Reality Check October 2011

What's Really Going On in the World

Global Economy: overwhelmingly people see Greece defaulting -> other European nations following suit -> global markets taking a nose dive -> riots in the streets as people (especially in large cities) have no money, jobs, or food -> martial law and more. Watch the videos. More will be added.

  Wall St protest march on Manhattan police headquarters   BBC - October 2, 2011

  Occupy Wall Street protests spread across U.S - October 2, 2011
As police arrested hundreds of protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, more demonstrations began to spring up across the U.S. In Los Angeles, protesters gathered in front of City Hall and danced on buses with "peace" emblazoned on the side. A smaller protest was held in Chicago's financial district where protesters held placards demanding "Jobs Not Cuts". Protesters also turned out in Denver, gathering downtown before marching into the city chanting, "Occupy the streets." All the protests were inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement which has seen hundreds of people camping out near the financial district in New York City and conducting marches calling for an end to home foreclosures and high unemployment.

Preparedness: The winter is coming - the world is going crazy - the Coronal Mass Ejections are increasing - natural disasters are accelerating - prophecies are coming to the fore - and the program is concluding. There is nothing like being prepared.


Conspiracy Theory: The Mineral, Virginia, east coast 5.8 earthquake on August 23, 2011 was actually caused by an underground explosion. As this reality is about drama -> conspiracy to find truth, it's just more stuff and busy work. The earthquake - no matter what caused it - was scheduled to happen now as a precursor to the closing of the program.

This theory begs the questions:

Liquidation Sale: With the economy crashing around us, and jobs limited, people are liquidating assists - gold, jewelry, art, antiques, other collectibles, properties, bonds, anything of value to keep them afloat. Where and how to sell varies from: eBay, auction houses, private collectors, Craig's List, local newspapers, garage sales, other.

The Inheritance: People are dying for the money! Never have I read so many clients whose main issue is inheritance. Many people wait a lifetime, and put up with all sorts of crap, just to inherit money and assists and thus be free at last. Inheritance often splits families forever. Who gets what? Who deserves more? Who's cheating who? The Will - yes, no? What will the government take? Does the caretaker get more? Then there's waiting endlessly for someone to cross over ... the heartbreak of getting a small amount of money when you can't take care of yourself ... the legal battles.

The Qi Connection: I have always known that members of the same soul group travel together and share most of their time here. When one soul dies, the other generally dies a short time later. This sometimes applies to the human-pet relationship.

For those who are psychics, it is much easier in end times to know when a soul is ready to cross over by simply looking to see how tired that soul is, and what part of their consciousness is already out of their physical body. Think about people you know, young and old, and see their connection here. All souls get tired before they leave - even warrior souls. Their life force (chi, Qi) just burns out.

Now let's take this one step further with two people - generally family members or long time friends/lovers. They are most likely two aspects of the same soul experiencing here simultaneously. Sometimes they like each other and other times they don't - yet they remain connected throughout life. As they get old and sick ... a time to cross over ... the Qi energies that connect them just seem to keep them locked in an endless loop that doesn't free the soul who needs to move on. When one is about to die, the other one pulls them back into the physical grid and on and on. It's all interesting to watch from higher frequency as you should be doing by now.

Here's an example... (names are fictitious) ... Lisa married Mike long ago. They stayed together as it was easier than divorcing and far more economical. Mike wanted Lisa to care for him in his old age as he was 7 years older. He got sick and she did her best. But Lisa was burning out ... and much to Mike's surprise she got sick and now he was stuck taking care of her. Lisa wanted to cross over. Mike's soul said, "No way, you are going to stay and take care of me when you are better." Lisa got somewhat better. Now Mike could take comfort in the fact that Lisa would take care of him so he relaxed and let her do so. He pulled her back into 3D to care for him and just to complicate matters, Mike got sick once again to wear Lisa down. Back and forth they went in sickness and in health (hell) until one of them died. Who do you think it was?

The Caretaker: Some people ... if they are lucky ... meet someone who has the karma to take care of them with no strings attached. That person is there for them no matter what and may leave them provided for the rest of their lives. Most people hope to meet such a person, but few do. Others just play the lottery.

The Illusion: If you are seeing any other Earth experience, life in other times and places, temporal distortions, or anything other than this reality, you are seeing other aspects of the consciousness grids which co-exist with us. When the experience ends, it all disappears into the collective unconsciousness. (Think "Inception" - "The Matrix" and in 2012 Total Recall 2012

A Sense of Purpose: We all need a sense of purpose, or we wouldn't want to go on - it's what propels us in the dramas of physical reality. Much of the time it equates with -- "I have to heal and help others to heal and help myself, not just in small groups as in the past, but in accelerated times, to make a global difference."

Approval: Should you marry someone your friends and family disapprove of? What do they see that you don't? Most of the time, you should live with the person first. Next think about why marriage is so important to you and what your true motivations are. Don't be afraid to call things off or admit you're wrong. Grow a pair ... you'll probably need them if you marry the wrong person.

Fresh Start: Feel like changing everything and starting over? It's not as easy as it was in the old days when opportunities prevailed. Your feeling may stem from the fact that soon we will all leave here and go off to adventures of the higher frequency kind. Best suggestion - do things that bring you pleasure for now and stay out of mischief.

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