In 1998 I wrote a blog called Transcendence ... Consciousness is transcending time and illusion. It's all about flying, wings, birds, and related symbology that speak to the soul of distant times, distant shores, and the reunion of the twin souls. This is about a place that speaks to the soul of being free of physical reality and having one's wings and powers back.

My soul is connected to the Atlantic Ocean just outside my home ... and the coastline that flows/follows east to Montauk and west past the Statue of Liberty to Ground Zero near Wall Street. I have also written about a profound connection with Coney Island.

Z guided me to the transcendence file this morning after watching last night's episode of Lipstick Jungle set in New York City.

In the closing scene, billionaire Joe Bennett (Andrew McCarthy) has lost much of his fortune in the global economic crash. With that comes his loss of identity and ego self, career being the vehicle through which Joe and many people identify ... which will now shift with consciousness.

We see Joe seated on a bench on the Coney Island boardwalk, feeding the pigeons and seagulls - in the same place I had visited and blogged about months ago. In the background is the Ferris Wheel - or the symbolic Alchemy Wheel of Time and Experience/Existence.

In this area, when there are no other people around, you feel transcendence, beings from above watching and waiting, and much more. It is where I spend the first 11 years of my life before the 1954 UFO experience.

I doubt that the writers of the show, or those who scouted out this location for the shoot, really understood why they were drawn here, but it is not for us to understand all things, just to be guided.

As Joe contemplates his future, just as many will do in 2009, along comes the love of his life ... fashion designer Victory Ford (Lindsay Price), whose major success story came through his belief in her and financial backing. Success is so fleeting in these closing times.

This is a sacred reunion complete with a proposal of marriage ... in good times and bad ... for better or worse ... and who knows where reality will take anyone these days on the journey home.

If you watch the show, you really enjoyed this scene ... truly poignant for me as it beckons another reunion in the near future linked to that area where part of my soul and consciousness descended into this reality to live along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean all the days of my life.