The Return of Quetzalcoatl

Let's switch consciousness to metaphysics, where many of us like to play our games away from the harsh venues of physical reality over which we have little or no control, and whose destiny is not part of our programming. Keeping our balance we recognize and experience the future of the human spirit as it moves out of the box. We are here to experience zero point.

Previously on Ellie's World, I blogged that here in my home, strange things continue to happen while working with friends and clients. These are all positive and created for our entertainment. As we sit talking, we feel energy shifts in the room, the usual cool breezes and assorted noises, a sense of touch, all as a prelude to something important about to be shown. Not sure why all the special effects happen. This is becoming comical. I can only assume they will quickly give way to something else, as I recall from the last time we looped to this point.

Scientifically, areas of my apartment have been measured as having high energy fluxes. I believe they are enhanced by the energies of the water, bridge, skylights, and much more. I am not here by accident.

Monday I read a registered nurse named Mary (her real name) who lives in my area. Mary is a former client, in her 30's, Caucasian, who has not been here since 2004. She does not read Crystalinks, does not study metaphysics, does not have issues to work on, is actually my kind of person - very 'up' and bubbly. She apparently saw me on the History Channel Sunday night - I guess they replayed the Nostradamus special - had a day off from work due to Martin Luther King Day, and hoped I could read her.

As we moved into her reading, we heard noises by the sliding glass door - the one that faces the bridge and 101 Street.

Then there he was ... Z as Quetzalcoatl, not as Thoth as George and I had seen him last week.

Mary knew nothing about him and paused to describe who was standing there - feathered, large nose, etc. Quetzalcoatl was more real than ever before and ready to bring messages through her as Mary sat there connecting with him as he activated her on many levels. The archetypes she saw, without understanding them, were all from the universal grid, now homework for her to investigate in my files and others, then piece together as the ongoing picture of this reality merges above and below.

While I was with Mary, at some point, I have to tell you, I felt I was manifesting this experience from my consciousness to help Mary - projected illusion because of her frequency - as I watched myself from above. I was teaching at a different level and loved it, as it felt so natural. I told her what I was experiencing as we moved through the experience and she found it fascinating. Perhaps I was just opening a door, connecting my consciousness to hers - taking her to a higher grid and letting her experience for herself.

Here is part of what Quetzalcoatl showed Mary about the future without her knowing the prophecies and metaphors.

The 'Return of Quetzalcoatl' is a metaphor for the closing of the program in 2012 and the return of any other god.

That time grows near ... feel it.

Mythology and Metaphors: Quetzalcoatl is the plumed serpent (DNA) god of Central America, a creator deity, identified with the sun and the Trickster. He descended into the land of the dead, mictlan, where he died as we would experience passage. On his recovery, (rebirth, regeneration) aided by his double (above and below at zero point), he gathered up the precious bones that existed there, returned to the earth, infused them with his blood, thus creating the human DNA biogenetic experiment.