The Death of Pope John Paul II and Prince Rainier

April 8, 2005

Pope John Paul II and Prince Rainier died within a 6-day window of the April 8 Hybrid Solar Eclipse The Pope was born on May 18, 1920. On that date, in the morning, there was a near total eclipse of the sun over Europe.

An Eclipse represents/creates shifts in consciousness. It is the Eye of Creation, Diamond Ring Effect, Sacred Geometry , SG, Stargate to other realities.

Pope John Paul II
, The Pope of the People

History of the Roman Catholic Church

Pope John Paul II died Saturday April 2, 2005 at 9:37 pm GMT (2:37 pm EST) in his Vatican apartment, ending a long struggle with a series of debilitating illnesses. He was 84. The charismatic pontiff led the Roman Catholic Church for 26 years and is credited for helping topple communism in Europe.

The death of Pope John Paul II is a signpost in the planetary grid program. He was indeed a special soul who helped many during his time here. Catholics around the world united in prayer and mourn his loss from St. Peter's Square to St. Mary's church in the Pope's birthplace of Wadowice, Poland. John Paul II was the first non-Italian to lead the world's one billion Catholics in more than 450 years.

Pope John Paul II survived the Nazi Holocaust.
April 1945, exactly 60 years ago, Hitler allegedly died.

"From now on it is only through a conscious choice, and
through a deliberate policy, that humanity can survive."
Pope John Paul II Quotes

At some point in time, we must all say Good-bye, leaving behind a void.

Dandelions Are Free

World mourns Pope at Rome funeral

Friday, April 8, 2005, BBC

The Book of the Gospel was placed on top his the Pope's coffin. Strong wind gusts suddenly appeared flipping the pages over, until the wind blew the book shut! This is an interesting metaphor for the close of the program. There is also a Cross with either an 'M' or a 'W' depending were you stand. [man/woman, duality reunited]

'Viewing' Death

Thursday, April 7, 2005

As you look at famous heads of state in the news, and the public in general, you have to wonder how they view their own mortality.

Bill Clinton survived heart surgery twice in 2004. What could he thinking about his time remaining here?

Look at the Bushes, father and son! Can you guess what's on their minds?

Do you ever wonder how much time you have left? Is this due to illness, depression- panic attacks? Longevity of family members? Other? Do you dwell or become anxious at the thought of dying soon? It's all part of the experience in time.

Do you see yourself having a long illness that leads to death, or poof you're out of here?

Your soul doesn't cease to exist. It detaches from its physical form here and moves on.

How often do you wonder, When is this program going to end?

The thought of death has never crossed my mind as I just see myself ascending in one final thuup!

I have never been one for the negative emotional games of 3D and the 'wounded soul/attention seeking' routines, dwelling on issues and such ... therefore I remain in good health.

Issues present themselves to all of us, but I do not attach to their energies as a reflection of who I am.

Letting go is not as difficult as you think, or sometimes make it.

Just 'walk away' from drama, friends, jobs, lovers, family, whatever.

Can't do it? Then the Trickster aspect of you controls your life.

Good luck and don't forget the 'tissues for your issues' when you're out shopping!

Negative issues will get you in the heart chakra sooner or later, with related disorders.

Prince Rainier of Monaco died on 5 April, 2005

Rainier III ruled Monaco from 1949 to 2005, making
him Europe's longest-reigning monarch and the world's
second longest-serving head of state just before his death.

Prince Rainier's Biography

2005, Changes in Church and State

There are many deaths around the world at this time as souls ascend, moving their projection and consciousness out of the program. The metaphoric bubble will soon burst as all souls become free.

Pope John Paul II's death signals to the souls that religion as we know is forever changed. This occurs when consciousness moves from one grid program to another and our belief systems about the nature of our creation and God alters/aligns with evolving programs of conscious awareness.

Ancient civilizations worshipped gods in many forms, never truly grasping the complexities of creation, its truths encoded in the souls of this timeline as consciousness returns to its natural state of non-physicality and understanding.

It was all just experiences / stories.

In ancient times humans believed in false gods and their powers over them, creating an infra-structure of fear and control that has perpetuated until now, for if the truth was known, few souls would return to the games of the physical, or remain here once enlightened.

The story of Jesus, a symbolic bible, book, torah, and bloodline, must spike in the grid at this time, as the old answers and belief systems no longer work, the evolution of consciousness all part of a Master Plan/Blueprint.

Has humanity been deceived? Many believe so! On so many levels this is true, but not so much as a Grand Deception, but as the inability to understand and perceive the truth ... experienced through time and consciousness.

In all, we breach/preach the final deceptions, the fall of church and state, the Religious Paradigms that enslaved human consciousness in the Masonic Program. Many have known this for years, moving away from the church and what it represents.

Priests who assault children, homosexuality, have become public after centuries, in an age when homosexuality is coming out of the closet and people seek freedom of choice.

Old Regimes must wither and die, falling like dominoes on a game board...

