When we're in the middle of intense, challenging, and difficult times, it becomes more urgent than ever to have compassion for ourselves, to be gentle, tender, kind and loving toward our frazzled, stressed, stretched or feeling-stuck selves. It is important to remember that we each have our own rhythm and style with which we process crisis, heal, release, and move forward. What looks like detours, avoidance, and running away, may actually be our taking the time needed to get to the next place of self-empowerment.

Patience is often the key. It is one of life's greatest lessons. Patience allows you to have goals. It also gives definition to linear time. The journey from the conceptualization of an idea to its manifestation in 3D, involves patience. Example: You are waiting for an airplane to take you somewhere. Why can't you just move there by thought? Answer, The physical body has too slow a frequency, it is sluggish, and is therefore stuck. Our thinking is stuck also, but be patient! You will soon learn how to thing faster, in higher frequency. In Time, all is shown.

Yet doesn't it seem strange to you that manifestation is not instantaneous? Maybe it's just me...but that feels the natural way things should happen. Patience and waiting for something is all about linear time, which does not exist.

Patience is supposed to be about dealing calmly with frustration, accepting others, taking your time, maintaining composure, allowing others to make mistakes without being judgmental, using self-control, showing forbearance. This often goes to compassion, tolerance and self-control. It is easy to write about these concepts, yet not often easy to act on them. With less stress and frustrations, we learn their lessons... or not!

It would seem that life is often about being in waiting mode .... from the beginning when mom is in labor .... to the end when those who are sick wait to cross over.

Life is about patience about most things, finding your mission and personal truths. They call to you now. Be patient (giggle)

Questions..... Can one conclude that when people tell us to be patient, they do not understand space-time? that consciousness is moving to a place where patience is an outmoded concept? do you prefer things that bring instant gratification and answers? is patience a virtue or is that meant to slow you down? does having patience mean you have to endure suffering? is having patience linked with having faith in others, in self, in the universe to bring you a happy ending, that everything will work out as it is meant? do you consider yourself a patient or an impatient person?

Impatience will lead to drama. Never achieving your goals, that which you have been patiently waiting for, will cause more drama, frustration and anxiety. Impatience with those around you, perhaps people who are not on your level, will cause great frustration especially in the work place.

What a mess.... (giggle) Who wrote this into the program....??

Patience, to your soul, is knowing that you will find self-awareness. Your soul works so hard to bring you to the point that lace. Its patience has no limitations, only those which you impose on it. Relax ...go with the flow... keep busy .... give your soul a break!

Perhaps healing and energy work will help....

Patience and End-Time Scenarios

In discussing Patience and the 'Waiting Game', we find this article from BBC, Double whammy link to extinctions "The chances that asteroid impacts and huge bouts of volcanism coincide randomly to cause mass extinctions may be greater than previously imagined."

Did you ever wonder why people are fixated on extinction and prophecy?

Are they sensing that something is going to happen soon?

Are people being indoctrinated for an end-time scenario?

Terrorism, War, Asteroids, Disease, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Pollutants, Hidden agendas that will become explosive and result in a cataclysm, So Many Theories

Fear Factors, Issues, Depression, Healing, More Healing

Why, at this point in human history, are we suddenly waking up and becoming aware?

We play out the game, always with an inner feeling that 'something is coming'. We may sense that happening soon, or years from now, but the energy of this event stirs our consciousness and often makes us feel that we are waiting for something that will occur on a grand scale, as it is part of the grand design of our reality.

End-Time Scenarios happen at the End of 'Time.' Watch the heavens, the cloud formations, all things celestial. The answers come from above. Follow your instincts and have ....