Time Sequencing

The Trickster in Time

Sunday March 9, 2008

The trickster in the image above, and the alien holding the clock, are a bit creepy to me, yet I was guided to post them this morning, as many areas moved their clocks ahead by one hour. The time on the alien's clock reads almost 20 to 12, perhaps a clue. (11:39). This image also shows the carpe diem clock on the wall.

The carpe diem clock takes me to the Sun Disc of the Egyptian Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty - Akhenaten who was definitely a Z insert and the first ruler to teach monotheism.

Last week, for those on my frequency, there was another major time shift propelling the grid towards closure. It happened on Monday, 03/03, and had to do with time travel. Those connected would have sensed something linked to the motion of time as if you were close/returning/running to the beginning. This energy shift does not apply to everyone, so either you felt it naturally or you didn't. (Different people are triggered by different shifts in the grids.) Your dreams and meditations may have brought to view the pink/purple sunset.

I am guided to the current image below and related article.

Grand Canyon Millions of Years Older Than Thought - 17 Million Years Old

National Geographic - March 6, 2008

The Grand Canyon Crystalinks

This connects my consciousness to the 1984 movie Starman

highlighted by the flecks of sparkling light falling from the UFO when

Jeff Bridges said good-bye to Karen Allen and returned to his ship.

Karen Allen and Sci Fi take us to Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford, who is my age, and the May 2008 film premiere of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This links with the SciFi special "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls", in which I was interviewed, both airing at approximately the same time. Indiana Jones Spoiler

Time and Synchronicity

Sunday afternoon ...

I was contacted by Alex Chionetti, who considers himself an Indiana Jones type character. We had emailed in the past about Atlantis, this being our first phone conversation. Alex wanted me to know that he was a consultant on the Indiana Jones film project. He told me he loves Crystalinks because it comes from a pure heart and higher frequency and that everybody reads it. Thanks Alex!

Originally from Argentina, Alex lives in southern New Jersey and has researched and appeared on many media projects linked to archaeology and Ufology. He and I know a lot of the same people and plan to get together one day soon. Alex is familiar with my area as he used to visit Bay Ridge to meet with fellow researcher and close friend J. Antonio Huneeus who lived here before moving to the DC area.

About UFO's - Alex told me that sightings in South America are very common, the ships' occupants, if any, still unknown. Alex would have hoped that by this time, contact would have happened in the sense of being brought to the public. He recounted that as his friend, famous researcher, Allen Hynek, once told him, we won't know the truth until the end.

Email about Allen Hynek from Darlene

If you time traveled with me last week, you know how close we are to the truth on all levels - the creation of the human biogenetic experiment, a hologram among many in 'time', and how aliens, assorted gods and goddesses, and other entities not of this realm, have contributed to the story lines.

It is as if we are 'there', looking back at this timeline, making adjustments analogous to a fisherman pulling in his (time) line in turbulent waters. It's been an interesting journey, whose time is coming to an end so watch for the 'hook' at the end of the line.