Teleportation and DNA Activation

Since 9 April, my DNA has been altering exponentially, as has that of the 4 friends/alchemists after we traveled upstate. Life has not been the same for us.

To begin, Z gave each of us the amulet in the palm of our hands. Trae/ Marcus and I received the amulets in 1996 but it was never activated, until now.

There is no specific time, place, rhythm or reason when or why the activation occurs, it just does, and all report that it becoming more frequent.

George and I have discovered that our palms activate at the same time.

I have used the energy with clients, at home and remotely, to heal by activating their DNA.

The synchronicities are becoming so frequent for many of us, it is ridiculous!


Last Friday afternoon, I went to the supermarket. Suddenly my palm began to activate so strongly, it looked like an allergic reaction to an insect bite. On the way home, I called George to see if his palm had activated also. It had.

I parked my car in the indoor garage area of my building and headed toward the door.

I walked passed a large 'structural beam' covered in sloppy cement which made it very porous!

Suddenly Z said, "Place your hand on the beam."

What a strange request, I thought, surveying the beam.

I looked around the garage for fear someone would think I was crazy. No one was around.

I placed my right palm on the beam. The beam seemed to heat up. I could feel the molecules move within and felt as if my hand could move right through it, though it didn't..

Z smiled and said, "Soon you will be able to move through objects."

Did he suggest a structural beam for a reason? a metaphor here?

Excitedly, I went upstairs and called George back. I told him what happened in the garage and what Z told me.

George was in his beach house on Fire Island, NY. He walked over to a wall and placed his palm on it. He felt the same movement of molecules and the feeling that he could soon move into the wall.

Where would we go?

We have no idea but are ready, or getting ready.

There comes a time in your life when you feel that the reasons you have come here have been completed and you need adventures in higher light. [This is not about death. None of my friends even consider a time of 'dying', more a time of ascension, or moving in and out of physical form in consciousness awareness.]

My work here moves quickly now. Joy did an astrology reading for me on Thursday and told me something about a Grand Trine and how everything having to do with my soul purpose happens with the next 18 months. That totally feels right. In Numerology, that time frame would cover the rest of my 7 year and my entire 8 year. By your 9 year, you sit back and allow the universe to take over! For me that would be February 17, 2006. Joy also has another method of Numerology she uses that further confirmed everything else she had concluded for me. I can feel this as a very exciting time.

In the days that followed my activation with George, Pat, Ron and Trae have been activated. We have all placed our palms on various objects and have felt the changes within the objects. At this point, most of us feel that our entire bodies have been activated, palms, feet, heads and so forth.

George had a dimensional experience after we spoke on Friday. He looked up and saw himself walking by in another dimension in which he was observing himself in another dimension and so on. Z's message, "We are going to consciously move through dimensions!"

Tuesday, after I read my clients I relaxed on the couch and watched the Verrazano Bridge. My friend Mimi from her home in Pine Bush New York, an area none for paranormal activity and UFO sightings. We met 10 years ago on her property. Though I made several trips with friends to the area, we never encountered UFOs or Gray Aliens.

The first time Mimi and I met, she gathered people at her home for me to meet, share stories, and do remote viewing. It was then we realized that she was a natural remote viewer or grid traveler, they are the same. I taught Mimi about Gatekeeping so she could activate portals and move in and out. Since that time she has had many unique experiences. Perhaps she will tell her story one day.

It's always about the Eyes and the Hands

Another UFO researcher, who oddly bears my name was Ellen Crystall. She died in 2002. Though Ellen was from New Jersey she wrote a book called Silent Invasion about her alien experiences in upstate New York. We met on several occasions through the years, and we were friends with many of the same people.

On Tuesday, Mimi told me that she was expecting my phone call, but she didn't know 'what was up'! When you are on the save 'wave length' as someone, you know when the connection is necessary. the rest of the time is spend with 3D stuff we call our lives.

I told Mimi what had happened with George. We talked about moving through objects among other subjects we can only discuss with those on 'the same page', 'in the same grid and frequency' of our experience. Other people will not understand.

