The Prophecy of the Stones

April 22, 2004

As a former High School teacher I always look for students who are in tune with my work, bringing messages that will enlighten others, young and old, but here to awaken the 'sleeping prophet' within each of us.

I found a story about a 15 year old girl in France who wrote a story that not only connects for her age group but for adults as well. She's a bestselling author at 15 Flavia Bujor's European hit now in America.

Prophecy...the very word stirs something to memory within us!

Stone... The Philospher's Stone...The Alchemy of Consciousness, Metamorphosis of the Human Soul.

The stones on the cover of the book are green, gold, and white, which is correct frequency colors for alchemical change. The color that we will see when we evolve out of the physical is of course the blue-white light=color of electricity, our program is created by electromagnetic energies, electricity is blue, polarities, duality of consciousness, which always takes us back to Z as Thoth [good, god] and Hermes [trickster, leering lesson that are painful], The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus, As is above, So is Below, Green=heart chakra, 3 chakras above, and 3 below, Zero Point merge at the heart, 3=third dimension or 3D, 3 above and 3 below=6=Star of David=Qabbalah [getting your Qness or powers back]=Merkabah=Rotations and spin of consciousness between realities, and so forth in the grids of time and emotion.... Is any of it real? What do you think?

Based on years of reading emails from teenagers, being a teacher, having children, reading teenagers, and more, this age group is open minded about all things metaphysical.

Young teenagers are into telekinesis and ouija boards.

Many teens are into Harry Potter adventures, magic and power.

The reason I usually do not write back to teenage readers, is because they are under age and you have to deal with parents who often are closed minded and could get angry if I agree with, and encourage, notions their children have that are against their belief systems, especially religious beliefs.

I was guided early on to not address teenagers under 18, and just allow them to find their way. Teens now have the Internet and lots of books to help them find answers to their questions and bring meaning to their experiences, many of us had when we were young, but kept hidden.

Most people who come into metaphysics had paranormal dreams and experiences as children, but did not seek guidance and confirmation until they were adults.

As these are the end times -- the end of time -- the evolution of consciousness, based on our programming, we would presently have to evolve technically, mentally -- and spiritually...leaving the games of emotion to balance out the equation in the end.

The quatrains of Nostrdamus were like poems ... cryptic lines...from a tortured soul. And yet...we still look to him as a seer and one who can tell us when the games of humanity will evolve.

We look to the written words of the past ... to discover the future. The ancient scribes ...alchemists... who left metaphoric messages in their writings ..Thoth the Scribe who wrote the program of our reality if bread crumbs to help us remember! It's all recorded in your DNA!