Relationships and Issues 404, Not Found

April 2004

Spring means New, Spring Forward ....

In the energies of this New Moon and solar eclipse, people are making decisions that will move them into the next stage of their lives. As we are almost at the last week of April, I usually center this syndrome around April 27, we enter the 'Call of the Wild Syndrome' in which souls seek freedom and let go of relationships that no longer work. Is that where you are?

I said I would not dwell on issues in 2004 in this column, but these energies lend themselves to change that I cannot ignore.

Are you in a bad relationship? Want to get out of it? Want love in your life? How about some romance and someone who appreciates you? When did you say, "I love you," to someone? When have you felt passion for your partner?

The souls that usually suffer from negative emotions of guilt and failure especially about leaving a partner, or hurting the partner, or issues of failure in relationships, can now move past them. If you are in a relationship that does not work, in which your lifestyles make it impossible to find balance, this is the energy that moves things forward Do not see a shrink to solve the issues, only to help you understand them.

Do not do guilt. Yet for some people guilt is less stressful than making a relationship work, that both of you have outgrown. One of you must cut the cords and say, "This is never going to work again, so let's go out separate ways." Sure there will be a flood of emotions, some dealing with every past relationship you had that failed, but that is what our 3D experience is about. You repeat lessons until you 'get it'.

Are you feeling too tired to move on? Change takes work and souls are very tired and stressed and often depressed.

Are you afraid to be alone? Why? Do you know how great it is to do what you want, when you want, without censorship?

What are your issues about this separation? If you don't make the correction, most likely your partner will, or the universe, your soul, will find a way to end it, so you do not have to spend all of your time releasing blockages and can move forward.

It really doesn't matter whose actions caused the break-up. It is just about two souls who are not compatible. If you are emotionally functional, you will get passed it. If you are a drama person you will not honor the situation and will dwell endlessly, all the while realizing the two of you do not work. How long do you want to abuse yourself and your partner?

There are often two souls in the equation, one who wants to break up and one who doesn't, for many different reasons, money, family, friends, fear, how the world will see you, etc. It's all an experience. If you want the break-up, then take the blame and remind the other person that someone else can make them happier than you will again.

All relationships have issues, but they may be clouding that which you need most, or preventing you from finding a more loving compatible partner.

Staying in a bad relationship goes to issues of you being abused, or abusing someone else.

If you are reading this column, your soul needs freedom to explore and experience and evolve and love.

Get over your issues and move on!

You study metaphysics and practice whatever ... to help you evolve ... and yet ... why do you remain stuck?

Did it ever occur to you that all of what I just wrote is common sense, things you have told yourself over and over and over again, things that have sent you to others for counseling.

I hope you haven't forgotten that you are a soul acting out your grid programming in 3D. You are having a physical experience that is about to evolve as you return to your soul spark. It's time to reprogram, reformat, shift your grid. Computer End Program! Programming is done out of the box.

Do not ask for the 'love of your life', as that person may not be available, or even exist. Some people do rituals, writing down what you want, burning candles or the paper. Whatever. That's not how you reformat your personal grid. Move your consciousness out of the box. Watch yourself as if an observer. Know your limitations and parameters. Connect with your soul, watch the flow, the stream of consciousness that is best for you. Understand your options and programming. Manifest from that level of consciousness to this.

Ellie's rules of survival in the game of emotions ...

1. Always keep it SIMPLE.

2. Either it works or it doesn't.

3. You can survive alone, as that is how you 'came in' and that is how you will 'go out.'

4. The pain will go away as your consciousness evolves.

Keep working on your relationships and issues until they are 404, Not Found.....