Getting Passionate Over The Passion of the Christ

On February 25, 2004, a controversial film premiered called:
The Passion of the Christ Film
The Passion of the Christ Wikipedia

When I connect with the soul of Jesus, I feel a great pain in my heart chakra and see a humble gentle soul, whose story is encoded within our souls. He was Jewish, as am I, but the connection is not about religion, but more about the spiritual pulse of humanity in its infancy but about to evolve.

Since the film debuted, I have read 3 people who were in relationships that ended after seeing the film.

This film has elicited great emotion in people struggle to find their spiritual essence.

Lots of heated arguments have resulted, especially between those with metaphysical beliefs and those who follow religious doctrine and think we are all unholy and in general, crazy!

Some argue, that if Jesus had powers, his Q-ness, so why didn't he save himself? Are his powers just to help others? Rewrite! Where was his god? Did he really die as the bible states? Does it matter? Can you envision him returning through the light at the end of the tunnel? Do you think that one soul played all of the god roles in our little script inserts?

At first I thought that the couples I read were destined to break up anyway, but there is something about this film that makes many people act crazy! It's about the power, personal power, power to free your weary soul! Amen! Do I sound like a preacher? Oy veh!

I read a 30 year-old woman from Poland who lives here now. She studies Theosophy in university and told me that Jews are not supposed to have readings. She was surprised when I told her I was Jewish, but she was not the least bit put off. Then she said she was referring to Orthodox Jews. I told her they come here often, as well as priests. She was shocked, but I was not, everyone has issues and questions. She has had recurring dreams about running through old European churches and being frightened. Those dreams was easy to figure out.

Sometimes you have to put aside your philosophy and theology books and accumulate wisdom by living life and your spiritual experiences. Personal experience of the Sacred is the core truth of Religion.

Don't let a family member tell you what to believe and most of all please never argue with them if you disagree. Don't you now that they are always right!! You are a sinner and that is that!

If there one think you must learn is that we all have our journeys and must respect those of others.

I keep it simple, Life is all about the way we are programmed. Imagine if you told them that?!

If you want to go back to the days of ancient Egypt, my favorite place to roam around, the place where it all began with the ancient mystery schools, then you shall discover that we are all Initiates.

Put on your robe, but this time of year be sure to wear your underwear, you just may freeze your, -, off! No wonder I always see myself being thrown out of those schools! If you think I could spend endless years studying, with no men...give it up!

People are programmed to seek true answers as the program evolves. Could the souls handle the truth about our reality, as projected illusion in which there are no saviors, just each soul's struggle for enlightenment, understanding, and balance after which they spiral their consciousness out of their physical form and into higher realities?

The ancient mystery schools, the brotherhoods, the church, governments, are programmed to hide the truth or there would be no experiment. And so, the sheep follow and believe in prophets, prophecies, saviors and aliens who return, and all of the other inserts in the game.

Couple Arrested After 'Passion' Debate - Newsday - March 18, 2004