Welcome to Planet Earth

September 29, 2010

At least once a year people come forward and demand that governments, especially here in the US, disclose the truth about decades old UFO cover-ups. (Everything always reverts back to the Nazi Germany WW II Program). If anything, this energy allows people the opportunity to know there is something beyond ... something that connects us to higher life forms ... potentially our creators as the myths go.

Others pose the question: "Do aliens walk (live) among us?" Many people believe aliens live here - shape shifting to adapt and blend in. They ran that story line on Fringe, and in other sci fi venues for decades.

The feeling of not being from here is encoded in each of us for in truth none of us are from the physical, but have wandered down here for the experience of it and to record information, like students on a science project. You do know this is a science project, don't you? If you do - you are part of its creation. If you don't, you are projected illusion within its matrix. If you really 'get it' you know we live in a holographic universe.

Now let's get to 2010 and the latest push to disseminate information about UFOs to the public. I met Leslie Kean at a Budd Hopkins UFO meeting a few years ago. I've blogged about UFO witnessed over nuclear power plants before and after adverted disasters, and know the UFOs mentioned are preventing disasters, not creating them. They are keeping the program intact until it blips out of existence. Think about it ... if they wanted to destroy us, they would have already. There is always an agenda.

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Aliens and bio-genetic experiments dating to WWII align with Fringe (Walter's father) and ...

The Event

Monday night, September 27, on the TV series, The Event we learned that in 1944, near the end of World War II, an aircraft of undetermined origin crashed in the Brooks Range of northern Alaska. It carried passengers who appeared outwardly human but are not of terrestrial origin. They have some genetic differences and age much more slowly than humans. 97 of the survivors were interned by the U.S. government in a secret facility nearby run by intelligence agencies, since they have refused to disclose much about their origin, but some escaped and live among the population.

The series borrows from other TV shows and films, but seems like a fun adventure of the UFO kind. To date, none of the cast seem familiar from other sci fi series, but anything can happen. What good is a show without Joel Gretch? I'm not crazy about all the flashbacks (retroversions), but assume they will subside. I'm not going to second guess what "The Event" is, but is has to do with a new creation.