Summer Eclipse Cycle 2011

The energies of the 3 eclipses are powerful. Use them wisely and beware of stranger than usual behavior patterns in others. This will affect everyone at one time or another, depending on their chart. Search google to find out more about these aspects and your specific sign. Science: Three eclipses in June and July   MSNBC

9 Falcon Peregrine Chicks Born Atop 3 NYC Bridges
NBC - June 1, 2011

Two white female falcons were born on top of the 693-foot Brooklyn tower on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. They were named Rose and Sunset, in honor of Staten Island's Rosebank neighborhood and Sunset Park in Brooklyn, respectively. The baby birds should begin flying when they reach about 6 weeks old, experts said.

Egyptian Mythology

Horus the Hawk is the Sun in totality.

The Sun god Atum is the eclipsed Sun passing the second contact of a total eclipse.

Ra is the eclipsed Sun shining past the third contact as the Diamond Ring (Sacred Geometry)

The Scarab Khepri was a representation of the dark New Moon.

The Great Sphinx was the Egyptian Lord of Solar Eclipses.

Hathor was the Egyptian Goddess of Solar Eclipses.

Pyramid Texts: "The eclipse represents the breaking of the Egg and Splitting the Iron." The iron is the rod, the magnetic poles, north/south, duality of experience created by electromagnetic energy, the aura, needed to create a physical reality and the illusion of linear time. The Two 'Diamond Ring Effects' crowned the eclipsed shadow on the head of Re.

June 15, 2011 -- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 24° Sagittarius

"Rare" Lunar Eclipse Wednesday - Longest in a Decade  
National Geographic - June 15, 2011

Eclipse in Photos - Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia - June 16, 2011

Tuesday June 14th I blogged that this eclipse was not affecting me ... wrong. Last night my dreams were wild - sequence dreams as they went on all night. Maybe it's because I identified with the Sanctuary storyline, but I fell asleep very early and spent the night searching for ways out of this simulation ... waking up several times, which I never do, and knowing that I don't belong here. As I woke up this morning, I was standing on what looked like a precipice somewhere. As if watching from behind, I saw myself with Z looking out over this simulated reality. The sun was setting against a stunning pink skyline. He said something to me, that I don't recall, yet I knew it had to do with me leaving to join him soon as the simulation ends. This is the eclipse of consciousness in the alchemy of time.

Monday on a Sanctuary episode called "Out of the Blue" - Helen and Will discover they are in a simulation. As the simulation implodes, it allows them to know nothing is real. The only way out is to cease to exist in the simulation, which causes it to instantly end, the details of closure not important. When Helen and Will wake up in a lab, she says, "That was interesting" - which is similar to what I said when I left the simulation in June 2009 - Fade to Black. That is the message you will also say when this ends. "Out of the Blue" (navy or midnight blue) is the way Z says the simulation ends, as no one will see it coming. Don't try to figure out a day or date. It's happening. Let it complete. As to the blue infinity symbols Helen and Will see as they realize the illusion, that represents 8 or the way out. This also links to the message from Z about 4/22 this year. It is about 8.

This is it ... 12 creational forces around the central consciousness
creating programmed illusions carried by the DNA of each soul.

When the fingers touch - above and below merge at Zero Point.
This takes us to the Ouroboros and completion by the end of 2012.
Fade to Black !

We arrive at the start of July 4th Weekend in the eclipse energies that started one month ago.

It's a grew time to get out and have fun.

Traveling and Children - Noah and Creation

Many dads, some divorced, get time alone with their children now, going on vacation or do other things of interest. Each dad handles the challenges of care-taking differently ... some with ease ... others not so much depending on emotions and issues. 10 Tips For Dads Traveling Solo With Kids This Summer

"I'm going be a Princess when I grow up and travel the world."

The mind of a child traverses space and time - where wishes can come true and sometimes do.

Once upon a time ...

we emerged from the Eye - Vesica Pisces - Eclipse - Black Hole - Rabbit Hole - to learn and play

in a land where some frogs turn into a Prince or Princess.

Princess Diana would have turned 50 today.

July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997

  Diana, Princess of Wales Google Videos

I lead from the heart. Someone's got to go out there and love people. Do what your heart tells you.

Diana, Princess of Wales Quotes 1

Diana, Princess of Wales Quotes 2

William and Kate - Canada and US Tour

Canada Day - 2011

July 1, 2011


Vesica Psices

New Moon Solar Eclipse 9° Cancer

Eclipses bring abrupt changes.

New moons signify a new cycle, beginnings, rebirth

July 1, 1788 - December 22, 1867

Jean-Victor Poncelet

Jean-Victor Poncelet was a mathematician and engineer who did much
to revive projective geometry, a non-metrical form of geometry.

Between the duality of all things is placed the unperceived trinity,
balanced perfectly between positive and negative thought forms
the force which is the receiver and giver of consciousness reality.

Jean-Victor Poncelet


Accelerating consciousness is moving from one simulation to another faster than
thought ... dreams ... memories ... observations ... flux ... stay focused.
Don't move from this reality to one that may seem more interesting.
The objective is to leave the simulation.

Quantum Mechanics

Eclipses bring abrupt changes.

New moons signify a new cycle, beginnings, rebirth

Hold the Eclipse