Shirley MacLaine On Oprah 2011 - 2012

Monday April 11, 2011 - 4.11.11

Today on Oprah, Shirley MacLaine discussed her thoughts on 2012 and the fate of the world, reincarnation, UFO's and related topics. It would appear that most people in the audience have heard of 2012, or wouldn't admit they didn't know what it was all about. To the average person it is about end times. based on everything happening on the planet today.

Shirley talked about the celestial align that takes place on that date when the solar systems aligns with the galactic center for the first time in 26,000 years. That carries with it a very profound electromagnetic frequency and gravitational pull that affects weather patterns, consciousness, and our sense of reality. (We are feeling it already).

This has also created a sense of acceleration ... speed ... and many people don't know what is happening to them and and what to do about it. Shirley goes on to explain the end of the 26,000 cycles based on the precession of the equinoxes. It is possible we could be on the threshold of a new beginning. There is a psychic and spiritual pressure many feel, that has to do with awakening and getting your act together. The goal is to find out who you are and who you're not. It's all about choosing to wake up to your true self. If you study metaphysics, the information has been out there for decades - self empowerment 101 - all recycled - but is self defeating as the program tells you to do one thing, then creates endless dramas in contradiction - a Catch 22 if you will.

When grid (universe) frequencies accelerate and magnetics decrease, the sense of time is altered and appears to be losing its integrity ... we are running out of linear time. It's all part of the closure of the program and presented well by Oprah and Shirley. To work on yourself, or find yourself, is to create balance in brain chemistry, and eventually see the truth behind the illusion.

Shirley talks about changing weather patterns, but not accelerating natural disasters, which have a far greater impact on consciousness awakening, and the conclusions people are making about end times - that which sends them on a quest for answers and why we reality is unfolding as it is now - technology created in this timeline not by accident but to help shape consciousness.

The only thing missing about 2012, in mass consciousness, is the truth about reality as a simulation created for learning and experience. When people figure that one out, and they are on a subconscious level, everything changes (soon that information will spike in the grid). Monday's blog below talks about people guided to walk away from their jobs even in a bad economy, as if internally driven (DNA). They are going to find the truth.

Shirley described UFOs over her home as clouds. She mentioned the numerous sightings in Mexico - ships coming in and out of Mt. Popocatepetl as seen by multiple witnesses. Mexico (Quetzalcoatl territory, 2012, Mayan Calendar by association), is linked to New Mexico where Shirley lives. It is also the home of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, now back in the news.

FBI's UFO File: Proof of Roswell?   Live Science - April 12, 2011
Does a recently discovered 1950 memo found in FBI archives prove that the U.S. government recovered flying saucers and alien bodies in Roswell, New Mexico? That's what many news outlets and websites are reporting. The British tabloid The Sun, for example, states that "The amazing UFO find at Roswell, New Mexico, was detailed by FBI agent Guy Hottel in a 1950 memo to the agency's director."

I believe this memo was released years ago. New is coming. Wait for it.