November 1-6, 2009

Crop Circle in Brazil, Nazca Lines, Fields by Van Gogh, Noah in Oz

Crop Circle in Brazil Colin Andrews - October 29, 2009

The formation above has the energies of the

Nazca Lines of Peru

among other archetypes that connect for people.

Logging caused Nazca collapse
BBC - November 2, 2009

As with most researchers, Colin expects disclosure soon.

From disclosure to closure on ... the clock is ticking

in the field of dreams where the lion sleeps.

Fields by Vincent Van Gogh

Poppy Field

The Field of Poppies where Dorothy and the Lion mysteriously fell asleep

Noah and Toto walk through the field and remain awake. That's because he's related to the wiZard.

The Lion is about to Awaken ... Hear him roarrrrrrr .........

It Happened in NYC - November 1-6, 2009

New York Marathon 2009

Sunday November 1, 2009

Today was a busy day, my focus often on the bridge just outside. Low flying helicopters were seen and heard much of the morning - some media - others security. Air space over the bridge is often interesting.

As the New York Marathon began, the bridge swayed with the sounds of thousands of runners as they crossed over, the combined momentum of their journey sending vibrations in this direction, like a giant ripple effect. The sides (arches) of the bridge are like giant harmonic tuning forks in that they capture sounds above and below. Their resonance is experienced in local areas including my building which was built to compensate with a slight sway. The higher floor you live on, the more you feel the sway ... and I live on the top floor. The first time I felt it was the night I moved in, and my bedroom began to sway sightly. I didn't know what was happening, yet I felt I was home and safe, the spirit world embracing me, Z smiling. Neighbors later told me you get used to the sway which happens when the traffic is very heavy, when the wind blows strongly ... or (joke) when a UFO (ship) flies overhead.

Meb Keflezighi crosses the finish line first in the men's division

at the 2009 New York City Marathon in New York, Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009.

Meb Keflezighi became the first American winner of NY Marathon. (YouTube)

USS New York

Most ships, big and small, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, pass
above or below the Verrazano Bridge on their journey to the New City.

On November 2, 2009 ... I watched another ship, the USS New York.

USS New York New York Times - November 2, 2009

USS New York Wikipedia

NY Yankees Win the World Series

Thursday November 5, 2009

As predicted, the New York Yankees won the 2009 World Series after waiting nine years for championship No. 27. It only seems fitting that the Yankees should win the pennant in the new Yankee Stadium. Hideki Matsui is the first Japanese-born player to win the World Series MVP. The New York Yankees christened the new $1.5 billion Yankee Stadium the same way they opened "The House That Ruth Built" 86 years ago -- with a World Series title, the 27th for Major League Baseball's storied franchise.

Earlier this week, as I watched the USS New York sailed under the Verrazano Bridge, I blogged about seeing a ticker-tape parade in the city after the Yankees win the pennant. It all goes to Ground Zero and the Wall Street area. The parade began on Broadway at Battery Place and continued north up the Canyon of Heroes on lower Broadway to City Hall Plaza where Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented the Bronx Bombers with the Keys to the City.

And so the city will be in celebration again, one week after the annual Halloween Parade and the arrival of the USS New York.

... And all shall be well in the land ... as we move towards Thanksgiving and the Macy's Parade where magical characters float through the air to the delight of millions of children who believe them all to be real.

Noah Plays Baseball September 2009

Noah Believes his Friends are Real

Sesame Street Turned 40 - November 10, 2009

Many generations of children have gown up with Sesame Street and the lessons it teaches. I remember the day the show premiered on PBS, following another famous children show Mr. Rogers. My second daughter Zsia was two weeks old. My children grew up with these characters and now sing the same songs with their children.

Google Doodles Sesame Street

  Sesame Street Google Videos

Sesame Street Goes Global, From HIV+ Muppet to Iraq War  
National Geographic - November 5, 2009

  Sesame Street celebrates 40 years, with help from Google Doodle  
Examiner - November 4, 2009

Big Bird goes Google for Sesame Street's 40th birthday  
Christian Science Monitor - November 4, 2009

"V" Adventures

You know I love Science Fiction. It gets you out of the dramas of this reality and allows you to explore options that go beyond scientific explanation in an age where science and science fiction are merging.

Aliens often represent a return to power, that which we all seek.

Tuesday night I watched the premiere of the TV series V and loved the adventure as old themes merged with current events - sleeper cells, terrorism, new technology, aliens promising to help human with such things as universal health care, etc.

Mother ships with aliens having sinister agendas, hovering over major cities, take us to the Roland Emmerich film Independence Day, one of my favorite films. Roland returns next week with 2012. Noah's Ark is a metaphor which I am sure by now you understand. It's all myth, math, and metaphor.

