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Dreams and Your Spiritual Development

February 23, 2005, Full Moon in Virgo, High Priestess, Sleeping Goddess

Email From Students

Dear Ellie, A wonderful experience in our dream conference! With raised energies, we traveled to Egypt, where we entered a cave which became the inside of the pyramid. We were shown walls filled with hieroglyphs. I am standing wearing a white coat with 12 triangular pockets and am told I had been the keeper of the pyramids in ancient time. My attention stepped aside into the color purple…faces from ancient times appeared and transformed themselves from one image to another. Some wearing masks, others with animal features. ! Arriving in Atlantis with increased energies…we entered a glistening lake. An enormous crystal pyramid emerged from behind the waterfall. My attention stepped aside…purple changed to blue…again many faces transformed themselves before me. One of the faces reached out and caressed me. It was marvelous! What an incredible encounter! This has never happened to me when I morph images either awake or sleeping. Thank you everyone for the dream journey. Thank you Ellie for your guidance! Love, Heidi (California)

As we started checking in one by one, I saw the class assembling on a mountain top high above Earth. We were sitting on cloth mats as Ellie stood in the center. As the class began I circled in the sky high above viewing us all from above. Minutes into the class I was able to lower down and settle into myself as we watched Ellie speak from the center of the circle rotating making eye contact with us all as she talked. A light breeze blew continuously on a beautiful crystal clear day. Just prior to Ellie taking us on the meditative journeys, I saw us on an ocean shore, still sitting in the same circle but closer together......and closer to Ellie. During our trips to dream chambers in Egypt and Greece, I received a profound message in each chamber. The first message related to my recent graduation (in this lifetime) from my "issues". I have wondered what my purpose was now and sought ways to use my "powers" to "help save the world". I was told, "Live in your love. Be love. Walk around simply existing in your "unconditional love" of yourself and others around you will FEEL that it is possible to love themselves, too, unconditionally. Words of wisdom are not necessary.......preaching is not necessary ...... showing the way is not necessary. Just simply "be who you are." The second message came from the Greek god, Aesculapius. I saw him saying to the class, "Live without judgment of others. Focus on yourself and allow yourselves to make mistakes. It is why you are all here. You are all here to learn and to learn you must make mistakes without harsh judgment of yourselves. Instead of placing your judgment on others, allow them to live and learn themselves. You can learn from their mistakes if you choose but do not place judgment unless you have walked in their shoes." The dream part of the class was wonderful and informative yet the journeys Ellie led us on were the highlight of the class for me. But as I've learned, it's not what gets you there.....it's what you get once you arrive. Thank you class for the journey we took together and thank you Ellie for guiding us. With love, Kevin (Pennsylvania)

The dreams class was great. I am very impressed with how Ellie manages to seamlessly weave her way through various ancient civilizations, and was also impressed with the information on all the different types of dreams she described. As with the first class, the moment Ellie said that we were going to Atlantis the energy spiked like crazy. Obviously, most of the class have had significant experiences with the Atlantis grid. I saw myself enter the healing temple which was radiating soft pastel colors of pink, green, blue and lavender. The colors appeared to be vibrating and almost undulating. I walked to the very center of the temple and immediately walked a tight circumference circle in a clockwise manner. I then lifted my arms (a la Mists of Avalon). The large crystal in the center of the ceiling activated and enfolded me in a green triangle of healing light. I was told that my mission had been accomplished on my journey to Earth, and that those who had heard my words had to decide for themselves what paths to choose. I was not responsible for their choices. I was then asked if I would like another mission immediately or if I wanted time to rest. I chose rest. In the Great Pyramid, I laid on a healing slab and a wand of healing energy passed repeatedly over my body. Nobody was holding the wand. It just appeared, did its job, and then disappeared. As I arose from the slab, I was told that I had passed my final initiation, and was congratulated. I tried to press for more information as to what would happen next. It was not forthcoming. When I pressed again, I was shown Ming the Merciless from the old Flash Gordon movies (the super villain), and knew that no additional information would be given and it was time to let it go. (It's not unusual for me to get Trickster nonsense in such an instance). In the journey to Ancient Greece, I was a personality very similar to the Dreaming Goddess of Malta. I sat or laid on a slab which was situated in front of an ancient temple with pillars. There were many steps leading to the temple. The dreaming slab was on one of the lower steps but everyone stayed away when I was there so I would not be disturbed. I was the dreamer or oracle of that time and held in great esteem by all. The slab I sat/laid on was very interesting and repeatedly called my attention. It was straight for two thirds and then the last third jutted out to the right at an angle to allow the legs to hang down rather than be at the same level as the rest of the body. This was important but I'm not sure why. I have a feeling that it was to allow the legs to open for the dream or Spirit information to enter the Sacred Vessel of the body. In the journeys to all three ancient civilizations it felt as though I were returning home again to each one after an exhausting travel to Earth, and that I needed healing and restoration after each such trip. Thanks to Ellie and my fellow classmates for the inspiration and energy of a great class. I look forward to the next class on remote viewing. Geri (Idaho)

