Sometimes Life's a Beach!

Tuesday September 25, 2007

On a beautiful day in Brooklyn, NYC, a local friend named Mark and I set off on a journey to the beach. Mark believes he is part of the alien abduction experience and found me throught Crystalinks.

Heading east on the Belt Parkway, a highway that runs parallel and alongside the Atlantic Ocean, our first stop was Brighton Beach, often called 'Little Odessa by the Sea', because of its large growing Russian population. Films have been made there, showing Brighton Beach Avenue with its above ground subway. In several films, this area is linked with story lines about the Russian Mafia, much like Little Italy in lower Manhattan goes to the Italian Mafia. We have all sorts of Mafia in the city, including Asia and Jewish, probably others. Not sure which is the most dysfunctional, but all are dangerous, again as depicted in films. While in Brighton Beach, Mark stopped to buy a few things, including home-made pastries and Russian food specialties, some sold by street vendors who do not know how to use American Currency. As a child growing up in Brooklyn, my family moved from Coney Island (ages 1-11) to Brighton Beach, where I lived until I graduated college and married at age 20. Still following the coastline, I move to Manhattan Beach (ages 20-48) then west to Bay Ridge. Visiting Brighton Beach today was an interesting trip down memory lane. The Russians continue to buy and demolish old properties creating huge sky-rises many of which have an ocean view.

From Brighton, it was on to a small beach area called Plum Beach, Exit 9 on the Belt Parkway. Something totally guided me there, Mark feeling the same energies. Once on the beach, we set up two beach chairs and relaxed. I planted my feet in the sand and let the sun embrace me. Few people were on the beach at this time of the year, the energies speaking of spirit.

Relaxing in the sunlight, we both sensed the presence of aliens watching us ... but why, one always wonders, don't they manifest? I gave up trying to figure that out, years ago. They are monitoring and observing as we are part of an experiment within an experiment. Looking to the west, we saw a triangular UFO in the clear sky. Mark waved his hand in the direction of the craft, a gesture of acknowledgment. Much to my surprise, a light flashed twice from the side of the craft, as if replying. With that, the ship disappeared, as they always do. Would have liked more and a photo.

When you take a photo with the camera pointed at the sun, you often get interesting images.

This effect is light refraction, but I love the 6 around 1 and the triangular cone shape point at me.
One can get many messages from this photo while scrying.

Mark and I walked along the shore, stopping to pick up a
sea shell or two, though the water was so dirty, I put it back.

Our attention was riveted by the sounds of three small children who were walking along the shore with their father. At that moment, a baby shark jumped out of the water and landed on the sand, flopping around as it tried to get back to the ocean. Sharks are not common in these waters. The father wanted to kill it and take it home but I wouldn't hear of it. I told Mark to pick it up and throw it back, which he did, much to the dismay of the other man. Life returns to the sea.

"Look up!" Z shouted.

Coming towards us, then passing just above, we saw a six-helicopter escort for a plane that followed, most likely going to JFK Airport just east of our location. "This has something to do with the President of Iran visiting the city at this time," Mark said, over the roar of the planes.

We walked back to our chairs and psyched on whatever ... then took off for another adventure at a plant nursery, where I bought a gorgeous new plant. Alas is was time to head home.

So there you have it ... another Big Apple Moment.