Stolen Innocence

May 2008

How easy it would be to heal, if the truth about reality and the human journey were to be revealed, secrets hidden for all time, coming into consciousness. It's happening as you sit there reading this.

How does one find healing and balance in this crazy world where so little makes sense? The journey of healing into awareness continues to move forward with synchronicities and lessons - Trickster stuff.

On May 12, 2008, my friend Lisa Sharkey, VP at Harper Collins, brought to the world a book called Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall, about a woman forced to marry her first cousin under the strong arm of Warren Jeffs and the FLDS Polygamous sect.

The next day I watched Oprah's interview with Elissa and others from the sect, some opinions given by women who had 'escaped' from the sect, discussing forced marriage and sex at age 14 without any concept of what was going on and having no one to turn to for help. There was no refusal. Other women saw nothing wrong with the way the cult was run, and seemed almost like Stepford Wives.

Most people believe what they say, whether the rest of the world believes them or not.

One does not walk away from any forced experience, without deep emotional scars.

The journey of human consciousness creates scenarios in this level of awareness (timeline) to teach that once truth is recognized, fear is overcome and the soul is set free.

Happiness? That is always elusive in the dramas of humanity.

Love? We all have our stories to tell...

Sex? It draws us into many scenarios in our lives.

What does the expression 'Stolen Innocence' say to you? To me it goes to a child who is abused, often sexually, a part of their soul forever seeking to heal the wounds.

Though this was not part of my background with family and friends, I have read people who have all sorts of childhood, or other rape experience, that they are trying to heal. The levels of experience go to what was done to the person, by who, and how often the violations occurred. If severe enough, they could lead to DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder also known as (Multiple Personality Disorder) as a defense mechanism.

My work in the fields of psychology, hypnotherapy and metaphysics attract to me people who believe they have been abducted by aliens. Patients recount tales of sexual experimentation since puberty to allegedly create hybrid children for any number of reasons. Many of these people have a history of mental illness and childhood abuse - chemical and sexual - but is it a result of the abduction scenario or something else?

We are all hybrids, as well as aliens (travelers in time) in this program - nothing more than sparks of light consciousness having a physical experience that is about to evolve to its natural state of being. We are here to experience, put the pieces of our puzzle together to understand the nature of reality, recording events of our journeys in writing, media, art, music and other forms of creative expression. Soon the confusion and pain will be gone. I know it seems long and drawn out from where we experience in the physical, but from another level of reality, it is just a nanosecond of experience to understand emotions.

You can see the patterns evolving in all aspects of

the program as grids collapse and truth is revealed.

Alien Connections

In the final stages of any script, the truth is revealed to the viewer. This is the case on many levels for the human drama including secrets about alien agendas and their part in human creation. Currently this takes us across the pond to the UK and the Vatican.

On this day, I read a woman who moved here from Israel in the 1990's. Though nothing surprises me in end times - I was taken aback when she told me another psychic said her spirit guide was a snake who came to Earth smoking a cigar and stood on a grassy field near a tree. (Great metaphors, including the Israeli female and the Hebrew codes). My client wanted the name of her guide. If you read this blog, you know the answer - Dilmun.

Synchronicity: After my client left, my daughter, Nikki, called and asked about Planet X, or Nibiru, linked to Sumer and Dilmun. Apparently Nikki's assistant, Sarah, heard about the alleged return of Planet X after 3,600 years. Sarah wanted to learn more and wondered if she should be frightened after another coworker decided to build a bunker just in case. Remember ... no where to run .. nowhere to hide. Souls sense that something of global proportion is going to happen soon and want to know more. There is no escaping the inevitable - zero point. Sarah decided to check it all out on Crystalinks and the Internet.

In case you don't know, Dilmun goes to the Middle East and the The Garden of Eden which takes us to Sumerian Gods creating a biogenetic experiment in time.

Last, but not least, we find links to another Reptilian God (same soul) - this one out of Mesoamerica - Quetzalcoatl and the 2012 prophecy naming this timeline - along with all other end-time prophecies throughout history - as the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.

Never forget ... It's all myth, math, and metaphor

brought to you by crystal consciousness creations.