Mimi has 3 very powerful portals on her 2-acre property. She walked into each portal as we spoke, to see what would happen. I felt her DNA activate but not much else connected to my work.

What I realized was that a time is coming when I will see wavy lines ...of heat, like heat over a moving airplane on a runway in a movie, and I can walk right into it and return. It does not have to be a wall.

My friends all feels in their souls that they are close to that point also. Remember that the best barometer for your experiences, is what you feel as a truth in your soul. We are all programmed differently and activate at different times.

Moving in and out of grids is not about metaphysics but is about physics, quantum physics, speed and frequency of consciousness, evolution of DNA. [My heart chakra opens as I write this, therefore my soul recognizes it as a truth, at least for me.]

Moving on to Wednesday, it was one of the more bizarre days of my life which I realize will now become the norm.

Originally I thought I had no clients that day but I was way off!

Tuesday evening 2 women booked appointments, one at 8 am, the other at 10 am.

Between their appointments, I went to the bathroom. Suddenly, on the beige stone tile floor before me, a tiny diamond stud 14 karat gold earring manifested. I didn't know what to make of it as I picked it up and examined it. I do not have anything like that, and further, where did it come from, and what was the message? I am the only person to use the bathroom in my bedroom area. I put the earring away in a small box with other earrings as my second client arrived.

As the client and I sat down at the table, I discovered that she sells diamonds and has a booth at the 47th Street Diamond Exchange in Manhattan. Curious....

My phone rang. It was my friend Shirley, a Dean from Hunter College, asking if I would like to have a late lunch with her. I agreed, as long as no one called for a reading, which I sensed was going to happen. Shirley lives at 65 Oriental Blvd.

I started to write the index card for the client. [I make a card for all clients]. Would you believe, in a whole planet of people, the client lives at 65 Oriental Blvd. We sat there speechless. The phone rang! It was my friend, Neal. He asked if I would join him for dinner around 6 pm. I agreed! Neal lives in Queens but was calling from his family's home which is -----around the corner from 65 Oriental Blvd. The client and I looked at each other once again!

The phone rang again. It was a woman named Toni Ann, visiting from Florida, returning home later that day and desperate to talk to her deceased cousin who died last March. I made her an appointment at 1 pm and canceled lunch with Shirley.

The phone rang again. It was another Toni Ann hoping I could fit her in during the day so she could speak with a deceased loved one. Her appointment was at 2:30 pm.

And so it went ... 6 clients by the end of the day, and endless synchronicities, not to mention spirits to talk to!

As of this post, I have no idea about the diamond stud earring, and may never know how or why it manifested. [Maybe I'll meet a rich stud! (laugh)] Pat thinks the earring could be a metaphor for the diamond ring effect, the eclipse at the end of time, the star tetrahedron which is sacred geometry, As is Above, So is Below, golden alchemy of consciousness, and all that jazz!

At the end of the client day, while waiting for Neal, I relaxed on the couch and asked Z if I will 'really' be able to move in and out of grids, or even better, the entire program.

He replied, "Go to the computer and look at BBC news."

There was Z's answer right on the screen, Teleportation breakthrough made BBC

Wednesday night, Ron worked late at his office. He glanced at the clock which read 10:00. He looked away for no more than a second then glanced back at the clock. This time it read: 10:15. He was dumbfounded.

Today the synchronicities continue with certain events evolving that it is too soon to write about here. They have to do with Sarah and Alexander. In the morning I asked for confirmation, or validation about the story as told by Z. Asking for validation is the only way to go. You must ask to be sure. The phone rang twice. The first call was a personal invitation linked to the movie version of the book. The second call was from the owner of a bookstore in Boston who was inquiring about discount prices if he placed the book in his store. As on this post, the only place to purchase the book is online through Crystalinks.

The energies build toward my workshop on 27 June.

If you would like a session to work with your DNA, please click on this link for a reading, as time and fees are the same.