TGIF, Virtual Hologram

August 4, 2006

TGIF, Thank God It's Friday, signals many souls that the work week is over and on to weekend fun. Chose your playtime and playmates. Summer romances should still be in full swings, but watch for clues that things are moving apart with the onset of the fall energies. Virgo, transition time, but perhaps a new love to be discovered, one that may last forever, or the 6 months till the spring energies emerge and signal change again. Don't ever expect a relationship to be more than both people can give or are ready for. Either it works or it doesn't.

TGIF - The Guy is Finished ... or ... The Girl is Finished.

We are so close to the end you have to wonder why people can't let go of their issues rather than live in them. Of course ... they are programmed that way.

Virtual Hologram

Let's move out of the box :: You're dead! (I guess that puts you 'in a box') ... You're done! Fini! ... Okay ... you've ascended (after years of reading Ellie's World) to a higher plane of existence (too much Stargate). You've dropped the physical body (no more dieting or editing ... your physical hologram). You are this energy of light (explore desired visual). You have moved on, met the soul group, learned the truth about reality or whatever you hope to find out there in the grid. As you float/fly along ... finally having some powers ... you contemplate (linear expression) ... Did holding onto those issues further your experience here or waste your time and energy? Your call! Make it!

You are programmed to think with your emotions. When you experience anything it processes through the physical mind while at the same time your emotional body instantly determines connection and relevance. It is how the human experiment is set up.

Check this out as you go through your day. You meet someone. Your mind instantly begins to process this person, as if you were an android ... well after all ... you are a virtual hologram.

You process the person and/or event on a physical and emotional level often without being aware. Think out of the box. How does meeting that person affect your emotions? How does your physical body react to what my emotional body is sending down?

Pause ... focus ... end result ... resistance ... panic ... headache ... anxiety ... fear ... rejection ... or love ... sexual desire .. fun ... whatever.

You're programmed to remove your grid from the program matrix in times of panic and death ... faint (echoes).