Monoliths, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Thus Spaketh Zarathustra

Science has brought us out of the dark ages in conjunction with the collapse of the old program.

100 years ago ... In 1905, the first issue of the prestigious German physics journal Annalen der Physik published a paper by an unknown clerk in the Swiss patent office, Albert Einstein.

60 years ago ... April 30, 1945, Hitlerdied, ending another sub-routine in the Masonic Program, in which the villain sought answers in the esoteric linked with time travel. Something is guiding me back to Germany in August. Synchronicities linked to this trip happen every day. As we know, the answers come as a surprise, when I return there.

The Fall of Church and State

With the close of the Masonic Program, ushering an end of this hybrid experiment in time and emotion, the program brings the death of the 'monarchy' in the form of Monaco's Prince Rainier- Wednesday April 6, 2005, as I predicted. Rainier III ruled Monaco from 1949 to 2005, making him Europe's longest-reigning monarch and the world's second longest-serving head of state just before his death.

Like Pope John Paul II, Prince Rainier, was in his 80's and served the people over many decades. His death symbolizes the fall of another aspect of the program created as the major players in the game moved from the Middle Eastern grid to the European continent grid.

From Ron, "I was looking at your picture of the clock with the mouse on it,
below, and noticed how much it looks like St. Peter's Square at the Vatican

bringing it full circle to the U.S., the World War II Memorial in Wash. D.C. [Hitler]"

Sacred Geometry and Architecture

Capitol of Atlantis

Pendulum Archetypes, 'Reality in Time', repeat everywhere
Crop Circles, Megalithic Monuments, Space, Music, Art, and more
Tick Tock! [note the exclamation point]

And the walls come tumbling down ....

Sarah and Alexander, it's their time ...

Through the lens of time, the program created ...
- Knowledge Encoded within the Seed of Creation, Spiraling DNA
- The Guardians of the Seed
- The Protectors of the Bloodline
- The Record Keepers
- The Teachers and Healers
- The Watchers
- The Players

In the energies of the Hybrid Solar Eclipse, we watch and experience the 'current' shifts in consciousness and reality ...

Within these energies I am teaching a Teleclass about Atlantis ... history and perspective from noted authors, journeys into the temples, crystal healing centers, and the common everyday life of an Atlantean. What occurred during the end times of Atlantis that is paralleling our experience in 21st century Earth?

It is a time of questioning and seeking answers from within our souls and prophecies long foretold about a Golden Age across a distant shore.

Reality is a Metaphor. Pay attention to the metaphors in 2005 ... which bring the Death of a Pope and a Prince and the delay in the union/marriage of another Prince.

My Prophecy Files are getting thousands of hits each day as soul seek truth.

Many souls will cross over, one way or another, with a feelings of hopelessness and despair. "Why am I here?" Could it be to witness the end of the program?!

Many will look to Biblical Prophecies for answers especially the Book of ....


Revelations, Metaphors, Synchronicities, are everywhere.
One need only know how to recognize/perceive them in time.

Wednesday April 13, 2005, 9 pm EDT, NBC, 6-series, one-hour episodes of 'Revelations' about the end of time. "More than 2,000 years ago the first bible looked far ahead to the world at the end of time, a world of wars such as not occurred since the beginning of creation. This is the world fore chosen as the end of days."

This looks like another story about the battle of good and evil. The end has to create balance, metaphor in the duality of our electromagnetic program.

FYI, Bill Pullman also played the role of the President of the US in the 1996 film I mention in my messages below from Z ... "Independence Day." Is Z bringing us a message about the end of time?

If you look with 'greater vision', you too will see how the plot of our script is coming to fruition as souls awaken and return to higher consciousness at the end of time. It's a good thing!


Cardinal Ratzinger, 78, of Germany, who is not in the best of health, who served under his predecessor John Paul II, was quickly elected quickly as the 256 pope. He took the name Benedict XVI. VXI squared= 256, all part of the geometry of the game. His election on April 19, came one day before the anniversary of Hitler's birth and 5 months before I feel fated to return to Germany, almost not as a trip, but as an expedition.

A poll taken with Crystalinks' readers, now receiving 1.5+ million hits each day, provides these results.

Do you approve of Pope Benedict XVI?
Results of poll ...
72% ................ NO
26% .................YES
2% .............. Not sure

Ii is interesting to note that Pope Benedict XVI's election follows the prophecies below ....

Prophecies and the Popes

Papal Prophecies, End Days
Malachy's prophecy states that there will be two more popes after John Paul II.
This could reference an interim pope and then a final pope.

Edgar Cayce predicted that there would be one more
pope after John Paul II who will serve a short term.

Any way you look at it, the days of religious doctrine
and control by church and state are 'numbered',
as in a reality created by geometric design.

The metaphoric Celestial Gates open each year between
Easter and Passover, when many souls 'pass over'.
These gates are created by harmonics and light whose
tones can be heard by those on higher frequency.

... A great sadness sweeps over the land ...

... And the people wonder ...
How will the death of the pope effect consciousness, god and religion?