Dear Ellie, Thank you for your wonderful conference class. The information on dreams gave me new and valuable insights. Thanks, too, for giving us the opportunity to respond. The meditation with music was amazing visiting the ancient dream sites, as each had a different energy for me. Atlantis was very powerful for me as I felt a part of the intense colors, crystals, and the healing energy. I was most deeply moved in the Egyptian pyramid chamber, as I felt the heart energy and lots of light pouring down upon me coming through the top of the pyramid. My messages were, "part of the whole" (micro and macro), and "light reigns". The Greek chamber site energy was beautiful and peaceful. I will enjoy going to each of these sites in mediation again. I also liked the questions and comments from the group. Thanks again for an awesome experience. Love, Joanne (California)

Awareness and Your Spiritual Development

My First Teleconference Class, February 9, 2005

New Moon, 20 Aquarius
Ash Wednesday, First Day of Lent
Mardi Gras and Carnival
Chinese New Year, Year of the Rooster

Just before the class began, I spoke with Teresa Wong, who reports to us annually about the Chinese New Year. Her husband, Harrison, is a doctor, with an office in Chinatown. This year Teresa reported the recent birth of their third son, Doug. Congratulations to all! Teresa remained with us in spirit.

As the class began, I looked in the sky for a cloud message from spirit, as I generally do. The sky was somewhat overcast, with only one blackish cloud in the shape of a Chinese dragon.

Later in the day, Pat and I went to Chinatown in Manhattan, but arrived after most of the festivities for the day had ended. We heard the sounds of the drummers who dress in traditional attire.

Drumming signals the 'coming of the dragon' as if part of many shamanic practices.

Unfortunately we were not permitted to drive down the narrow streets to see it. By the time we parked, it was gone as people went home or to restaurants for dinner. Sunday is the best day to be in Chinatown if you wish to see the celebrations first-hand.

Pat and I ate in a popular restaurant called The Golden Unicorn enjoying the time with local residents and their families. Children dressed in red, played with symbolic toys as we all listened to Chinese music.

Local stores displayed items, including candies, that can only be purchased at this time. I must have missed the roosters, as I didn't see any symbols, but Pat and I remembered the New Years greeting, "Gung Hay Fat Choy!" spoken by Ellie with her Brooklyn Jewish accident! Gung Hay Fat Choy if this is your holiday!

Back to the Class ...

A few minutes before the class began, my body began to vibrate. What a rush! No, I was not nervous, as someone asked. I've been teaching since I was 20 years old and have been in the public 'eye' off and on since childhood.

This time ... my soul was talking to me. I get a lot of that lately!

It was not until shortly after the class ended that I realized that this class was some sort of 'bench marker', if you will, for my work here. I kept seeing symbols linked to 'Sarah and Alexander' and freedom, fireworks, which also links with Chinatown and New Year's celebrations, lower Manhattan, where we find the monolith , 911, which happened exactly 9 months after I was in the Great Pyramid, the events of 12/12/2000 , a 24-hour cycle, which began on December 11, 2000 EST. I am still not sure what it all means, but it means something ... important ... there is no doubt in my mind!

Though I had prepared 5 pages of notes for the class, I never looked at them allowing Z to guide our Shamanic Journey as I remained in the energies of the Verrazano Bridge!

The meditation was a form of alchemy for me with Dianne noticing a golden cartouche given to everyone as a key. Dianne also saw a wiZard wearing a dark purple cape that had moons and stars on it. That must have been Z telling us that we were making magic! The image above is about the dragon [reptilian metaphor, use search engine] and chain links = DNA, activated by the wiZard by the stream. [use search engine for wizards and such. ]

Here Be Dragons!

To my students .... Thank you for attending the class.

Remember the Eye in the Sky, The Funnels and the Tunnels
The Cones and the Tones, Your Tube and Cartouche
The Sun ... But most of all The Fun!

Ellie Crystal and Z

Messages From Students Across The Miles

The energies of the students from around the world was very powerful creating a grid, matrix, or web. I invite your comments.

Hi Ellie, Just wanted to drop a note about the wonderful time I had in the class despite the fact that I didn't want it to end. Ellie, I think you have so much to offer and we wanted to just soak it all in. I think the new class time of 1 hour and 25 minutes will be just perfect. During one of the meditations I saw something that I haven't seen before. We know that when a healer sends out light the energy focuses on a specific person or area and that is where it ends. What I saw in the meditation was quite different. I saw a group of people rhythmically passing a huge ball of light back and forth. No one kept or held the ball they just pushed it from person to person. The ball remained constant in size and shape. I think that speaks to the energy level of the individuals in the group. Thanks for leading the way! Anastasia (New Jersey)