Joel Gretsch is always the perfect choice for the lead in any sci if series. This time he plays a priest who sees a renaissance in faith after the Visitors appear on Earth, yet quickly discovers they have been here for years, infiltrating the government, and like all bad aliens, have a secret agenda. Synchronicity draws him into the plot, when a parishioner dies and hands Gretch an envelope with photos of Reptilians who walk among us in the guise of humans. Can aliens and the church reconcile truth?

For you Stargate SG1 fans ... did you recognize the character Anna? Actress Morena Baccarin played the role of Adria, another nasty alien, in the last 2 seasons.

All in all, old plots, new plots - all things recycle to bring them into higher consciousness and awaken humanity. This show was lots of fun and I look forward to more.

We are all "V"isitors (Alien) to this realm and will soon return home.

Earth Changes Accelerate

During my encounter in 1954, I was shown that reconnaissance ships have monitored the experiment/planet since the beginning (insert) of 'time', to prevent destruction one way or another before the program synchronizes at closure. What you 'see' as the fall of Atlantis, or any other shift in the human experiment, are events that co-exist with our timeline. In the cycles of the program, there is always rebirth and destruction - but now we are at the end of the final chapter.

As the program closes ...

Let's not forget what's going on in the Ring of Fire - 7.3+ earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

Closer to home ...

Visualize yourself caught up in a natural disaster. Can you really see the next step for humanity as a paradise where you exist in love and light as a physical being? Don't believe all the wounded souls with issues who see/seek a lala land physical ending. They must be asleep with Dorothy in the poppy field while Noah (new creation) walks through the field of dreams to awaken the sleeping lion. It's always about the children (our emotional bodies).

After watching the film 2012 you might imagine we will rebuild the planet as if a Noah's Ark adventure. No way. That was a myth laced with metaphors, just like the Wizard of Oz and other tales.

Reality is just a holographic experiment in emotions that is about to end.

Everything else are just chapters in The (Red, Emotions) Book.

First there was the alleged Lost Book of Nostradamus replete with watercolor images both alchemical, allegorical and metaphorical. 2009 brings us a book by Carl Jung that perhaps was meant to awaken people about the nature of reality and its destiny at this time.

It's always great to reread the life and works of Carl Jung because he brought so much to the development of the human psyche. His most notable contributions include his concept of the psychological archetype, his theory of synchronicity and the collective unconscious - also known as "a reservoir of the experiences of our species."

The Red Book, also known as Liber Novus (The New Book), is a 205-page manuscript written and illustrated by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung between approximately 1914 and 1930, which was not published or shown to the public until 2009.

Just before the first world war, the 38-year-old Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung was troubled by awful dreams and visions. Analytical to the core, he embarked on what he later described as his "confrontation with the unconscious", and documented the lot. The material went through various drafts before Jung recopied it all, using an ornate gothic script, into the single big, red, leather journal which gives the previously "lost" Red Book its popular name. Jung went on to add historiated (enlarged) initials, ornamental borders and a substantial number of paintings. Jung and his one-time associate Sigmund Freud are almost synonymous with psychology: their ideas have thoroughly permeated our culture. In the 21st century, both men have become even more controversial - Jung perhaps especially so. But The Red Book, resembling a medieval illuminated text and the works of William Blake, offers us an important insight into a time before the intellectual divide between art and psychology made such a work of inner exploration, of psychology-as-literature (and maybe even as art), less thinkable.

Jung's Red Book: The art of psychology  
New Scientist - November 3, 2009

The Red Book   New York Times

The Holy Grail of the Unconscious  
New York Times - September 16, 2009

Jung's Red Book    Google Images

  Jung's Red Book  Google Videos

Jung's Soul Pictures

A Different Kind of Initiation

People do all sorts of things in the name of self-help and cleansing. They are often called Initiations and generally involved deprivation of some kind to induce higher consciousness. Some people use drugs, while others are guided to sacred sites among other things the imagination can conceive.

In 2009, a client named Chris told me about a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro he made with his girlfriend at the end of their relationship.

Their trip was like an initiation, allowing them to share the energies of helping each other reach the top while dealing with their issues along the way. Normally Chris felt he was the one who supported her emotionally and physically (you know, the guy thing) ... but in the face of the great challenges that confronted them, such as thinning air, it was she who stepped up to urge him on to complete the climb when he thought he could go no further.

Spiritually, the arduous climb served more than one purpose as each had an epiphany about their destiny and what they needed to do when they got home. He lives in NYC and she's from Chicago.

