Screwed in 3D - Economics and Politics

At the end of the day, are we all screwed?

March 17, 2008 Saint Patrick's Day

The Trickster was busy searching for his pot of gold/god

at the end of the rainbow bridge in OZ!

It felt like the first domino falling ... as it all began Monday March 10, hidden truths revealed, collapsing everything in their wake. It began with the Eliot Spitzer affair that will take months to resolve.

Thursday, March 13, the CEO of Bear Stearns denied reports of problems within the company. Friday, the New York Times reported, "JPMorgan and Fed Move to Bail Out Bear Stearns." By the sound of the bell on Monday morning, the U.S. Federal Reserve had taken unprecedented action to stem panic on Wall Street, including the provision of funding for JPMorgan Chase's buyout of collapsing rival Bear Stearns.

On March 13, 2007 Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, said the subprime crisis was largely contained and had brokered voluntary accords among lenders to freeze interest rates on subprime loans and set up programs to help struggling borrowers renegotiate loans. At the time, Bush vowed to avoid bad policy decisions.

These stories go to patterns of hyprocrisy and visibility, everything coming to light in end times. The Bear Stearns bailout is an example of a big company that everyone was waiting to fail - all hidden from the common public, by the way, but known by a lot of insiders. What other financial institutions will be next?

We are in a recession, which we foresaw. We look to the next administration for recovery in the years ahead, but I don't see that any administration will be able to repair things in the time remaining. I see some recovery, but in the end, all collapses. A major event is destined to happen soon that will shift everything.

For those who recognize that the planet is on borrowed time, you should be anticipating 1 of 3 scenarios:

Love is about balance. If you are still living in fear and are searching, you have to create change quickly as the experience of 'time' runs out. Light is about your soul spark which is experiencing here by placing its consciousness into your physical body, or several bodies in this part of reality, simultaneously. When the tectonic plates completely crack (that process having already begun) creating earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, all sorts of cataclysms, no one can survive. Why would they want to? The lesson is to understand that you came here to experience and learn about emotions, then quickly move on. Allow your dreams and meditations to show you.

On this day ...

David Alexander Paterson was sworn in as the 55 Governor of New York State. (55 is a fibonacci number.) A few hours later, Paterson and his wife, admitted to extramarital affairs during a 'bad time' in their marriage from 1999- 2002. This was not easy to swallow after the Eliot Spitzer scandal last week, that caused him to step down as Governor of NY after it was revealed that he had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on prostitutes through the years, taking one over state lines which is a criminal offense.

The Eliot Spitzer Affair

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These revelations made the world stop and look at the nature of monogamy. Does it work? Are humans created to be monogamous? Not really, especially men in a Patriarchal reality.

As with most long term relationships/marriages, people cheat for any number of reasons. Marriages, as you know, go through periods of growth and change along with the people involved, especially after fulfilling the karma that united the two souls. This often includes creating children, or staying in a loveless meaningless marriage until children reach a certain age, generally resulting in extra marital affairs for the unhappy people.

The pressures and opportunities afforded by modern-day society will create windows of opportunity for people to cheat, even if its an affair by phone or the internet, satisfying needs to some degree.

Men cheat. Women cheat. Some get caught. Some don't. There are all kinds of relationships from straight to gay - and the reasons that create the affairs can range from love to attraction to karma to emotional needs, to addictions, and more.

Souls seek love, compassion, understanding and sexual passion, having many adventures to that end along the way. It is all part of the human equation. It's DNA encoded to reunite soul aspects at zero point (yin/yang). Souls move lifetime to lifetime looking for "The One", (who is actually their soul aspect on the other side), and feeling something is missing, someone is out there, until that happens. Love makes people do crazy things, especially in a self-defeating dysfunctional reality. It can cause pain and suffering along with love and compassion in its journeys/dramas into awareness. When you meet someone special, most likely that person is another aspect of your soul experiencing in this part of the program. If you can make it work, go for it.

"Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows"

This saying is adapted from a line in the Shakespeare romantic comedy The Tempest. The exact quote is "Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows."

In a tale of mis-adventures, how could one miss the next 'acts' in the lives of former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, 50, and his ex-wife, Dina Matos. On March 17, 2008, Theodore Pedersen, a former aide to ex-Gov. Jim McGreevey, claimed multiple sexual trysts with McGreevey and his wife Dina Matos in interviews with The Newark Star Ledger. In a statement to ABC News, Matos denied the allegations, saying the claims were prompted by McGreevey. Matos wrote in her memoirs that she would never have married McGreevey if she had know he was gay, nor would she have "allowed a gay man to father my child," referring to their six-year-old daughter.

So what about Bill and Hillary and their political relationships?

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