Dear Ellie, I had a wonderful experience on Wednesday's teleconference! About 30 minutes prior to our call, I too experienced a high vibration which increased as the time grew closer to our call. Seated in front of the fountain with my crystals, a small dolphin, a small replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, and various other trinkets I knew I was meant to be with this gathering. I enjoyed sharing this time with all those joined in. Close by, there is a mountain called Saddleback. Returning to my office, I noticed the only clouds in the sky were directly above Saddleback in peculiar squiggly flame like shapes. It looked as though the saddle part of the mountain was an enormous bowl and the flames were emerging from it. A very unique image! I asked the question, "Is this a symbol from our teleconference and if so what does it mean?" I read Darlene's comment of the Cartouche cards and decided to view the website. Looking only at the pictures, my eyes stopped at card # 11Fire, whose picture was equivalent to the cloud formation on top of Saddleback. I too am trying to see the metaphors, Teacher! This one is difficult as I am not familiar with the cards. I am the fire sign Aries as mentioned in the description. Thank you for giving us this 'unity' experience! Heidi (California)

Hi, Ellie!! This was the first time I've ever done anything like your class and I enjoyed it immensely. I felt like I could listen to you talk for hours!! This metaphysical stuff is my passion! I've been on my journey for about 5 years. Your website is the first site I visit when I get on the computer. I feel there's something really important I have to do, and I'm hoping some of your classes might help me discover what that is. Thank you for your amazing insights into the 'all that is.', Lorie (Pennsylvania)

Ellie, I really enjoyed the teleconference today. Only one complaint ... too darn short. I wanted MORE! Anyway, after we hung up, that twin thing you experienced resonated with me and I remembered something. I have a deck of cards and accompanying book as guide to the cards called "Cartouche" (Thanks, Dianne!). Anyway, the twins are identified as Shu and Tefnut, the Twin Lion Gods, twin guardians of the heavenly regions. They also represent the twin soul, polarity, integration, partnership and marriage. I just found a website that displays the exact cards that I have, so you can take a look for yourself. Scroll down to The Twins. Also, I didn't want to take up a lot of time on the phone, but when we meditated, I saw myself kneeling on the moon with the goddess pouring the water over me which penetrated me to my core. As I stood up I realized that I was her mirror image. We walked towards one another and merged into one. I then spiraled off of the moon and into the source of consciousness, then back out through each and every "cone" in continuous creation and re-creation. Cool!, Darlene (Texas)

Ellie, That was absolutely stupendous. It was far beyond anything I expected, even though I didn't know what to expect.† The connection between all of us raised goose bumps. You were fantastic. The evening after the teleconference, the teleconference group met, seemed to be a mutual invitation, we went to Atlantis, we levitated a large white globe sitting in a fountain by using music, sound and color and flew it into the spiral of consciousness.† The experience was beautiful., Thank you so much for everything. Faye (Kansas)

Ellie, I wanted to thank you for your first teleconference class today and hope that it's just the first of many. It was a wonderful experience to feel the positive energies of so many people. You are an excellent teacher who understands how to touch our souls with love and to open our minds for knowledge. As our journey continues, we spiral ever upward, always surrounded and guided by spirit., Peace and Love, Anita (Florida)

Hi Ellie, I would like to extent my heartfelt thanks for the beautiful teleclass that was held today. I am still feeling the energy and I am still spinning, although it is 10.33 pm. The energy from the group was one that words cannot fully describe. I also thank Z the beautiful Arabian man who was able to direct his play here through your soul, and was able to guide me along to send the cartouche to everyone. I was also told that the sparks would be there for everyone to retrieve at any time they wish to see them. Lastly, I would like to mention that the item that caught my attention was the monolith. Monolith = magic = magical stone = alignment = black stone = black Isis = Goddess Energies. As always Ellie, you were fantastic. I love your giggle and I think that the class was long enough just to give everyone that hunger for some more. Time is flowing through our fingers, our chakras have been balanced using all the "digit" signatures. *smile. Thank you, Dianne (Canada)

Ellie, I enjoyed the class this afternoon. I really got a kick out of you and your friend, Dianne, giggling at the very beginning. You were like two little girls so excited about a new game! We all get like that regarding something we love. I wish I could have seen your faces. I'm still reflecting on the class and the experiences I had. Unfortunately I do not have the depth of practice and knowledge as most of the class did but I did receive some wonderful images and definitely some major energy. I was very interested in your discussion of eyes. I draw eyes ALL the time and usually it's just one. I never want to finish the rest of the face. The last five years I started drawing these cat people with a proto Kemetic background. Really they were just humans of a matriarchal, ancient, advanced society who changed their DNA to take on cat eyes to see spirit/beyond and to move past the simple state of being human. It's not about it being an anthropomorphic fantasy or anything. The only reason I find it strange is because in general I'm not a fan of cats at all plus I'm allergic to them. But for some reason I draw this race and keep coming up with ideas of their society structure, their story stays on my brain. Yes, I'm trying to look for the metaphors, Teacher. :) I would suggest making your classes a bit longer but it looks like everyone is in agreement to that! The meditation with the Goddess was very moving but I won't blabber on about my own vision. I just wanted to say that I hope you continue with your classes. It was truly wonderful to be in contact with such positive people, it can be draining when the people in your life are not interested in such things. Btw, I'd like to wish you an early Happy Birthday! Take care and thanks again, Courtney (Illinois)