Taurus 2006

From Passover, Moses and Golden Calf Symbology we go to

April 20, Sun in Taurus
This also takes us to 'gold' metaphors and the alchemy of consciousness.

Taurus, Freedom and Change

Here we go ... Taurus ... that time of the year when souls long for freedom and make changes. More than any other time of the year, people will leave relationships, or more to the point as we evolve, realize that they are in the wrong space with the wrong person and have to do something about it. You may think you're in a good relationship, but pay attention to your partner during the April 23-27th window! Those dates incorporate the energies of the New Moon in Taurus, highlighted on April 27th.

Taurus is ruled by Venus ... Last week astronomers explored the poles / polarity of Venus. Relationships have polarities. Taurus ... Venus ... bring new romances, engagements and weddings! Step out of the box. Check your 'love calculator'? Are you attracting a partner? If not, you know the reason why. Step out of the box again and pay attention to how you act and react in a relationship. Do you sabotage? Do issues include freedom, self-esteem, not wanting to take on others with issues? You know the drill!

Questing Mode kicks in big time now, April 23-27 in particular, as souls continue 'search and discovery' or 'search and recovery'. You know all about that, no need to rehash, just step out of the box and pay attention to what you are doing subconsciously, positive and negative.

Clean your closets! Do you need those old clothes you never wear or no longer fit?

Throw away the old! Don't wait for it to work!

People tell me all the time that they hate their jobs and/or co-workers [the office affair taking the edge off] as a growing number of people can no longer function in the work place.

Work is, as work has always been, a 'Means to an End'. Isn't most of what you do the same?

In this reality, your survival often involves not doing what you love, or not having love in your life. You can sometimes compensate ... There are things one can do with passion outside of the issues in the work place and daily routines. Find something as we 'pass the time'!

Plant seeds in Taurus!

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