Revelations, 6-Hour TV Mini-Series

'Revelations', revealing the truth through metaphors encoded in time, spiraling DNA, through which all is revealed.

Is it a synchronicity that this 6-part mini-series (6=flower of life) aired just after the pope 'cross'ed over?

There are 7 more years till 2012. Does that hold significance? Tribulation? 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Bowls? Judgement=Balance must be achieved to understand and raise frequency at zero point

Does the feeling of 'the end of time' stir your soul? Is it because of something internal or the fact humanity studies prophecies as never before, cryptic messages by men such as Nostradamus, to find clues to its destiny?

The signs will be many, the messages calling us to seek them out, more than ever ... yet one must remember that ALL is a metaphor and they are just stories to entertain and enlighten.

The NBC Dateline special about the Da Vinci Code, seen 'prior' to 'Revelations" was similar to the National Geographic special months ago ... clues set in place to stimulate memory. There was much in that show that called to me.

There was focus, close-ups of the eyes in the paintings, the camera lens zeroing in on them, the heavy eyelids again, Leonardo Da Vinci's Art. Leonardo, Leo, Lion, Omega, Closure, the Lion and the Lamb, etc..

Then there is the 'M' that they was drawn over Jesus and Mary (or John) in the Last Supper ... 12 Around 1, Passover, more metaphors.

'M'=man. Reverse polarities='W'=woman. Connect 'M' and 'W', As is above, So is below. Rotate the image 90 degrees and you have the hourglass and zero point.

As I watched that part of the show ... a memory flashed in my mind ... a journey taken in September 1994 to the Nevada desert, where a series of synchronicities led me to the place I met Z back in 1954, 50 years later.

There was a chance meeting with a noted author who grew up in that area, born in the same year as myself, who also felt drawn to return there at that time for a reason unknown to him.

Guided to help me find out about 1954, he and I spent a day driving through the desert. At dusk we stopped the car and got out, something seemingly familiar. (I have this all on video).

Though there was no UFO or manifestation of Z, many messages were given to me, or should I say encoded, or reactivated within my DNA, allowing me to understand that now was the time to embrace the destiny for which I was chosen.

A few months later I would create Crystalinks and go on to complete the journey of Sarah and Alexander.

But more to the point ... what I remembered while watching the da Vinci special was ... as the author and I stood in the painted desert embraced by the energies of the mountains and a majestic sunset, I told him that the letter 'M' was very important, though I did not know why. I remembered drawing it in the air with my hand as large as I could make it.

The 'M' I often 'see' sometimes expands adding additional lines to become the symbol for Aquarius. Often it morphs into a clam shell, open or closed, but its the zigzag lines that are important, top and bottom, that meet or remain apart.

Venus, Feminine Archetype Repeats in History, Same Soul

The image above is Boticelli's Venus, Creation. Sea shell, see/sea. Flowing long wavy red hair, Mary Magdelene? There are enough metaphors to keep one busy for'eVe'r.

The 'V' mentioned in reference to the Last Supper, is a feminine archetype of creation, but also symbolizes Venus, eVe, Creation and Separation, Vesica Pisces, Aries ... as on and on we go.

Jesus and Mary were married. This is true, though there is no written proof for various reason.

So who is the dark haired Sarah? How does she link to this bloodline?

Why do certain images of the Holy Grail depict it as an hourglass shape? often with crystals or colored stones? The Cup ... the vessel ...'V" ... of the bloodline, metaphors. It will never be found.

Did/does the Prieure de Sion, Priory of Zion exist? The French Branch of the bloodline were the Record Keepers.

Is it all a metaphoric tale?

Who is the Saoshyant - Deliverer, mentioned by Zoroaster? (Man or Woman?) Sarah?

Back to the mini-series 'Revelations' ...

I really enjoyed the first episode laced with the expected metaphors.

Like any good religious story, it starts with a bunch of prophetic signs, a bolt of lightning (electromagnetic energy) strikes a girl running through a golf course [hole in one], she is thrown into a tree (of life), then falls (from grace).

We also see the sole survivor of a shipwreck in the Adriatic Sea (sea of creation), an unharmed male infant (birth).

In the beginning we meet Sister Josepha Montifiore, played by actress Natascha McElhone and Dr. Richard Massey, played by actor Bill Pullman, a grieving astrophysicist, certain the world can be explained by science ... and of course our antagonist, a Satan-worshipping prisoner who savagely killed Massey's daughter, played by Michael Massee, John Rhys-Davies, another favorite actor, plays the role of a professor and mentor to Massey, where they work together at Harvard University.

Sister Jo goes to Mexico where a crowd witnesses what appears to be the shadow of Jesus on the crucifix at the top of a mountain. As she stands there, the shadow seems t look down, then divides in half vertically as we see one Jesus go left and one go right (duality). Mexico ... (Quetzalcoatl? 2012?)

Like the Mulder and Scully adventures of 'X' Files, we find one protagonist who beli'eve's and the other who plays the role of the skeptic, the Devil's Advocate, who must question and discover physically. This time the polarities are reversed, with the female believing and the male doubting ... but not for long.

Did you ever wonder how Agent Scully went so long without believing? or why Mulder and Scully were not lovers until the end? Whoops... you are right ...sexual tension .. all part of the script .. we must follow the formula to keep the audience interested!

Here inside the program must follow the rules for script writing, based on timing. At a certain point all must play out following the 'formula' for screenplay writing. It's all about math!

Sister Montifiore is convinced that the end-of-the-world confrontation is at hand and can still be avoided. (Sorry, Sister. We go out as we came in, the Big Bang which is instantaneous, and a happy ending for all souls).

I loved the special effects and hated the antagonist. As with all villains, even Hitler, he was mentally ill and looked like he had spend years taking recreational drugs! Hitler and his cohorts were all drug addicts, which affected his final decisions and cost him the war.

There is much more to be said about the program, but perhaps it is better if you watch it. It will evoke memories, emotions, and bring you closer to your personal revelations.

Remember .. these are Just Stories following the formula of their creation. This is also true of your experience here. Sometimes along the way, we meet interesting characters who help guide, or hinder, our script.