Venus Transit, June 8, 2004

Today George and I went to see the latest Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

We returned here by 3 pm to work with clients and the light workers around the planet who had chosen to be part of this consciousness work on this day. For many it was an extension of the Harmonic Concordance, November 2003. For others it was a time to move into the heart. Most people had experienced a shift of some kind in recent weeks, so this was a continuation, a way to bring definition to the shift in frequency and consciousness. These energies are experienced on a soul level and will increase as we move through this cycle of time. It is all about, and only about, activation of your DNA through clearing your heart issues and thus your physical body.

As we worked on the clients, George worked with healing their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, while I brought in the Venus energies, fuchsia rays thus activated their DNA and removing blockages from other experiences they are having in parallel realities.

What we experienced: The heart of the dove, the wings of an angel and an eagle, the energies of Venus and the feminine frequencies, the gods and goddesses of old, and spiraling, ascending DNA bathed in pink rays of light.

As we finished the last client, who now relaxed on the couch near us, Z came to tell us that it was time for George and I to assist him in replacing the 12 crystals of the program in the 12 major grid points of the planet. We had no idea this was on his agenda. This happened around 7 pm last night EDT, in case you felt something shift at that time. Readers often connect energetically with what I do.

George and I sat across from each other on the other couch. The energies in my right palm uniting with his left palm, creating a powerful circuit, as activated by Z last week.

By using a technique called remote viewing, splitting your consciousness so you are aware of what your soul is doing in more than one place, we were guided by Z on a journey to the 12 grid points where crystals were removed and replaced, changing the program, new inserts. This is Z's work. George and I were there to observe and experience in our own way. I had not done this type of work with Z since 1996 when he showed me the 12 grid points and how he adjusts them.

We began in the Great Pyramid, below the surface, the central core crystal of the program, then moved across the planet in a zig zag fashion, following Z. We ended our activation in New York, with what looked like a giant pyramid around my home. I had never seen that before, and found it awesome.

Usually, when I open my crown chakra and close my eyes, I see brilliant purple light as if emerging from a dark central core that opens. For some reason the core and purple light opened to the right side of my field of vision and remained there. I have no idea what that was about.

Later I remember the closing scene from Stargate SG1, Season 7. Jack O'Neill replaces the core crystal for planet Earth. This releases endless drones, who destroy the villain, maybe, and save planet Earth once again.

The Venus Transit is Your Journey Home

When you have some free time, please close your eyes and connect with your heart center, the center of your universe, through which you experience emotions.

Take a long hard look at all that has happened to you to this point ... all that you have never had the courage to face and change. Know that on this day, you will move forward and into the heart of creation. The energies of Venus, Love, will guide your way. Surround yourself in the color frequency, pink or fuchsia. Connect with the beat of your heart, the pulse of the universe.

Place these words in your memory and heart, as you feel guided. They will become a safe place into which you can return when you feel you have lost your way, your purpose, your direction ... Z

I move into this Venus Transit with an open heart,
from this day forth till its completion in the cycle of 2012.
My goal is to restore love and balance to my soul,
holding the energy I feel at this moment as my guide through time.

The Venus Transit forever changed the face of time.

Venus Transit, France, Solar Halo, Space



Venus Transit, Images - June 8, 2004

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