Russian Synchronicities

Finding the Lowest Common Denominator (LCD) - Liquid Crystal Display

In 2004, I read a Russian Jewish woman named Elina, living in New Jersey, who was very excited to meet me, discussing dreams she had about me over the years, and feeling a strong connection when we met. She has come back many times since then. Elina has an MBA and works in pharmaceutical research.

In 2006, I read a Russian Jewish woman named Elena, living in Canada, who also had visions of me and was told by a psychic that she would meet me one day ... describing me perfectly, but not giving my name. Elena is an artist and was guided to paint a picture of the woman in her visions. A short time later she found Crystalinks, realized the synchronicities and contacted me. She emailed a copy of the painting - and yes I resemble the woman in the picture.

February 2008, I read another Russian Jewish woman named Ella, living in Los Angelos. She grew up in an area near the Ural Mountains. Ella has a PhD, is psychic and has worked as a Life Coach. Six years ago she found Crystalinks while searching for 11:11. She read several others files but did not connect with my theories at that time and was busy with her 3D life. Recently she dreamed that she met me at a conference where many people had gathered to talk about life. The atmosphere was friendly and inviting. Then she saw 'a sign' that read '' returning her to Crystalinks in search of answers. In a recent dream, Ella was seated on a plane with a group of Jewish people, on what she felt was a special sacred journey. She looked down and saw an island that she thought was New Zealand ... but when she spoke the words "New Zealand", what I 'saw' was "New Ze-land." Buckle up! We are going home!

Connections and Alien Contacts ... We are all aliens at some point in our existence - to this world and beyond - seeking to find our way home. Many souls do not feel they came from here, yet alone can find purpose to their experience. The sense of 'making a difference' is what propels us on.

My maternal grandparents came from the Ukraine - migrating to the US in the early 20th century.

My family moved from Coney Island to Brighton Beach after my UFO incident in 1954 at age 11. I have always lived on the water and slept on the top floor. From 1955, until I moved to Bay Ridge by the bridge, on 9/1/91, I lived in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn which borders Brighton Beach - an area sometimes referred to as Little Odessa because of its large Russian population.

Valery Yakimov, Director of IRA "URAL-UFO" -- Ural Mountains, Russia, "Zone of Silence", M-Zone, UFO's The best proof of all mysteries is your own experience.

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

Experience is Projected Illusion on a Screen - Liquid Crystal Vision