Messages About the Death of the Pope

Below are notes I wrote on Saturday 2 April just after Pope John Paul II died, from Z to Ellie.

I was shown two shiny gold crosses. They bent toward each other at their tops forming the apex of a pyramid.

Then I saw another large shiny gold cross. Two shiny gold wedding rings, marriage bands, one on the left and one on the right side of the cross, moved toward the center, as far as they could go, but stopped at the vertical bar. I heard, "Religion has come as far as it can go. Time for balance and reunion." The cross disappeared as the rings reunited forming the creational symbol of vesica pisces.

The Pope turned into Topo Gigio the Italian mouse puppet who used to sing "Tickety Tock". I heard, "Hickory Dickory Dock... time to reset your clock. We are all puppets."

Roman Numerals ... 1:30 = 4 = time ... Time resequenced

The rose spirals ... The spiral arose ... Fibonacci ... Time resequenced

Later I searched ... Topo Gigio: "The Little Italian Mouse" was the creation of the troupe of puppeteers that debuted on CBS's The Ed Sullivan Show on April 14, 1963. Standing ten inches high and made of a half pound of foam rubber, Topo Gigio was controlled by sticks not strings. Garbed in black hoods and black velour clothing, and working against a black backdrop (so they were invisible to the audience) three expert puppeteers manipulated Topo with their hands and three inch sticks. Maria Perego, Topo's creator, moved Topo's mouth and feet, Frederico Giolo guided Topo's hands and his wife Annabella, controlled the puppets oversized ears. Topo's voice was provided offstage by Guiseppe Mazullo. Each week, as part of the show, the adorable little mouse would appear on stage and greet the stone-faced Mr. Sullivan with a sugary "Hello, Eddie!" Topo, who often spoke of his girlfriend, Rosey, closed his weekly visits by saying "Keesa me goo'night, Eddie." Topo appeared 92 times and closed the final 1971 episode of Ed Sullivan Show. Topo also appeared in the Italian made-movie Le Adventure di topo Gigio (1961) later released in the USA in 1965 as The Magic World of Topo Gigio. Although finished in the states, Topo Gigio found new fame as his creators introduced their friendly mouse in South America, Spain, Japan. Topo appeared on a weekly Italian TV show and a 1980s Japanese produced animated series called Topo Gigio where Topo played a space exploring mouse who accidentally returned to Earth 400 years in the future.

A turtle came out of its shell [Turtle Island=Earth]. It jumped on the back of giraffe [DNA] which began to run. [DNA spiraling and activating faster and faster] The giraffe stopped to eat leaves off the top of a tree [of life]. The giraffe finished eating then fell over and died smothering the turtle beneath it.

A pyramid turned into a volcanic cone belching things up. The Atlanteans were right, it starts with a big eruption, cones breaking away, lots of lava flowing, thousands and thousands of deaths. Mount Etna, Italy, Pope and Popo, Popo and Topo, Etna is bubbling, twins are watching over Mount Etna.

I saw a baby cradle ... Dripping off the front of the hood was an opaque gel [goo] of some kind.

I telepathically asked, "What about the New Insert?" I saw the Vatican upside down. "The new insert is in place having blended with the old one. Humanity will experience in the pain and suffering of the old grid as people mourn loss in heightened grid energies. It is part of disconnecting from the old grid and integrating with the new. Reality is forever altered."

I saw a Magician's hat and magic wand.. "It's all magic, none of it is real!"

"There will be two more popes, one short term, followed by a new torah." [program]

"This is the fall of the Roman program which ripples to the Greek then Egyptian programs which affect the Muslim religious community. Religion as we know it is dead. Hail Mary!"

I saw actress Margot Colin in the film "Independence Day", Statue of Liberty, freedom. The new program is symbolized by the return of the goddess, Margot, Mary.

I saw a lion and a lamb. The lion disappeared. The lamb unraveled into a ball of wool disappearing in this 'order', the tail/tale, hind quarters and legs, torso, front legs, finally the head. [consciousness] "We are spinning a yarn."

I felt huge waves of energy coming at me, like walking into a huge energy field.

"Everything is the way it is supposed to be. We are on target. Consciousness is accelerating. We are in clean up mode."

My biological father, Murray, a great man, appeared before me, standing there and smiling proudly. He was not animated but looked more like a projection. He showed me the pope climbing up the cross and out of the box. I heard, "You are coming home, my child. The Grand Plan is coming to closure."

"No more pope-dom, pope dome, pope done."

Email from a reader ... written on Saturday evening

Thanks Mari... We are all created to incorporate all of what we experience into our personal memory banks on all levels and how they relate to us alone, as part of our growth and learning in the human experiment. Our ultimate goal and mission ... conscious awareness and ascension out of the box, the cube, the geometry [of physical creation].

Sunday April 24, 2005

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon 4 Scorpio

5:56, 10:06 am EDT, Duration, 4 h 10 min

During the exact time ...

Benedict XVI was installed as Pope

On the first day of

Passover, The Festival of Lights