exist in a virtual reality simulation. The move towards virtual reality in gaming and other venues is increasing. Tonight features the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic games replete with VR. I have a Samsung Galaxy phone but don't plan to watch the Olympics in VR and will probably not watch them at all until the end - catching the highlights on the news. Enjoy your VR experience.

Experience the Rio Olympics in virtual reality   NBC - August 5, 2016

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