Princesses and Priestesses

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Today I read a female client from San Diego, another Aquarian (15 February and 17 February), (beautiful, 48, real estate broker, Caucasian). She has been studying metaphysics for many years and is in 'waiting mode.'

Like everyone else, she had stopped along the way to find The One, the perfect male partner who would share the journey and be there till the end. We laughed about how the male teachers and healers, authors and gurus, do drugs or drink, have lovers, and do not really living in truth for the most part. (Hey they're only human and women, needy women, seek them out, so what's a guy to do? If attracted, they 'go for it'! ) These affairs will awaken the soul by way of the heart chakra and the bedroom, but alas ... this mating ritual can turn into another emotional learning lesson, something borrowed, something blue.

Okay ladies ... one last time ... your soulmate ... or more to the point twin flame ... is your polar opposite with whom you will reunite when the program ends. (yin yang, creating balance)

He's not in physical reality. Got it?! But ... as I pointed out to my client ... when you find a man with the right frequency, you can experience your 'twin flame' connection through your physical partner. Forget tantra ... this is the way to go. The One is the yang aspect of your soul ... so stop seeking him here and get back to 3D and find a nice man without anger issues who functions ... on all levels (wink). Can't find him ... then go for the money. (laugh)

As with most of us who have traveled the long metaphysical road ... my client has 'been there' ... 'did that' ... had her fill ... and knows there is nowhere else to go. Lucid dreams ... synchronicities at every turn ... she has met the teachers, shaman, healers, priestesses, etc. It's all out of time.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, little girls wanted to grow up to become princesses. Grace and Diana got lucky ... but did they ... as they met tragic endings in much the same fashion. (Tragic/Magic)

In today's world, the word Princess has evolved to Priestess, the return of the goddess or higher frequency energies, love compassion, enlightenment, healing the wounded soul, ascension from physical form, etc. Remember that once you ascend, emotions no longer exist. They are time generated. Don't forget the scientific aspect of it ... sacred geometry, 'computer end program' in the alchemy of time and illusion.

We now return to our programmed reality ... 'as the world turns' and get back to that which must be healed first ... one's physical environment. We take the pain of childhood and create the lessons for adulthood. Once healed, the rest just flows into place.

White Eagle

My client wanted me to share something with you, about a woman from Europe she met who channels (are people still doing that?) an entity named White Eagle.

I've watched that energy evolve from the name Brave Eagle ... to Spirit Eagle ... which (if you look at that energy now) has evolved into White Eagle. (White=creation. Eagle=Mason Program symbology) Okay ... you knew that, but she didn't.

I found this link about White Eagle Teachings and Lodge ... that dates to 1936. This was the Nazi Program timeline. It included Aleister Crowley and all that he brought to the equation including a link with Thoth, (Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck 1) and the Hermetic (Hermes) Order of the Golden Dawn (alchemy) and related files we have endlessly discussed here but is non-the-less a good review.

My client attended a Star Knowledge Conference this summer as she enjoys the sweat lodge and met friends there. (I think we all sweated a wee bit too much this summer.) TGIF, Thank God It's (almost) Fall.

So what was everybody talking about and sensing at the conference? You know the answer. It's showtime and those at the conference agreed ... there is little time left!

Close your eyes. Check the hourglass in your mind, reality check. How many grains of sand do you see, as above merges with below ... XBox, Zero Point?

My client said that most people there felt the year 2008 will be significant and perhaps the end.

The years that unfold to zero point will increase in frequency, but 2008 is not the end. We are playing the odd numbers here. 2007 will bring many, many changes, but will not be the end of time. Close but 'no cigar' ... not until the fat lady sings (Independence Day ... Will Smith, July 4th, ET film, Harmonics). I see no date just following along and know that everything is on track as it should be.

If you read this column, you are perfectly capable of tracking the energies to zero point. Try it. Feel it. Be it.

... You are seated (reclined) in a chair, wearing your VR equipment and playing this game with me ...

If I was to create a prophecy about White Eagle, it might go something like this ...

The goddess will call upon White Eagle who shall return at the end of time,
merge with the snake, destroying it in a blast of light, thus freeing the souls.
(Your turn ... Create your prophecy)

The Juggler (Trickster) by Marc Chagall

Creepy picture, but endless metaphors including a bird with white wings ...
Don't really care for this type of art, but Z said to post it.
I'm drawn to the Clocks = Time Travel
The 'hands' of the clock are on 7 and 4, 7/4, July 4th?
Nosty's 7th month? (#72, 2007?) Century X = X Box?

Eagle Nebula

The Eagle Has Landed

Book, Synchronicity and Hitler

The Eagle Has Landed
Magic, Alchemy, and The Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space , Google Video

Eagle, Totem Animal


Aquila The Eagle
Astronomy, Mythlogy, More

Aquila Constellation Wikipedia

From Carlos Castaneda, The Fire From Within, Don Juan says:

- - -

Wednesday, after reading my client, I went to get the mail. Along the way, I met my neighbor Pat, (male, Italian, 34) who does readings, but not professionally. We both live on the 6th Floor. We walked back to my apartment. Pat felt the energies, especially as he faced the bridge, and went on and on about how powerful they are becoming. He had not been here in recent months. He said that I have been on his mind a lot lately. He sees me traveling over water very soon to a place with lots of old stone buildings like an ancient city in Europe, maybe Rome, he wasn't sure. There I meet a tall, slim, handsome man with a white, neatly trimmed beard. The man has been waiting for me and we laugh and go off together. He also said I will never move from my apartment, until that time. Didn't plan to... It's on to the next adventure ...