Mountains can work like an ascension process, which is why many famous people in history - as well as the average person - are guided to that end for answers. It's generally the spiraling journey of it all - consciousness - that awakens something within.

I have climbed mountains alone on several occasions, in various places that resonated for me, and found it an enlightening experience. You feel One with the universe when you reach the top, embracing the moment and messages .... then wonder how you are going to climb down. For me, Z was always there to enhance the experience - from a spiraling candle that burned as if a twin flame, to surreal spiraling winds, to meeting an eagle, or simply something projected from my consciousness. My mountain climbing days ended when I turned 60. I feel no need to climb a mountain for clarity. All I have to do is be here by the bridge in the energies of the elements that embrace my life. And then of course ... the Internet brings it all together.

In the sands of time, everything is in a constant state of change and eventually reverts back to its natural essence.

Zen Sand Garden

As to Mount Kilimanjaro, among other places frozen until the end of time .... everything melts down returning to the flow of the collective unconsciousness ... (Carl Jung)

Kilimanjaro's Snows Gone by 2022?  
National Geographic - November 2, 2009
Glaciers disappearing from Kilimanjaro, which caps Africa's highest peak  
CNN - November 2, 2009

Reality Remix ...

Throughout time people have thought about concepts like reincarnation or their past and future lives - especially how they impact with what is going on in their lives today. This was a focal tool in the grids for centuries to help souls awaken and feel connected to something more than they are .... As we rapidly approach the second decade of the 21st century - and science and science fiction merge - that concept has been recycled and upgraded (as all things are ... then renamed) and now takes us to quantum theory, parallel realities, and the multiverse.

Sometimes you see yourself in a reality that is golden and filled with light. Ah ... you think. That is where I am going when I leave here. Not so. It is the same as seeing a future destiny wherein your soul is experiencing that timeline among other concurrent realities, yet all exists in the same program. That part of the program could seem like the future because you long to be in a place of love and light or however you conceptualize balance, but it is still within this program.

Now let's talk about another concept ... 'Unity of Healing and Helping' which is rippling through the grid and affecting souls everywhere in the program. I know I have blogged about World Teachers, finding ways to help globally, etc. but I am surprised to see that most of my clients are feeling driven to that end. They call it 'The Return to Oneness' and terms of that kind, but this is definitely the movement of conscious awaken now.

Ask yourself .... "Do I want to do something that helps masses of people? But what should I do? How can I help and make a living at the same time? How has global healing been done in the past ... especially since the wave of New Age theories began decades ago? Is this an old concept recycled in higher frequency with new tags? What's changing in me? Why does mainstream no longer make sense?"

Next ... "Disclosure" is also driving people, but this has always been the case, just stepped up now as souls sense something about to be shown and known.

And so the program continues to remix realities.

Some people believe the world has gone crazy ...

The world (program) was designed to be crazy as it is about emotions and dramas.

People cite many reasons reality makes less and less sense each day. Some may agree, while others may argue the point. But sometimes something happens that makes us all take notice and wonder what motivated the act in question.

Mental illness is no longer something that is easily covered up. Substance abuse as self-medication is common in most cultures, the statistics staggering. We are learning to understand the rage and behavior of those around us who have emotional problems that are not recognized nor treated, generally triggered by fear. We learn to move beyond those who are on a self-destructive path before they destroy us. We try to help others in our soul group who need professional help. But often times our words are ignored - ignorance causing destruction.

Thursday was a sad day for the military and the country, not just due to casualties abroad, but because something went unnoticed and unchecked here at home.

Fort Hood shooting  Wikipedia

Doomsday Prophecies

Doomsday Prophecies ... you can't live with them ... and in this timeline ... you can't live without them as your soul awaits something so powerful it will knock you right ... out of this reality.

With Romand Emmerich's disaster film, 2012 premiering on Friday November 13th, and the Mayan calendar date of December 21, 2012 just 3 years away, many will examine Doomsday Prophecies and decide if they are true or not based on their DNA programming and the need to move past it.

Throughout our journey in time there have always been visions and dreams of end times filled with disasters ... and generally linked to humans failing to heed one warning or another. It's all recycled storylines.

There is no escaping the fact that natural disasters are accelerating with greater intensity. Make of that what you will, but it will 'hit the fan' soon.

As planetary frequency increases, more and more people are becoming psychic - having visions of end times - sort of Flash Forward - Multiverse Experiences.

Below are this weeks blogs featuring Doomsday Prophecies. By now you should be able to agree or disagree with all of them, and if you read this blog on a regular basis and have done your homework, have theories of your own. As this energy is building rapidly in the grids, every soul becomes part of the process. Search your soul and you will find your answers.

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