Tomb Robbers

Tomb raiders or grave robbers have been around since humans first started burying their dead along with valuable artifacts. Many of us have the 'archaeology gene', a need to uncover hidden secrets buried for all time that will enlighten the world with hidden truths. It certainly makes for good copy and action packed films.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Can you imagine yourself in the days of ancient Egypt, riding a camel and searching through ancient tombs and pyramids to find valuable treasures. I can! What if you accidentally stumbled onto something that seemingly had no value in the old days, but is worth a fortune in today's market? Such artifacts do exist hidden away in places like museum basements, the homes of collectors, antiquity dealers, their native countries, and with 21st century tomb raiders.

I loved the Lara Croft films, totally Sarah Manning without the attitude! Can't wait to see the next one. The first film was called 'Tomb Raiders', Time, Celestial Alignments, the Pyramid, the Illuminati. Tick Tock, Lots of metaphors!

Sunday I posted about my wake-up dream wherein I lost my upper left eye tooth and its related symbology (canine, dog star, Isis Sirius, Egypt, etc.) Monday this story about thieves and ancient Egyptian dentists made the news. Sweet! (tooth)

Egyptian Dentists' Tombs Found by Thieves National Geographic, October 24, 2006

Thieves lead to discovery of Egypt tombs, Pharaoh's Dentists BBC, October 23, 2006

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9/11 and Crystalinks

Tuesday I was contacted by Network Solutions as a standard inquiry asking if I need any help promoting Crystalinks. I explained the journey/stats of Crystalinks during the past 11+ years, the domain name Crystalinks being registered with them for 9 of those years. I asked when my 5 year contract was up and was told on 9/11/07, a 9/11 moment.

Meanwhile back at Ground Zero in NYC more remains from those killed on 9/11 have been found at Ground Zero. I'm not sure why people would want the decayed human remains of someone lost on 9/11. By now, people should know that it is all about spirit not a missing limb. Sorry, but it makes no sense to me. I could understand wanting to find something of sentimental value, like a wedding ring, but a bodily part ... something to bury perhaps? The other day I drove past the site where the twin towers once stood and felt nothing unusual.

Humanity forever digs for the truth, only to discover it steeped in another mystery as the games continue. It's not over till it's over as the missing pieces are discovered and the puzzle completes.