Splitting Up

November 9, 2009

There are many things ending as a result of the global recession, or perhaps they had simply run their course and were due for change anyway. Nothing lasts forever. All things must evolve into something new at some point, or simply end.

During the past year, people hard hit by the recession have ended long standing business partnerships - all part of the collateral damage in the way businesses were run in the past. Some partnerships ended amicably, others await litigation. It is never easy to end a partnership that has brought success in the past through which one has built their hopes and dreams - unless both partners walk away with money to create something new, or simply retire.

Since the recession began, many who had little interest in the workings of the global economy, have followed events closely, especially as it applies to them, and have made needed changes. As with all things, everyone has an opinion and most know recovery is a long slow process no matter what the stock market shows. It could fall in a day. Actually it could all end in the blink of an eye. ;)

One of the predictable stories currently affecting everyone is the unemployment rate, the highest in 26 years at 10 percent

And still there are those who feel it is all turning around and getting better. I guess that goes to the industry in which they work and the rise in the stock market.

Programmed patterns and reality shifts

Each of us is programmed for the way our lives unfold. Free will and consciousness wishing does not shift grids, they shift as you are programmed. We are taught that we have free will. If that were true, we would all be living in a perfect space - you know - the lala land place many see us going to when this ends.

So there you are at birth ... entering this realm for experience only ... your DNA programmed and good-to-go. You play out your role as programmed. As the program comes to an end, you see the logic in the emotional turmoil that permeates realities.

You may like it or not like it. You may cuss and complain. Your life has a purpose - to learn. You are learning, if not in school or your daily activities, then in dreams, meditations, etc. The programming of your experiences is never ending ... until the program shuts. Your dreams linger on after you awaken here. Your brain is an electrochemical machine that is always processing based on its programming.


Other partnerships are splitting - marriages and the hopes that once were their reality and no longer work. You get married, think you can plan for the future, and guess what, the program changes as does your entire life.

Years ago women could become moms and stay at home to raise their children until they were grown and then become grandparents, taking care of children again as if a cycle. Many woman had large families when the economy was good. They were programmed to stay home and raise kids, and for the most part they loved it. Now what?

A bad economy often forces people apart. The man who told his wife she should have all these children, can no longer support them in their former lifestyle. He's often crashing and may not realize it. Sometimes this leads to divorce, if one can afford it, and the family suffers as women have to find some way to earn a living in a bad economy - divorce or no divorce. When you are not programmed to go to school or train for a job, it's not easy.

Many marriages were troubled before the recession, and now face tremendous challenges, especially when one is programed to play out their role in a specific way that no longer works. But then again you have to realize ... the current changes were all part of the program from the start.


The most common cause of illnesses and accidents is STRESS. I have always felt that I remained healthy because I have little stress in my life and plan to keep it that way. Of course that's easy to say when one is independent, but I worked hard to get here, have no emotional or physical challenges and luckily am not programmed for drama, but for the work I do.

What does one do when stressed out every day? The answers are endless in 'the moment', but if not dealt with at a soul level, the person will become disabled. Unemployment may be up, but what about people going out on disability who can't function anymore?

Why do I see myself leaving soon? It's not due to drama, but because my work is complete. That times comes close and is not linked to 2012, unless a metaphor of above and below reuniting.

Splitting the Iron (Rod, Pole)

There is the splitting of the road when new direction is taken, then there is the splitting of the rod, which means the same.

Many feel they are leaving soon, a job complete, the Splitting of the Iron. Somewhere in the Pyramid Texts, it is written: "The solar eclipse represents the breaking of the Egg and Splitting the Iron." The iron is the rod, the magnetic poles, north/south, duality of experience created by electromagnetic energy, needed to create a physical reality and the illusion of linear time.

The Eclipse of Consciousness in the Alchemy of Time

And so it was written...and so it shall be. - Thoth