A platform can be seen as the place of creation through

which your soul descends into physical reality to experience.
This links to feelings of flying and falling.

February 13, 2008

"Platform" dreams and meditations are accelerating. Generally people see themselves standing on a platform looking down at ... whatever. Sometimes the platforms are linked to aliens or other entities 'on high' - which are aspects of their soul. This goes to information from a place above - higher frequency. If you see yourself on a platform, you should write down the who, what, when, and where of the experience to determine the Why ... Y 4 U.

2008 is a US Presidential election year as candidates discuss their platforms and voters make choices.

Economic platforms are a global top priority with the US economy in trouble.

Take a look at the meanings of each link on Wikipedia pertaining to Platforms ... then find the metaphors and messages based on the world's current situations.

Jumping Through Space-Time Platforms into Consciousness

"Jumper" The Movie
February 14, 2008 - Valentine's Day, the Heart Center
Our Journey Began in the Middle East ...
The Sphinx - The Lion's Tale
We return to the light through the Eye.

Masonic Symbolism

Eye Symbology, All Seeing Eye

You experience through archetypical symbols that the brain processes and equates to your current experiences - all very mechanical and based on precise mathematical constructs. There are personal symbols, but more importantly universal ones. 2008 is US presidential year - with lots of suspense. Much centers on political and economic platforms - the program focusing on final outcomes in an interesting race (against time). The focus in the program always reverts to the initial archetypes that symbolize our game on all fronts especially economic and political. The power 'lies' with those who rule - playing their roles as if characters in a simulation. See yourself as a programer outside the box setting things up and hoping you 'get it' - losing points every time you have a 'miss' rather than a 'hit'.

Masonic Archetypes Challenged

Great Seal Secrets Revealed

AP - February 13, 2008

Conspiracy theorists take note: The myths surrounding one of America's oldest and most enduring national symbols are about to be debunked ... if you believe the government, that is. The keepers of the Great Seal of the United States, the familiar emblem on the back of the $1 bill, want you to know what it is not. It is not a sign that Freemasons run the country, it has nothing to do with the occult, and it does not contain clues to a fabulous hidden treasure.

It is rather the nation's stamp of authority, sovereignty and power, gracing our cash and embossing the most important of documents from its home at the State Department, which has held it since the days of Thomas Jefferson, the first secretary of state.

Not that the Seal's symbols - the all-seeing eye, the unfinished pyramid, the Latin phrases, the bald eagle clutching an olive branch and arrows and the number 13 - aren't powerful. They are, historians say. Yet their meanings have been misidentified, misunderstood and misrepresented almost since the Continental Congress first commissioned the Seal in 1776. It would be another six years before the original design was approved and another 128 before it evolved into its current form. Along the way, a movement to decipher the Seal's meaning with ancient Egyptian, mystical and otherwise otherworldly explanations has gained currency.

The Internet age has seen an explosion in such conspiracy theories, many which have now been ingrained in public consciousness through the popular National Treasure movie franchise that serves up a combination of Masonic lore and historical myths in blockbuster Hollywood fashion.

Among them:

All rubbish, according to historians, who say the Seal's symbolism is far less ominous or revelatory than many believe. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the Seal's 66th and current custodian, on Tuesday inaugurated a new exhibition to commemorate its 225th birthday and trace the history and evolution of the symbolism.

"This exhibit honoring the Great Seal affirms our continued belief in the values of our founding," she said. "The Great Seal symbolizes the unity, strength and independence of a new nation, the United States of America."

The Seal will remain at the State Department but the interactive exhibit is designed to travel and curators hope it will dispel the rumors and educate Americans about the real meaning of the symbols.

Among the highlights:

"People are just not aware of the complexity and intent of the symbolism and what our Founding Fathers were trying to do with it," said Priscilla Linn, senior curator at the U.S. Diplomacy Center. "The hidden treasure in the Seal is the courage and presence of mind of the people who created it and created these values for the whole country."

Religious Platforms

World's Biggest Christ Struck By Lightning

Daily Mail - February 13, 2008

The dramatic scene above occurred when the world's largest statue of Jesus was hit by lightning. The bolt parted the thunderclouds over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to strike Christ the Redeemer. The statue is 130 feet tall, is made of 700 tons of reinforced concrete and stands atop the 2,296ft Corcovado mountain overlooking the city. It was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. Sunday's storm caused havoc in Rio, felling trees in several neighbourhoods - but did not damage the statue.

Religion is a platform that controls consciousness, while allowing souls to understand that creation from a higher source of light, energy, and frequency. Lightning takes us to electromagnetic energies, the bipolar nature of reality, forever seeking balance, yet programmed for self-destruction.

Sacred Geometry - the spiraling movement of consciousness through the platforms of reality in the alchemy of time.