The Scent of Roses

The Sisterhood of the Rose

Seichim is an ancient mystery system of profound knowledge that has been developed and perpetuated by a mythical group of women called the Sisterhood of the Rose. More aspects of Seichim are being discovered and developed all the time but the key aspect, and the basis of the learning of the Sisterhood, is its link with antiquity, wisdom and knowledge and with the foundations of universal law.

Members of the Sisterhood of the Rose were and still are wisdom keepers. Seichim is linked with the divine feminine, which comes in many forms, as Isis in Egypt, as Kwan-Yin and Kwaneen the Goddess of Mercy in the East, as the Black Madonna, in Poland, France, Switzerland and Mexico and in Australia as the Rainbow Serpent Mother of the Aboriginal people.

Each of these women represents the mother Goddess, or the feminine ray of energy. The wise woman form of the Goddess helps to bring an understanding of the mystery of Death and of Life itself and the way in which life is preserved through death. The Goddess holds the key to eternal wisdom and so the practice of seichim, the art of the Goddess, brings with it a key to truth, trust and wisdom.

The rate at which truth, trust and wisdom are absorbed depends on the rate at which the individual can integrate the experience into daily life in a practical sense.

There were twelve groups of twelve women who formed the basis of the Sisterhood of the Rose. The Divine Feminine was expressed as a Goddess who led each group of women. The Goddess is the manifestation of the feminine essence, that essence just described that has manifested in different generations and in different ways across all the nations of the world, producing with it variations of the same theme.

The Goddess symbol is the Rose, and the Rose is often the first thing that draws a person into a relationship with the Sisterhood. But the magic and energy of the Goddess vibration and the Sisterhood of the Rose then extends us to a relationship with the Stars, and the Shambala Star in particular.

This is the new energy of Seichim, the magical and incredible link with the stars. Each group of the original twelve women was loosely organized into the four cardinal directions of North, South, East and West.

Their work involved holding each color ray steady, and balancing their work within the four quadrants of the earth under the guidance of the appropriate Goddess and with the assistance of the angelic realms.

It is thought that the members of the Sisterhood came from the Sect of Essenes with Mary the Mother as their Master Essene. The wisdom contained in the lost scrolls includes information about the Sisterhood and the feminine face of God lost for centuries. Information and knowledge was also stored in Tibet.

Tibet is a land were revelations come in the monasteries and nunneries situated in high places where there are no distractions. It is just you, the Earth and God. Every monastery is unique.

One monastery, called the Monastery of the Mystic Rose acted as the record keeper of the Rose Records. This was the case. The Sisterhood today is a Supreme Healing force, a gathering of the goddess, in the realm of the new energies.

The Sisterhood acts as a major custodian of the sacred wisdom. Its purpose is to heal all of the kingdoms on Planet Earth, an enormous claim, but the way in which this healing takes place is part of the sacred knowledge that is only released to initiates. As epochs in human history have needed certain color rays or healing tools the Sisterhood has as its role the management and development of the different energy and light vibrations.

The Sisterhood has a direct linkage to the universal symbols. They are the guardians of these universal symbols and they are responsible for releasing these symbols to us at this time.

The members of the Sisterhood work independently and in cooperation with each other. Each individual member of the Sisterhood has a particular talent in terms of creativity, which she uses, to its fullest possible extent.

And so, there are writers, artists, healers, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends. All the elements of these roles have a significant place and a major contribution to make within the Sisterhood.

And externally all contribute to the creation of a critical mass, which is charged with changing the negative into the positive at a local, national, international and universal level.

The Sisterhood is a Holy Alliance, and more information becomes available on this emerging energy during the study of Seichim. Because not only is Seichim a Holy Alliance itself, it is part of a larger Holy Alliance, one which is important for the furtherance of the positive energy of Mother Earth.

The excitement of the new vibrations coming into all our lives is reflected in the increase of activity amongst the membership of the Sisterhood at this particular time. Women and men are increasingly being drawn to the simple and straightforward energy of seichim, because its principles are universal.

Women and men alike are being drawn to understand the nature of the sacred contract that they have with the universe, and how they can work in co-operation with the Angelic realms. The Angelic realms manage the energy grids of the earth and keep the polarities in balance, in order to secure the health and well being of Planet Earth.

The Sisterhood has a direct linkage to these realms and to the universal symbols themselves. Members of the Sisterhood have always acted as the guardians of these universal symbols. They are responsible for releasing these symbols to us now.

The Sisterhood of the Rose

Women of the Rose

Monday I went to the store to buy some fresh flowers. The shopkeeper asked if I wanted to buy a double bouquet of roses, two dozen, for the price of one. I examined them and noted that they were fresh and had a beautiful fragrance. Someone on the other side was giving me a present, though I didn't stop to ask who it was. I bought the roses and brought them home, where they became part of the energies of my readings.

Client themes continued around women in my age group, all born in the 1940's. Though these women were not metaphysical, and more into problems in their personal lives, there did exist a need to read and learn about esoteric subjects. Other women have studied metaphysics most of their lives, finding me through Crystalinks, and finally making needed connections to events, as if an energetic sisterhood of the rose.

My clients and I shared stories about metaphysical journeys in time with an understanding that frequency is speeding up exponentially as time is about to run out in the journey of the Rose Bloodline. (Da Vince Code, Sarah and Alexander)

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Stop and smell the roses.

The Earth will smell of roses at the end of time, Eskimo Woman Prophecy