How Do You Stop A Runaway ...

How do you stop -- a runaway train? runaway and broken .... tectonic plates, economies, governments, and souls? You can't. Their destinies are to crash then move back to light ... as is programmed.

The Return to Light ...

March 10, 2010

Many young performers have died in 2010, mostly by their own hand and all addicted mentally ill and drug addicted.

I posted about the death of Corey Haim. Again we find a mentally ill soul who self-medicated with drugs, was in and out of rehab most of his life, until he left. Friends and relatives tried to help him through the years, but I don't believe the right medication would have set him on the road to recovery because this was his programmed experience. If you believe in Free Will you would disagree, and that is okay, but when you look at those who have died, you have to wonder if I am right.

It's all about patterns of souls born in the same timeline (frequency). Corey's timeline brought in many fractured souls who followed their destinies until their programming expired.

Patterns and timelines in the grid: Reality is created by patterns that follow sacred geometry. Souls randomly spiral out of the source of consciousness creation and attach to whatever grid they wind up in. There are no metaphysical contracts. It is by random design. Learning lessons within the preprogrammed grid timelines are the experiences they will have, activated by their DNA codes in a physical body. Those codes are now awakening souls that is time t go home - back to higher light.

Souls come in on the same frequency/timeline for similar experiences/learning lessons. Take for example autism. In varying degrees, this has always been part of the human consciousness experiment. Yet people wonder why so many souls with autism have been born since the year 2000? It's all in the grid for experience. Severely autistic souls are not grounded in this reality and may have a greater purpose as the program closes. Everyone is here for the experience.

We are taught to believe that every soul can be cured of addictions. That only works if the soul is programmed to that end, no matter how that sounds. To understand that we are projected illusion here to experience as programmed, is to make more sense out of the deaths of so many young people today. Help, or no help, when a soul's programming is complete, it returns to light. I would like to add that most are happy and at peace without physical restrictions and dramas when they cross over.

If you have lost someone who was young, most likely they told you they were going to die young. There is a knowing and a desire to find clarity and balance. Corey Haim knew. I watched him on Entertainment Tonight when he discussed that he would die soon.